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Saturday's Daily, 4.26.14 (Read 41 times)


    Mornin' friends,


    Up at J o'clock this morning (what a surprise!), and now I'm waiting for DW to shower, and get ready so we can have breakfast at our favorite dive before I head out to this morning's racewalking training session. Next weekend, there is a local 5K with a walking division on Saturday, and I'm hosting two judged racewalking races on Sunday, so today we'll take some time to talk race tips and strategies for the newbies. Our nephew, who arrived last Sunday, has decided to sleep in, rather than go to breakfast with us. Smart kid.


    Thinking about Mariposai and her OIB Half today. She's done terrific prep work for this race, and its going to be a greta day for everyone. Can't wait to hear the wrap-up.


    So, is there going to be a group trip to the Richmond Marathon this year?


    There sure has been a lot of talk about "those shoes" here since Monday. I can only imagine what is going on at their headquarters! Maybe we should have bought their stock last Friday, but who knew?


    I heard from a guy with our online race registration service that the numbers are down at a lot of races so far this year. Is it the weather, the cost, or have we reached saturation and there are more races than people to enter them? Just yesterday, I heard from someone who wants some advice for a new half marathon they want to start. 7 years ago, there were no half marathons in coastal NH. Now there are at least half a dozen, and well as other new ones in nearby Mass. and Maine.


    I'm glad to see that Stumpy's hammy appears to be coming around. His patience is starting to pay off.


    Going into your surgery in good physical shape is a great approach, Ribs.


    Congrats to Shorty on his 3rd anniversary! The story of his turn around is truly inspiring.


    I've done that too, Leslie: gone back to bed instead of out the door after seeing how hard it is raining. You don't have to prove anything to anyone, so I hope you enjoyed the extra zzz's.


    Enke (it is Enke, isn't it?? ), I also like Door #15's sense of humor. So far, so good?


    "I have a lot to say, but no time to say it."

    "I have nothing to say but, somehow, I seem to say it the most

    when I don't have time either except to escape from reality. oh well."

    "Okay--I guess that's all I've got."


    It's a treat to check in each morning to find out all that happened the day before, and to read the engaging/inventive ways you have of expressing yourselves. Thank you all!


    DW is just about ready to go, so I'm outta here. Have a greta Saturday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

    King of PhotoShop

      Took the day off, sort of, from running and took Lucy to the Club at the Lake where we jogged/walked 1.5 miles, then hung out at the Clubhouse so she could socialize with the runners and a few of their dogs. What a good time she had.


      Twocat, not only is that run circuit beautiful, but everyone in Austin is out there on that course, and a local running store provides stuff to drink. It is quite a nice community of runners in Austin isn't it?


      Okay, all my anger over the shoe misspelling is over now. I refuse to be upset.  I am so over the moon about my latest good news that I couldn't wait to share this with you.


      In November I had my lipid panel blood results with LDL at 100. The cardiologist wanted to give me a higher dose of Crestor. I said no, and as an experiment, which I posted here, I gave up all alcohol in the month of January, reasoning that since alcohol has an effect on the liver, which produces the cholesterol, that it was worth a try.


      So after January I had the blood done again and the LDL was at 89. Pretty good drop of 11 points. But I had also read that two drinks a day of beer or wine were actually helpful. So I resumed alcohol, but beer only, and went on this VB6 diet that I read about from Mark Bittman, food writer for the NY Times.  (Oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, PBJ sandwich and salad for lunch, etc., then for dinner small piece of fish, or chicken and so on.)


      Had the blood work done yesterday morning and got the results last night. LDL now at 70!!!.  The cardiologist had said he wanted it below 80 and now I'm at 70, a 19 point drop. I am so excited. So after my surgery I'm going to talk with him about dropping the Crestor entirely and sticking with this diet.  So that's my good news of the day. Spell anything any way you feel like it.  Spareribs

        RIbs - Glad to hear your new diet has paid off.  Congrats on your levels.  I have had similar results with the diet I started on Jan 1st this year.  My LDL went from 133 to 99, HDL from 60 to 73.  I talked my doctor into taking me off of Zocor (10mg, I was taking for the past 12 years) for a three month trial period to see what the effect will be.  My next blood test will be in early June.  As a plus I've lost a total of 22 pounds and feeling great.


        Nancy - Thinking about your races this morning.  Almost packed the truck last night and headed your way to run.  Hope the weather on the right side of the mountains is as beautiful as it is on the left side.  Wishing you smooth sailing and an uneventful event.


        Good morning and good running to all that follow.

        Marathon Maniac #530 Mike (My Indian name is "Runs for Beer")



          Good afternoon.  Cool and drippy here in NH, but I got in a nice trail run. I had heard there was a nice loop trail round Tower Hill Pond just east of here and reachable via the rail trail I often run on and also by road. I decided to check it out this morning but also do some on the rail trail, so I started in my usual spot. ...should have trusted my instincts and gone down the  road by the first tunnel about two miles out but I continued on the rail trail then took fire roads, for a while... eventually got to the pond and indeed there is a very nice trail around it, 3.5 miles or so around.  I did find a dirt road short cut back to a closer point on the rail trail on the way back.. but got in an accidental 2:10 run due to poor navigation.   Definitely went the long way.  I felt ok though, and the worst of the rain held off until late in the run.


          Yesterday was 6.5 miles around town then a 1500 yard swim..


          Great news for Spareribs!


          Happy weekend!

            9.25 miles for me today.  I am still sticking to my plan to follow the Maffetone low heart rate plan.  This is the 4th week or it and I am aiming for 12 of them before adding back in what I call regular running.  I am painfully slow but getting a little faster each week so as long as there is progress I am ok with it.


            Ribs - I am sure glad I don't have your doctor.  I am just supposed to keep the LDL under 130 and mine was 106 at my last test a couple weeks ago.  That is down pretty far since I started on Pravastatin a couple years ago.  (And down a couple points from the test last year so it keeps heading in the right direction.)


            Now that I have had my lunch and some rest, I need to go out and do some yard work.  A couple more areas to make sure the ground slopes away from the house so we stop getting water in the basement.  It is supposed to rain for 6 straight days starting on Monday, so my efforts will be put to the test.

            And so it goes

               It is supposed to rain for 6 straight days starting on Monday, so my efforts will be put to the test.


              Same here, Dave. And to be excited about temps in the 40's when it's almost the first of May is really sad. At least it's rain and not snow in the forecast...


              Ribs - congrats on the lower numbers for all of your tests! Is it possible for you to send the link for the VB6 diet? I'd like to read more about it, though the thought of losing a glass of wine on occasion might be a little tough.


              I'll add to the wish that Mariposai's race went well today.


              Ran 11 miles with the Cellcom training group this morning. Such a great turnout for these runs - usually 100+ people of all various ages, sizes and running abilities. My 71 year-old sister tried to run with us this morning, but her longest run up to this point was only 4 miles so I knew it would be tough for her. We lost her around the 2 mile mark. I know, you're probably all thinking I'm rotten for leaving her, and I'm not a fast runner to begin with, but I truly could not run that slow. She had her cell phone with her and stepped off the trail around the 5 mile mark to call her daughter, who promptly came and picked her up. All good. We managed a little over a 10:00 mile including a rest stop so I was pleased with that.


              DS#2 is looking to buy a house and has his eye on one. He asked me if I'd come through it with him to get my opinion. I was flattered, though he needs a man's perspective as I don't know much about plumbing, electrical and furnaces, but I can pick out paint colors and make suggestions about furniture placement


              Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

              King of PhotoShop

                Thank you jlynne, just Google VB6 diet and you'll get all kinds of hits. Look for the Mark Bittman essay. He's the food writer for the Times who wrote the book. And wine is even better than beer, so you have no concerns there.


                Remember when I said I was doing the no alcohol as an experiment and then read up on it?  Turns out 2 glasses of wine or beer are actually very good for your cholesterol and in fact in an FAQ one person asked if you are a non-drinker, should you take it up? Of course the answer was no due to addiction, etc., but if you are already a moderate drinker of a glass of wine or two I can't find anything but positive comments about it.

                MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                  . . .  I truly could not run that slow

                  I can.

                  Tell her to come out here.


                  - ps: bring cell phone too.


                  pps - ohayou gozaimasu mikemp-san.

                  Ben Beach - Boston Marathon no. 50 (2017): “I’m going to keep running it until I can’t do it anymore.”

                    tet, I laughed at your reply to jlynne.  I'm with you.  fatozzig, congrats to shorty.  ribs, that LDL drop is impressive.  I'll be interested to hear about mari's race.


                    Nice long runs for Holly, Mike and jlynne.


                    This morning, it was about 40° and there was some wind.  I did 8 miles at an 11:20 pace.


                    A good day and good runs for all.


                    Sayhey! MM#130

                      tselbs and tet, you are a pair today.

                      Not sure about Richmond; also thinking about Philly in November.....anyone done that?  Spent a lot of time there with my aunt and cousins, plus a friend from here is doing it.  Anyone seen Rosie/Barb around to ask about Richmond?



                      Mari/Nancy .......gosh, forgot about the time zone difference; please let us know about your race, even if just a line, asap?


                      Jay, DH's racewalking chum just loaned him a book by Therese Iknoian.  Any thoughts?  Love your daily agendas, even if they make me feel like a slug!


                      Sorry for rain/sleet and other icky weather.  Just keep it away from 2cat!


                      Speaking of, I am lounging about with my two, Coco & Caroline, listening to the Jays trying to wrest a victory from the Sox in the 8th.  Cats have forgiven me for leaving them last weekend.


                      Did 22.5 this am in a 9:1 minute run walk formula that came in  just under 10 minute miles.  Reasons:

                      1) would like to try doing the Boston 2 Big Sur challenge next year, so this was a good day to try a long run;

                      2) that baby ultra (50k) I hope to do is next weekend, so I need to get the run/walk business in my head, along with the notion of 30+ miles.  I figure 10 tomorrow, but ultra folks, feel free to opine!


                      Greta news, Ribs!  And good numbers from Mike; keep that happening.


                      Dave, I read up on the Maffetone method some years ago.  A fast runner I met at the Lake Tahoe marathon swore by it.  He said you have to be patient and follow the schedule.  Good luck!

              (for a piece or two of my mind)

                        Aamos! You are a total stud and rock star. 22.5 today, you go girl! I have no doubt you'll rock the Boston---Big Sur combination. I ran Boston and then the Holyoke Marathon 12 days later in 2010 and made it through just fine. You'll blaze through it. Tramps has run Richmond many times and can tell you about it. I ran Philly in 2011 (3:16 there in fact) and while it's not my favorite, it's fast and well done. The out and back sections along boat house row are a bit of a snoozer i think, but I loved the Manyunk sections and it's a nice sized marathon without being huge fwiw.


                        I signed up for the Disney Marathon 2015. :-) I ran it a few times years ago and also the half there. This will be a sans-kiddo trek and why not go and play?!


                        JLynne, you have such a great and wonderful heart.


                        Great news Ribs and good luck with the recovery ahead.


                        Go Tselbs go!


                        Great start as always Jay.


                        Waving to you lamerunner!


                        I was so tired after getting in from work travel last night (my feet were very unhappy with me after getting back into high heels---had two major presentations and had to dress the part). I fell into bed at midnight and slept like a stone. I took it easy this morning and got back into bed with my laptop this morning and watched the entire re-play of the Boston Marathon. I cried when Ernst Van Dyk came across the finish in his wheelchair (he sobbed right after he came through) and then I cried in turn with each winner. Even though I know Meb wins, I had a huge adrenaline rush as he ran down Boylston. I finally got dressed and lo and behold, my guys are watching the Penn Relays (I ran the 4x 800 there as a high schooler) and now we're watching the Bruins play the Red Wings. A fun day and I may stay stuck to the couch like velcro....we'll see!


                        I am excited for Maraposai and hope all will go well with her race.


                        It's easy to love Tet.


                        Happy weekend all

                        MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                          amy's 50K - if you don't run/walk in your 22 mile runs, marathons, etc., you could probably do like you did in Boston, except ;possibly with a 15-30 second easier pace until mile 20 or 25 depending on how you feel.  Check with mari and how she did a negative split in her 50K.


                          mari - if you and ilene beat divechief, tell him he can blame it on his recent multiple evening, etc. shifts and we'll preten,  . . I mean we will believe it..  anyway, any excuse is good enough to run with the goddesses, especially in the orchards.  sounds like great fun for all.


                          Mari/Nancy .......gosh, forgot about the time zone difference; please let us know about your race, even if just a line, asap?

                          Ben Beach - Boston Marathon no. 50 (2017): “I’m going to keep running it until I can’t do it anymore.”

                            a few of our events are down in numbers as well Jay. I wish I knew the answer.



                            So I resumed alcohol, but beer only, and went on this VB6 diet that I read about from Mark Bittman, food writer for the NY Times.  . Spell anything any way you feel like it.  Spareribs

                            Good thing you're letting the spelling thing go.


                            Lamerunner, getting lost on a trail or two has lead to some greta discoveries.


                            DW, Tag and I hit the trails a few miles south of us.




                            In the upper left, there are ski slopes about 15 miles away





                              DS#2 is looking to buy a house and has his eye on one. He asked me if I'd come through it with him to get my opinion. I was flattered, though he needs a man's perspective as I don't know much about plumbing, electrical and furnaces, but I can pick out paint colors and make suggestions about furniture placement



                              Hey!! Me too!!!



                              MM #5616

                                I can't wait to hear from Mariposai, Enke, and Divechief about the Orchards race!


                                Aamos, generally in ultras, you don't do a fixed walk/run ratio - you walk the uphills and run the downhills and flats, if there are any!  Where is your baby ultra?   Also, a 10 miler after a 22 miler is good for practicing running on tired legs, but that's not generally done the week before the race!


                                I'm kind of tapering for the Avenue of the Giants marathon, but kind of just using it as a long training run for my 50 miler in June.  Yesterday I ran 18 miles, and I did 7.6 today.   I kind of tried to shift my weekend ahead by a day, because we have snow in the forecast tomorrow.

                                I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.