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Saturday, November 3... keep calm and carry on.... (Read 364 times)

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    Good morning friends.


    Yesterday's late afternoon decision to cancel the NYC Marathon was way too late. That was the ONLY wrong thing that was done, and the only thing I'm angry and disappointed about. I feel cheated and led on. It should've been called off on Tuesday, Wednesday morning the latest. I had just gotten home from the Expo yesterday at 5pm or so, where we saw tons of international runners picking up their packets. My friend Caolan from Boulder had just flown in Thursday night, and while I was thrilled to see her and spend time with her, I know this was a huge and expensive inconvenience for her. The ends do not justify the means, that's all I've got to say.


    But on a positive note, my power was finally returned later last night! We were at my inlaws across town for dinner, along with a couple other families from my street for a nice communal hot meal (with lights on!) MrOM called the house and got the answering machine, so we knew power had been restored. I was so excited to go home and flush all my toilets again! Wink


    So now I'm left with a dilemma. My plan was to run NYC this weekend and hopefully get a substantial PR, then two weeks later run Flying Monkey and just woggle through it with however many hours it takes, just for the sport and good company, and also become a Marathon Maniac. There's an option tomorrow in Manchester, NH, and we finally got gas (MrOM drove 30 miles away and waited a few hours to fill the car and the gas cans for the generator), so driving a distance isn't that much of a forbidding thought anymore. Or there is Harrisburg, PA the following weekend, which would leave only one week between the two marathons, and I'm not sure how that would affect me. I figured two weeks between was doable (in a very loose way, but still!). Monkey being, well, Monkey, I didn't want that to be my primary marathon, but rather the one I was doing just to finish, so skipping this and/or next weekend is another option, but I don't know if that's wise either, with the intent of finding something two weeks after November 18. We're away in Mexico the first week of December anyway... ack... what to do?? Only run Monkey and call it a day?? Help!


    All in all, my issues pale completely in terms of those who suffered great losses in this storm. I've just suffered inconveniences, but they're real and upsetting, nonetheless. There are lots of places taking up donations of food, clothing and essential personal items, and now that we have power and water restored, and gas in the car as well, I'm happy to bring all the items I have been collecting all the while. I just can't deny that I've been disappointed by this entire turn of events. But now it's time to return to moving forward... keep calm and carry on, and all that. Smile


    Sorry I'm talking only about myself here... haven't been online to keep up... Twocat, do you have power back yet?


    Have a great weekend, all! Go runners!!

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      OM - this is such a bummer for so many.....In your shoes, if I could get to Manchester tomorrow, I would run that one.  If not, Harrisburg, PA, and then just walk/run the Monkey if need be.  Just my $.02.  {{{hugs}}}


      Yesterday I took the day off work to spend with the kids on their last day of fall break.  Since I still had to get up at 5am with DH, I did my LR (18 miles) and then took the kids to the Cincinnati Museum Center and Union Station - very cool, a children's museum, a natural history museum, and a history museum all under the same roof.


      Somehow my Yahoo account is AGAIN sending out spam (not Viagra, Tom, looks like something about home spinal care, lol), so I changed my password AGAIN and downloaded a new antivirus software.  Sorry to anyone getting those.


      No run yet today.  I've been puttering on the computer and made a huge breakfast for the family (bacon, fried potatoes, eggs, toast - I know, I know - terrible for you but I don't do that often).  I will likely take DD out for a walk/run and then do some weights and core.

      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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        Seriously thinking about signing up for Harrisburg. I'm just not emotionally ready right now to get in the car for a 5+ hour drive to NH for a marathon tomorrow. Some of you could take this major change well and make these decisions on the fly, but I'm just not that good. Monkey was going to be a walk/jog affair anyway. Smile

          OM...It sucks but I'm glad you are handling it in a positive light. Best of luck on whatever marathon you do. You have worked hard, your fitness level is awesome, I have been following your training and I think you are on the verge of a break thru race.


          I got a nice 8 miler in this morning. IRC !


          Monkey taper officially begins Monday.



            ...I'm just glad OM's power came back on........




            28min poolrun


            picking up borrowed bike after work,

            was informed


            it had been sitting outside  for 8-YEARS//////........may just buy a damn bike if the tires won't AirUp





            ............good running guys............


            .if you need

            some RunningShoes

             he probably  has a pair that's been outside for 8-years.......

            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

              I just checked the electric company's webpage and it looks like we will not see our power restored until Tuesday. I suppose there are worse fates this seems pretty bad. Sad

              I am glad to see you got your power back OM. But I am sorry that they canceled the NYC marathon. Good luck with whatever your alternative plans turn out to be.

              Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

              Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                it had been sitting outside  for 8-YEARS//////........may just buy a damn bike if the tires won't AirUp







                Damn...hate to rain on your parade Tom but you'll be lucking if the chain will even turn or the cables aren't locked up.

                  Sorry about NYC.  Seems like the people on TV and radio with the strongest opinions against holding the race came from people who don't live in NYC and aren't runners.


                  10.11 miles for me this morning.  Pretty darn slow but that's all I've got right now.

                  And so it goes

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                    Sorry about NYC.  Seems like the people on TV and radio with the strongest opinions against holding the race came from people who don't live in NYC and aren't runners.


                    One of the few reasons I was grateful not to have power this week: I couldn't watch TV.


                    Just signed up for Harrisburg. I feel really good about this decision. Another rest day today, then 8 tomorrow for my extended taper. And yes, my coach STILL doesn't know about Monkey. Oops...


                    Twocat, that totally stinks about having no power. We weren't expected to be back until the 9th (of course I haven't emptied my bathtubs yet, still slightly skeptical). Keep hoping for the best. {{{Twocat}}}

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                      Dave59 nailed it!  Same as twocat's post earlier in the week about OPM. 


                      So with a half tomorrow I thought I would go out to the park and walk a mile and run a mile, with some pickups thrown in, but when I got there I saw they were holding a race, so I jumped in to volunteer.  Manned a turnaround on the course and got to run a half mile or so with a woman I know from local races.  So I had fun, got my work in and got to volunteer.  Gorgeous day here, although a bit warm, so I'm worried tomorrow will be the same.


                      Sadly, no viagra emails from Holly today.  Spareribs

                        Damn...hate to rain on your parade Tom but you'll be lucking if the chain will even turn or the cables aren't locked up.



                        I coulda lined up ANOTHER buddy's bike if he'd told me.



                        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                          Way to stay positive OM and I bet you'll have a good race in Harrisburg. Glad your power is back and hopefully tc's will be back prior to Tuesday. I worked for a utility for many years and when pressed with an answer would always err on the conservative side.


                          I ran Indy Monumental HM this morning. A bit chilly but great running weather. Nice flat race and managed to help a fellow RA friend break 2 hours. He's so excited and I am as well. We just finished before the sleet came. Smile


                          Off to meet some RA types at a local brewery for lunch. Make it a good one.


                          Looking forward to seeing folks at the Monkey in a few weeks.

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                          "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                            OM, I see you already signed up for the PA race, but having run Manchester, I'd say you should've done that. You'd have your 2 week beak, AND it's a nice hilly marathon, good warm up for the Monkey! But, you'll just have to be extra careful to get thru next week's race and be good to go a week later. I agree it was a raw deal to cancel the marathon so late in the game. And still hold the Expo? What's up with that?


                            Anyway, I totally agree with Rhoon's write up of it yesterday, and also... not holding the marathon isn't going to all of a sudden make everyone else's plight better. Just sayin'. If I'd come all the way from AK for that race, and had it figured into an overall plan like OM, I'd really be ticked off. And this in no way undermines my concern or care for those who have been hurt by this storm. An event of this magnitude is just not something you can brush off because you're personally inconvenienced. But like OM said, the inconvenience is real, and doesn't help those in need.


                            Holly, I got two bad e-mails from you. I think it's time to change your e-mail address or leave Yahoo....


                            Our bikes are let outside all the time, but we get them "tuned up" every year... Oh wait, my 35 year old Motebecane stays on a hanger in the garage. Blush


                            I took the day off yesterday too, running and work. Today I leave for Seattle with my folks in the late afternoon. Got work stuff and house stuff to take care of before I go. Was a little "out of commission" yesterday so didn't get much done.... Might give the ol' treadmill a test run today.

                              OM, I love the way you always land on your feet.  A real winner.  I'd say figure out the schedule so you don't miss the opportunity to become a Marathon Maniac, but try to do the two marathons that are furthest apart time wise.


                              I feel sorry for all the NYC Marathon runners, but think Ribs said it right.   


                              I had to stop running a while back , and had back problems.  Even walking was a big problem at the worst.   I'm now doing pool exercises, and yea!   yesterday I did a half hour fast walk with 4 little {sets}   of jogging.  I hope I am on my way back to my fun runs with family and friends.  


                              Friends, I lurk sometimes, and am so impressed with all of you. 


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                                Gee, the folks telling the story about how their son died trying to save his family seemed to be locals. And the folks that were on the channel I was watching have lived in Staten Island for over 20 years. They couldn't understand why help was not getting to them when trucks were bringing supplies for the marathon start.  Appearances are reality to these folks. 



                                I appreciate that the race should have been canceled earlier. It was not. I think officials had the best intentions. I am sorry that runners lost money.


                                Here is what Meb tweeted:


                                meb keflezighi ‏@runmeb

                                The NYCM is a special race for me & millions of people around the world, but I understand why it cannot be held under current circumstances.



                                I am especially sad that Orange Mat is unable to run. Her attitude about the ordeal is inspirational.


                                However, I am embarrassed by some of the runners comments I have heard. They sound so self-centered. And then, I read about how a bunch of local runners are going to meet at Staten Island anyway and go door to door and offer supplies and help to the residents. They sound so courageous.

                                We can really see the good and bad come out right now. I am feeling such a range of emotions about this event. I can see how folks feel the way they do. It is just sad that so much gets lost in the chatter and noise.