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      Bap I looked at one when I was at the Disney marathon. Some of the buttons have been replaced by a ring on the face of the watch and you turn it much like an ipod. I'm afraid I would be coordinated enough to make changes or adjustments on the fly. It looks better in person than even in the pic.

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        That's fillpin sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!


        i'm lovin' it... MM#1949

          can you do the ipod finger on the rim thingy with gloves on?

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            can you do the ipod finger on the rim thingy with gloves on?
            I wonder that, and also if this one does four panes -- I use current lap pace, last lap pace, distance, HR for my training. As the "watch" gets smaller, it might also get harder to see for us old folk. What are the advantages over a 305 other than size?

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              I see that it has wireless upload and the ability to share your workouts with your friends and enemies.

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