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Friday, January 18 Runs and Such (Read 51 times)


    Last PT appointment this morning. I'll see how I feel when we return from Florida at end of month.

    Up to 2 miles today-slow and easy-no pain but no speed. I'm trying to run every other day until I feel more comfortable running and until my 5K next Saturday. We're leaving for Miami next Thursday and Marj will run the half on Sunday. Looking forward to the warmth more than the races.

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      Hello everybody!


      Thanks for all the well wishes, hugs, and prayers!  I really appreciate them all...and need every one of them.  It was another, long, tough day.  Although, I just spent a couple hours with two ladies who worked with my sister for the last three years.  It was so nice talking to them and listening to their stories and their genuine love for Bonnie.  It is really comforting to know that--with all the crap going on in her life--she loved her work and these two people she worked with.


      I really have to go--I have a ton of stuff to prepare before the funeral services.


      No run--but I did my planks.


      See ya!

        No run again today...took the day off work...bleah...


        Lance is a cheater and a liar...And I believed a lot of it...grrrr

        Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

          We ended up closing our office at 3 pm today (didn't find out til about 12:00 that we were going to close early, so I skipped my RAL so I could run with the dogs when i got home. Only a couple miles on the trails though.

          then I signed up for another relay - the Inaugural Wild Rogue Relay. it's practically my backyard. Starts about 25 miles from my house, goes through the town I live in, and heads out to the coast. should be a lot of fun and I'll see areas of the Rogue Wilderness that I've never seen before. it's towards the end of June.



            then I signed up for another relay - the Inaugural Wild Rogue Relay. 


            Lucky girl! I did not run any relay last year and I really, really missed it.


            Well, I survived the day at work, when I got home I proclaimed myself "Queen of the Weekend" and announced to my DH that I will be sitting on my "throne" all weekend long and not to expect much from me as far as cooking and cleaning is concerned Clown. Fever is starting to settle in, which I am OK with because I have wonderful books to finish and some trip pictures to upload! Actually I have not have a long weekend on "my throne" for years...hum...I could really, really milk it Big grin


            Good luck to Marj on her half marathon in Florida! Anyone else is racing this weekend?

            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

              MikeE. I'm very sorry for your loss.


              Tag and I tore up some trails for an hour then went to visit my friend in Hospice.


              My new favorite picture



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                My new favorite picture



                Yep--that's a good one!