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Wednesday ("What day is it?") Daily, 9.25.13 (Read 46 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    I really enjoyed all of yesterday's running/training wisdom, interspersed with a TPing and  'spooning and forking' discussion. This forum is like a box of chocolates...


    Last night's meeting went on for 3.5 hours, and I didn't get to bed till almost 2 hours past my normal bedtime. So at 4 this morning, I was still well- ensconced behind my eyelids, and stayed there for a while longer. Thus, no workout this morning. So it goes.


    Have a greta Wednesday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Good morning all,

      Sorry you missed your workout Coast but it was a good choice to sleep more instead.


      Wednesday errr yes it is,  my days are out of whack this week too! I usually work Tuesday 8 hrs & Wednesday morning but switched Tuesday for Monday at someone else's request and because 1 Judge is on vacation I'm off on Wednesday.

      Nice 43 mile bike yesterday with a guy who is planning to ride Route 66 next year Chicago to LA. and he's looking for a partner or two. Sounds like a great adventure but who has 28-35 days to just ride (ouch my butt is sore) .


      Wildchild nice pics yesterday! I don't think I could run there because I'd be looking at the scenery too much and hurt myself, seems more like a beautiful hike.


      8 miles a little later with 4 hard 1/2 mile intervals mixed in.  5k cross country race Saturday and 21 miler Sunday.



      Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

        ...mornin' guys//..........I think I know what day it is,,,,,,,,falling off that bike took about 3-days to shake off,,,,,,




        Swimmers are Weird,,,


        ,,,,,,every Tuesday (which, for the record, was YESTERDAY)

        all the lanes fill up


        the last one that I and a VeryStrangeWoman try to beat each other to


        I finally figured out she's wearing her swimming suit under her clothes/////



        I told Pickles I was going to do the same thing,,

        she thought this was hilarious

        and packed me extra underwear for my PostPoolRun change,,,,,,,,at 6AM, probably a GoodIdea


        hitting the pool again today,



        ...........Good Running guys..................Wishing you a Commando-Free WorkOut....



        loved wildchild's pictures, what a Lovely Place to Run

        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

          Completed a 10 day running streak...I don't think I've done that in yet in 2013.


          A nice 5 fartlek filled miles this morning...lovin the weather.

            This forum is like a box of chocolates...


            Empty calories that'll make you fat?  Who knew?


            Sarge—ouch, that is a long time to ride.

            2cat—long runs in the middle of the week?  You obviously didn’t read the membership manual.

            Dave—your avatar reminds me of my very first computer.  Ah, the days of floppy disks!

            Carolyn—those pictures are stunning.  What a beautiful place you live in .


            EZ 7 today.  Supposed to be a recovery run but this beautiful weather kept firing up the legs to go a little faster than I should have.  I’ll pay for it during tomorrow's MLR.

            King of PhotoShop

              Spent the day yesterday in Arlington, TX with a local client, facilitating a meeting with their clients, kind of a "how are we serving you?" all day meeting. It went very well.  More companies ought to have the courage to bring their customers together for sessions like this.  I had a ball.  No running though, so a rare day off.


              Today I went back to the track, but because of last Saturday's tough 20K, I did just 2 x 800, at 4:06 and 4:00, and 5.2 total miles.  Felt just fine.  Spareribs

                Busy day  and night ahead for me today, so this will be just a quickie one. It was 45F when left the house, clear, crispy sky. I had to wear gloves and hat for the first time. Six miles, that, like tramps should have been ran a little slower since I did speed work last night. Ohh well.


                Enjoy the sunshine!

                "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                  Obviously I need to go back and look at yesterday's thread.  Box of chocolates? Oh my.


                  I was wondering if I could get some advice here . . . . . . has anybody ever dealt with a boil before?  I have one in very uncomfortable spot on my right butt cheek.  I went to the doc yesterday and got antibiotics and spent ALL DAY doing hot, moist compresses and sat in a tub of hot water for about 1.5 hours last night.  It still hasn't come to a head.  I can't go to work 'cause I can't sit.  I read about some stuff called Ichthammol.  Anybody ever use that?


                  This comes at a really bad time since I'm suppose to drive to Portland, OR, tomorrow (7-8 hrs), Friday we caravan to the race site, and Saturday is Kate's 100-miler and I'm suppose to run the last 30 with her.



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                    My advice would be wrong Leslie...but that wouldn't stop me from doing it. Big grin


                    I'd lance that sucker. Of course, it does need to come to a head first. I had one on my wrist that never did come to a head but eventually went away. Hot compresses I would think would aid in bringing it out.


                    Best of luck and hopefully overr with soon!

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                      Leslie's Boil

                      A Lancashire Ballad by Robert Service

                      (with some modification)
                      to be read in yer best Lancaster brogue



                      Says I to my Missis: "Ba goom, lass! you've something I see, right on your ass."
                      Says she: "You are right, Shorty, I've something.  It 'appens it's on me be'ind.
                      A Boil as 'ud make Job jealous. It 'urts me no end when I sit."
                      Says I: "Go to 'ospittel, Missis. They might 'ave to coot it a bit."
                      Says she: "I just 'ate to be showin' the part of me person it's at."
                      Says I: "Don't be fussy; them doctors see sights more 'orrid than that."
                      So Misses goes off togged up tasty, and there at the 'ospittel door
                      They tells 'er to see the 'ouse Doctor, 'oose office is Room Thirty-four.
                      So she 'unts up and down till she finds it, and knocks and a voice says: "Come in,"
                      And there is a 'andsome young feller, in white from 'is 'eels to 'is chin.
                      "I've got a big boil," says my Missis. "It 'urts me for fair when I sit,
                      And Shorty (that's me hub) 'as asked me to ask you to coot it a bit."
                      Then blushin' she plucks up her courage, and bravely she shows 'im the place,
                      And 'e gives it a proper inspection, wi' a 'eap o' surprise on 'is face.
                      Then 'e says wi' an accent o' Scotland: "Whit ye hae is a bile, Ah can feel,
                      But ye'd better consult the heid Dockter; they caw him Professor O'Niel.
                      He's special for biles and carbuncles. Ye'll find him in Room Sixty-three.
                      No charge, Ma'am. It's been a rare pleasure. Jist tell him ye're comin' from me."
                      So Misses she thanks 'im politely, and 'unts up and down as before,
                      Till she comes to a big 'andsome room with "Professor O'Neil" on the door.
                      Then once more she plucks up her courage, and knocks, and a voice says: "All right."
                      So she enters, and sees a fat feller wi' whiskers, all togged up in white.
                      "I've got a big boil," says my Missis, "and if ye will kindly permit,
                      I'd like for to 'ave you inspect it; it 'urts me like all when I sit."
                      So blushin' as red as a beet-root she 'astens to show 'im the spot,
                      And 'e says wi' a look o' amazement: "Sure, Ma'am, it must hurt ye a lot."
                      Then 'e puts on 'is specs to regard it, and finally says wi' a frown:
                      "I'll bet it's as sore as the divvle, especially whin ye sit down.
                      I think it's a case for the Surgeon; ye'd better consult Doctor Hoyle.
                      I've no hisitation in sayin' yer boil is a hill of a boil."
                      So Misses she thanks 'im for sayin' her boil is a hill of a boil,
                      And 'unts all around till she comes on a door that is marked: "Doctor Hoyle."
                      But by now she 'as fair got the wind up, and trembles in every limb;
                      But she thinks: "After all, 'e's a Doctor. Ah moosn't be bashful wi' 'im."
                      She's made o' good stuff is the Missis, so she knocks and a voice says: "Oos there?"
                      "It's me," says ma Leslie, an' enters a room which is spacious and bare.
                      And a wise-lookin' old feller greets 'er, and 'e too is togged up in white.
                      "It's the room where they coot ye," thinks Leslie; and shakes like a jelly wi' fright.
                      "Ah got a big boil," begins Missis, "and if ye are sure you don't mind,
                      I'd like ye to see it a moment. It 'urts me, because it's be'ind."
                      So thinkin' she'd best get it over, she 'astens to show 'im the place,
                      And 'e stares at 'er kindo surprised like, an' gets very red in the face.
                      But 'e looks at it most conscientious, from every angle of view,
                      Then 'e says wi' a shrug o' 'is shoulders: "Pore Lydy, I'm sorry for you.
                      It wants to be cut, but you should 'ave a medical bloke to do that.
                      Sye, why don't yer go to the 'orsespittel, where all the Doctors is at?
                      Ye see, Ma'am, this part o' the buildin' is closed for repairs;
                      Us fellers is only the pynters, a-pyntin' the 'alls and the stairs.

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                        Tet - Big grinBig grinBig grin


                        Slo - I'm beggin' for it to come to a head so the lacing can begin!!

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                          ...fatozzig//........Old Pharmacy Trick for lancing a Boil.......



                          apply hot wet washcloths

                          till it has formed a head and is softened.

                          this could take a couple of days



                          find a GLASS coke bottle,,,,,,,yeah, the Old Kind


                          you will fill the bottle up with hot water, and pour it out several times


                          holding a dry washcloth around the hot coke bottle, pour out the hot water


                          put the mouth of the bottle over the head of the boil


                          as the air cools, it will create a vacuum which will core out the boil

                          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                            ....oh, ps,,,,,,,,



                            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                              Wow TomW - you are so smart! How do you learn these things anyway? I was also going to suggest lancing it. Sorry it's in such an inconvenient spot, Leslie. Ouch!


                              Great pictures yesterday Carolyn. Those aspen trees are spectacular. I'm excited for the colors to peak here. Except I know what comes after that....


                              That was a nice "Ode to Leslie" Tet Big grin


                              What year is your DD Slo? Is this her senior year? I miss the TP days. It was actually kind of pretty until you had to clean it up.


                              Like Tom, I've been competing with a guy for my favorite lane at 5:00 AM. He beat me to it this morning and all of the others were full with masters swimmers so I was forced to go into the well and put on a floatation belt to pool run for an hour. Plus I had to work around the senior "gentle water aerobics" class who were doing gentle things in the deep well.

                                Not sure I can get my hands on a glass Coke bottle, but interesting!!


                                And to keep you updated on the saga - I've been sitting a tub of hot water for close to 4 hours now and things are, um, shall we say coming to a head.  Of course, I look like a stark white prune, but that's not the point.  The hot water works better than the hot, wet washcloth and heating pad.  Don't know why, but it is.  I'm watching "When Harry Met Sally" on my laptop for lack of anything else to do.


                                I sincerely hope I never, EVER get another one of these things!


                                Go for it, JLynne.  Not only will you get your swim lane, but people will think you're so crazy, they'll keep their distance. Smile

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