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November Masters Miles Awards (Read 463 times)

    Carolyn, you really did have an absolutely fantastic November. So did Orange Mat, actually. You guys both rock! Smile

      Always great to get a quick catch-up on this thread . Great racing (Carolyn, OM, and others), some injuries (Perch, sorry to see that amazing 200+ streak end), and lots of new folks to alter the averages this month.  Should be interesting!


      210 for me.

      The first 200+ mile since the Spring.

      Hold the Mayo

        Just 51.8 miles for me this past month - and 26.2 of those were at The Monkey, with 32 of them in Nashville on that weekend.  Hmmm, perhaps thats why my legs felt so tired for several days after? Smile


        395.5 total for the year, up to Nov 30th, on a total of 90 runs. 

          Hi Wild,


          Nov miles 96

          Year to date 1073


          Thanks for doing this every month, wild.



            November running miles 98.3

            2012 running miles    889


            Thanks Carolyn!

            Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

              Well, this looks like fun.


              November : 82.31 miles

              For the year: 1205.57 miles


              Cutting back a bit in November because I am doing the Concept2 rowing holiday challenge.

              Woo Hoo, 36,366 meters for November.

              The Goofinator

                November - 117.50

                YTD - 1704.4


                I'm going to come close to 2000 for the year, but it ain't gonna happen.  Maybe next year!

                Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


                Trail Runner Nation

                  November: 97.2 miles



                  an amazing likeness

                    November = 207.7

                    YTD = 2078.4


                    All I can claim is 2 half marathons, one with Jay and one run by Jay.

                    I've done my best to live the right way. I get up every morning and go to work each day. (for now)

                      I finally uploaded my running for the week, and finished the month at 73. 


                      A lot of miles were run this month by you all, wow! 


                        I'm hopefully getting healthy, uninjured, or stronger.  I'm not sure what the term is exactly, but I'm starting to run more and increase miles. 


                        186 miles for the month.

                          My upward trend took a nosedive...... 51.6 for November.


                            Henrun: Still on the DL-49 (YTD-880)

                            Marj: 65 (YTD-930);Cycling-YTD-1282

                              50.6 miles for me with my last run of the month in CANADA!!Big grin



                                thanks Carolyn!!  


                                um, can I slip back in quietly?      I haven't posted here in 1000 years.    It was such an injury fest for the past year or so that I stopped logging too, but things are finally improving, & most days I remember to wear my Garmin, so, I'm going backwards entering some of the runs on RA.  


                                88.1 miles for November.     it's not much but it's an improvement!    at least, I think.  ; ).   I was surprised to see that it was that high.   October says 57, but I don't know.   No idea ytd!


                                the PLAN is to steadily improve & not not not to get hurt again, babying along the assorted things that linger or that pop back in & say 'hi remember me??'. 

                                (we won't get fooled again.  -) )  hee,

                                Karin's back!!!!!    

                                Hi Perch!    take care of that knee!!   I know where you live.    in a round about sort of way. 


                                awesome months for so many of you.    special wtg's to Carolyn & Esther!


                                another welcome to the new kids.    I've been working my way through the thread... am on page 5!    am enjoying it & may even respond one of these days : ).