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    Good morning.  Did you make it through Friday the 13th okay?


    The (((Holly))) group hug continues today.


    I had a demanding 16-miler with 12 MP miles this morning.  I was aiming for close to 7:40 but would be satisfied with anything under 8:00.  The cool and drier air, with a steady breeze, arrived overnight, just in time to help out.  I got it done and even managing a (somewhat) fast finish.  But it sure didn’t feel like the “easy” first half of a marathon!  Those last couple of miles were mentally tough.   I can’t imagine doing 26 at this pace right now.


    Anyhow, hope the racers have similarly good weather!

      The (((Holly))) group hug continues today.


      Good morning Tramps,


      Good run Tramps, it is amazing how it all comes together on race day!


      8.2 miles around the neighborhood w/DW in 1:20:23

      We will run a half together tomorrow then I will do 6 more

      Indianapolis Monumental  Marathon in 7 weeks.


      Friday the 13th no problem.


      Have a great weekend!

      Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

        ...mornin' guys//...........good to see Sarge posting again......










        ................Special Hugs to {{{{{{{Holly}}}}}}}

        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

          8.49 slow miles for me.  But it gives me my first 30+ mile week in a while and so it feels good even though I'm so slow lately.


          A hot air balloon festival is going on this weekend and I saw half a dozen balloons up in the sky while out running.  It's always fun to watch those floating by.


          Officially 33° this morning (although it read 40° on my thermometer) and my hands, even with gloves went numb.  It was tough to hold my coffee when I got home.

          And so it goes

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            Hi Sarge!


            Good morning Holly. Still with you.


            I needed a 5K today as a final tune-up for next week so I talked my RP into doing it with me. It was a good charity race and but for an 8:23 2nd miles I might have gotten under 25, but no. I ran 25:18 for an 8:07 pace, felt good the whole way, 7:54 final mile, my fastest, and won my AG.


            Saw my RP at the turnaround at about 1.25 miles and she was running side by side with another woman, tied for 3rd and 4th. At the next turnaround she was all alone and won the overall female race and $50, so I say she owes me half of that.


            Weather was high 70's and a nice breeze, so a perfect day to run. Spareribs

              Holly S. I went back and saw your post.  My sympathies in these difficult times for your family.


              Mariposai and I are in the final stretch of our relay.  We both finished our third legs and our van has another few runners to go.  Then Orange Line (a.k.a. Van 2) takes over for their final runs.  While they are on course I hear there is a big beach party down at Hampton Beach and I think we will head down for it.  Wink  In the meantime, you can follow along on the team blog at

              Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

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                Holly S. Hospice is never easy.  When my dad passed earlier this year, I was already scheduled for a conference and 5K race in Montreal and thought same as you.  He went downhill while I was there. I ended up cutting my business trip short to return the morning of the 5K race. He passed away that night. So my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there.

                Tramps: I live for Friday the 13th.


                Great running to all the racers and runners posting before and after.


                Colder temps here in PA.  Starting in the 40F's this morning and only warming up to about 50F when I started my run.  I also hadn't expected the temps to drop along canal towpath due to strong wind.  Wind chill is for winter not summer.   I also made rookie mistake and forgot to apply bandaids when I pulled on my singlet this morning.  No bloody 11 but still smarts...something I never really worry about since usually shirtless. Anyway I was scheduled to do 12 miles but ended up doing 13.11 instead with overall time of 1:52:27:38.


                Enjoy the weekend folks.


                Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


                New skirt in town

                  {{{{Holly}}}}  I've had experience with hospice and with my mother's passing, and I know what a difficult time this is.  My thoughts are definitely with you.


                  Matt, I'm loving following your team's blog!  Go Rosie Ruiz Fan Club!  Was Posi wearing a sparkly skirt?  Go Posi!


                  6.3 pain-free miles this morning.  Gorgeous morning! Then I came home and practiced ballroom dancing with DH.  I wore my new ballroom dance shoes and managed not to fall off of them during the foxtrot.



                  NO  MO MELANOMA! Help me run 26.2 miles and raise $5000 for the Melanoma Foundation of NE.  Visit this page to learn more:

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                    Go team Mariposai/Matt!


                    Today at the race had this cool photo site set up. You pose in front of a white screen, click your own pic and it prints out for you in seconds.  My RP is the one on the left. I am the young man on the right.



                      We did it! Van one is done with our  leg and now we are diving to the beach to wait for our teammates. Ohhh and we will have deez4boys and coastwalker's visit too.

                      "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                        Way to go Twocat and Maraposai! Great day to party at Hampton Beach too.


                        Nice racing Ribs and congrats to your RP. Owe you money? No way! I think you owe her more money since she lets you hang out with her!

                        Ducking and running out of room....Evil


                        Two loops of the reservoir at noon today for 6.5 miles. 10k race tomorrow. roar.

                        Marathon Maniac #957

                          Tramps - nice run!  When is your race?


                          Dave - I love seeing hot air balloons.  They always seem sort of magical.


                          Ribs - nice racing!  And I love the picture.


                          Twocat and Mariposai - well done!  And please give Denise and Jay hugs for me.


                          11 miles for me this morning in a lovely 45 degrees.  The day that followed was one of those brilliant sunny days with a deep blue sky.  Gorgeous.  Watched DD's team win yet another soccer game - love watching that girl play!


                          I've been over at my mom's house twice today, heading back over now.  On the positive side, I am really enjoying having my brother from Virginia staying with us.  It's been really good having him here.

                          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                            Tammy, great picture of your son winning his XC meet with a big PR.  fatozzig, my heart goes out to your co-workers daughter and her whole family.  I hope she finds some relief.  Holly, continued hugs.  It's great your brother is staying with you.  Family is so important at times like you are experiencing.  ribs, mighty fine 5K with AG win.  Twocat and mari, your hard work is over.  Enjoy the party.


                            Nice long runs for Tramps, shadow, and Holly.


                            This morning, it was about 40° and there was a light wind.  I got in 8 miles at an 11:08 pace.


                            A good day and good runs for all.



                            The Goofinator

                              {{{Holly}}}  And very happy you and your brother are able to spend some quality together.  Draw strength from each other.


                              Nice pic, Ribs!  That right there is worth the 50 bucks.


                              I've always wanted to go for a hot air balloon ride, but they're so expensive.  . . . . it's still on my bucket list.  Maybe when I turned 50 or 60 or something.


                              Lots of good running  - training and relays - oh my!


                              Got in my final long run today before pacing duties at the end of the month.  It was significantly cooler and very damp.  Lots of fog and a little bit of rain.  My feet were soaked with in the first 10 min.  Didn't bode well for my foot taping, but oh well.  The legs felt tired, but on basically the same route as the last two weeks with a little bit more climbing today, I managed approx the same pace - 14:57.  I'm happy with the results.


                              Unfortunately, the A-line was being patrolled today, and I got stopped by the head guy who gives out the passes.  Nice man, but to the point - I wasn't allowed to be out there.  He told me of a couple of other spots where they allow people to be, gave me his cell phone number, and told me to call him to get a pass.  He pointed out that currently they had folks out there bird hunting and bow hunting, and next weekend starts the regular deer hunting season.  "Wouldn't want anybody to mistake you for a deer."


                              He asked me if I wasn't worried about bears and cats, and I told him no.  I try to make noise, I have the SPOT, and people know where am I at.  Also as I told him, I love what I'm doing.  If I was afraid, I wouldn't be able to do it.


                              So I'll give him a call next week and figure out where the other spots are to run.  Who knows.  Maybe he'll give me the OK to be out there out of hunting and logging season.  We'll see.

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                              Trail Runner Nation

                                Prayers for the Holly clan


                                Good to see you Sarge.


                                Thanks for the clarification on that wonderful picture Ribs.


                                Hunting season screws up our runs too Leslie.


                                About 3:00 PM Friday, I finally got a call from the RD. A trail 5K at an AFC farm was on.Tag and Honey showed up all fired up, I didn't have much gas in the tank even for a 10:15 start time. DW was able to get her dad out and at age 72 he entered his very first registered 2 mile walk. The RD had health issues and the race was poorly promoted. Less than 20 participants showed up. There were more support staff the runners. However it was an enthusiastic crew. The AFC farm is eager to be self sufficient. It was simply a greta time. At the finish, post race goodies included apple cinnamon rolls coated in melted caramel. FIL had a very good time. Tag and Honey got all kinds of attention before and after the race. The 1st overall male and female earned baskets of fresh produce from the farm. I finished 30:59 and was ok with it.