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Woohoo Wednesday Dec 4th (Read 34 times)


    Everyone must be sleeping late. Enjoy it.


    Got a nice 10k this morning and now ready to do the road warrior thing. Meetings in AL all day and a late night flight home. Good part is that I get to be home and see kids off to school on Thursday. Come on Delta. Fly on time.


    Good point tet. I might need to run with Mike. And so far December has been good. November too. One thing I do know is that you have to have the ying and yang to have balance. How you react with either is fully under your control. Ok enough CR philo 101. Quiz on Friday people.




    Oh and I forgot to mention -your one determined dude TW. Way to walk the talk.

    "He conquers who endures" - Persius
    "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


      Good morning. I haven't run today and I am a few days behind, but checking in anyway. so there... Tramps, nice marathon. I have run on that trail and consdiered doing the marathon; if I ever do another one, NCR or something similar ( trail surface) is the most likely. I ran on it in June in high humidity, and I recall some difficulty in finding water. Mike, interesting thoughts... not sure what I think about all that post-death stuff.


      Ski season has started! I have not skiied yet, but DS got a couple of training days in at Sunday river then the weekend at Wildcat; dryland training has begun for his high school team also.  He seems pretty fired up. This past Saturday,  I hiked up to the Wildcat summit on a not-yet open ski trail, the very long "beginner" trail. I had to stay to the side in the crusty snow to avoid large ice floes down the middle. I saw a big animal track, probably bear but not sure.


      Oh, and running... today will be rest/yoga/maybe swim. Yesterday I ran 7 on the rail trail. Tomorrow I travel to LA/Palos Verdes  for a bankruptcy conferece: I am speaking on Friday afternoon. Our panel presents between lunch and a margarita reception, so we better be good!  I am hoping to get in a nice trail run tomorrow afternoon if I am not too comatose from the travel. Quick trip; I have to come home Satruday; as luck would have it, DH is flying to London on Saturday for a meeting, so we parked DS with friends up north for the weekend and I will go up Sunday and get him from ski training.


      I am envious of Erika's Hawaii trip!

      King of PhotoShop

        Between lunch and a margarita reception?  Yes, you better be good!


        Yesterday I went in to Dallas to do a "lunch and learn" session for 90 minutes on negotiation skills and tips for a long-time client. I told them I would do it for nothing because they are very good to me. I had a ball.


        5 easy today on a gorgeous morning.  Slowly getting my legs back from TG day 8 mile race. Fingers crossed I am set to go on Sunday.  Tomorrow I'll just do 4, then two days off.  Working packet pickup at the expo on Friday 4 hours, so I will be on my feet, but then Saturday is total rest. I've been pointing to this race (MetroPCS Dallas Marathon and Half) since September so it means a lot.


        Goals, ala Tallrunner:  I want to finish in the low 1:50's.  Two years ago I did 1:50:30 but I have definitely slowed since then.  I'm thinking 1:53 is achievable. I would be over the moon with a 1:52.  I'd also like to beat the guy who beat me in the Dallas Running Club Half in November. I have control over that if I can find him in the big crowd.  What I don't have control over is a top 5 finish in my AG, as people come from out of town and you never know who will show up.


        Breger, my mobile is 214 870 7755.  The Saturday Mayor's 5K is sold out. I am not running Saturday, but more than happy to meet you somewhere take you to my Club. You'll love these people.

          Everyone must be sleeping late. Enjoy it.



          Yes, I slept in and enjoyed every bit of it!!  Worked 2 busy shifts 12 hours Monday and 16 hours Tuesday so sleeping in this am was great!!

          Just back in from 7.2 miles and still feeling good after my race Sunday!!


          Happy Wednesday friends!!


          Back on Stride

            I was physically and mentally a bit sluggish this morning, so I skipped the usual group 8-miles-at-8AM run and ran from home at 8:30 or so. 4+ miles at a little over a 10-minute pace.


            Now I've got to get to work packing for our trip to Key West next week. Looks like we picked a good week, too, with arctic cold and snow moving in! And of course I'm taking a bit of running gear...

            Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

            Trails are hard!

              sleeping in sounds like an interesting concept.  Up at 5:30 for 6.2 miles for two lake laps.  31° with only a light breeze felt pretty nice--the gloves came off after a couple of miles of warm-up.


              Tomorrow I will be getting up at Jay o'clock to supervise a power outage at the office when the electricians install some extra capacity to handle the office expansion we're doing.  For some strange reason all the principles want it done before everyone arrives for work.  I'd love to let the electricians and the shop foreman deal with it and not arrive till normal time, but I've always abused other engineers that aren't willing to do what you ask others to do, so I guess I've set myself up to be there.  Roll eyes

              Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.



                4 miler- my longest in over a month. still struggling with my arthritic knee but not as bad as it was last 2 months-but very slow. At least I'm doing it. Took the subway home and was able to meet Marj at a subway stop who was on her way home from a meet-up run with LaT.

                Next week we'll be in New Orleans trying to escape the coming cold spell.

                Last evening we went to hear a reading by Garrison Keillor who's on a book tour for his latest-a poetry book. He gave a monologue which lasted over an hour-funny and sounded like his Lake Woebegon monologues on Prairie Home Companion.

                Marathon Maniac #957

                  Mike - you Minnesota runners have quite a challenge in the winter, given all the snow.


                  Remember the tooth I spent $950 and 5 dental visits, including Endodontist, to get a root canal in September?  It snapped off at the gumline on Monday, taking my bridge with it.  (sigh)  I think I am not meant to have teeth.  I also think I am switching dentists.


                  Could be worse, though.  Teeth problems are fairly minor, in the scheme of things....


                  5.6 miles for me this morning in an unexpected and lovely 49 degrees.

                  Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                    ...didn't really sleep too well last night.......we're got that ''too hot, too cold'' thing going......


                    hard to get a comfortable temperature





                    with steps

                    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                      Lovely river run with Marj. I was so happy to see her, that I forgot to figure out the distance - thanks for adding that.


                      I love Andy Kaufman and that skit is hilarious


                      "...sleeping in sounds like an interesting concept" - I am thinking of trying it out after 12/10/13 - I'll report back.



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                        {{Holly}} sorry about the tooth woes. A new dentist might be in order...


                        Fun Marj and LaTortuga meet up! Time it right and you could throw Deez in the mix, too! I love Boston... or maybe it's just that I love all the Boston area friends I've made over the years.


                        I also like seeing Gordon stop in every now and then.


                        MikeE, you get a real "if you give a mouse a cookie" train of thought going there. Too funny. I loved Mighty Mouse, almost as much as Underdog!


                        I've been running every day since here, and the last couple days I got out too late and it was hot and humid. So today I left earlier, and it was not-as-hot and still humid. I ran my hilly route, stopping to examine a couple of large snails (we just don't have anything like that at home), and scritch a couple of very pretty horses behind their ears. I also stop to just take in the views as this is such a beautiful island, and the ocean stretches off as far as you can see. *sigh* We leave tomorrow and will do most of our packing up tonight.


                        Today's run was 9.1 miles with some hills, and I was totally drenched in sweat at the end. But 30 minutes after I got back it rained really hard for a while (glad I wasn't out in that!), and now it's sunny again. Kinda feels like naptime!

                          I tapped out a big post and it disappeared! oh well.


                          Hello from the West Coast where I'll just miss lamerunner. I head north to the Bay area later today and then home on Friday. I had a great and hilly run in Runyon Canyon this morning. 4.5 steep miles and super views of Hollywood below.


                          Good Luck this weekend Ribs and Breger.


                          Yikes Holly! New dentists indeed.


                          Glad to hear you are back out there Henrun. and hope you will be soon TW.


                          What a great week you're having Erika!

                            Don't you just hate it when work gets in the way of what you want to do? Roll eyes  I had a hard time sleeping last night and slept in until almost 8:00am.  Fortunately my office is just downstairs so I wasn't late to work.


                            I got dressed to run when I got up, but couldn't break away from work until 3:40,  I ran 3.72 miles with 6x2 minutes at a 5k pace.  Only about 3 4ths of what I had planned but I am just happy to have done anything.  I had to get back to work before anyone knew I was gone.

                            Humanity runs on coffee.

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                              Well...the roads are un-runnable so...I have to do my last 10 mile tempo run before the marathon on the treadmill. I know...I should be happy I have an alternative.


                              Okay--no more delaying it...and no more I go...

                                Holly, you sure are jinxed when it comes to teeth.  My wife has had many tooth problems but you've outdone her.  I feel bad for you.


                                Nice long runs for Twocat and C-R.  Good job on the speedwork for Mike and mari.


                                This morning, it looked like it would be icy so I did 4 miles on the TM at a 10:54 pace.


                                A good day and good runs for all.