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Is it Thursday? And where is everyone? (Read 44 times)

    Good Morning to all! No run yet this beautiful day, will get one in after wifes burial this evening. Going to be an emotional day! Enjoy this day everyone!!!!!!

      Good morning runr (and those who follow).  I hope today gives you a chance to grieve and to remember the good things.


      The normally unreliable weather forecasters were correct about the cool down today.  I had a nice 3-mile run in lower humidity and only 57°.

      Humanity runs on coffee.


        Mornin' everyone.


        Runr, my thoughts will be with you today, and I hope you get through the day OK.


        Nice weather, Dave - I'm jealous. Post-project let-downs are often a problem, and there is definitely a need for a good transition back to the normal work life. Maybe your trip to Knoxville will do the trick this time.


        Ribs, I agree with everyone who said you should give the Dr. a heads-up on what your concern is so he might be able to address it and move things along more quickly.


        Tramps, we try to strike a balance between property rights and what is in the best interests of the town's residents as a whole. It's never easy.


        Congrats on the new job, Leslie! I know you'll do great, and they'll want to keep you there.


        Good advice, Tomwhite: Never ask a surgeon what to do next if you are not prepared for surgery. After all, that's what they do! Of course asking a dentist about your hip can be a bit risky too - he'd probably want to put in a filling...


        Enke, good luck with the stomach flu (I hope it travels quickly) and the car. Bummer that you've got both to deal with now.


        It's good to see that Weatherman Mike is still checking the forecasts!


        I woke at 3:30 this morning, rolled over for a few more minutes, and opened my eyes again at 4:25. Uh oh. So I got ready quickly and headed outside for a quick 4.3 racewalking miles. It was very comfortable in the house, but all the windows (which were all closed) were fogged over, so I knew outside would be a different story. It was: it was at least 5 degrees warmer (at about 76), and much, much more muggy. There was a nice SW breeze, but it was behind me for the first 2 miles, and didn't help much then. But after that, I headed west and then south, so I did catch some breeze for the 2nd half. Because the breeze was coming across land instead of water, it wasn't cooling. But just the air movement helped. It felt good to work hard this morning, but I do so dislike this thick, sticky weather! But it seems to be no worse than what a lot of you are dealing with, so I guess I should feel better for not being the only one in this goop.


        Have a greta Thursday!



        Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

          (((( runr )))))

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            Jay--"property rights" down here is often a euphemism for development.  It's rarely about individual home owners but rather about how many units large commercial developers can cram onto their lots.


            Sweaty 7.




              nice runs and walks for jay, dave, and tramps.

              bagged my run this morning because my legs were tired from yesterday's workout so biked 13 instead just before the rains came.


              enjoy the day,


              King of PhotoShop

                Thanks for the concern and great ideas all.  Ek, last time around I was out of breath all the time.  That was the big signal. This time I'm not out of breath.  Just tired legs.


                My RP thinks it's hydration. She should know. She runs with me. I seldom drink anything even in the heat. I have the day off from running today (more on that in a bit) but tomorrow I'm going to start my run with a big drink of water, then bring a bottle of Gatorade and drink it each one mile lap.


                So Riblet got a speeding ticket.  42 in a 30 right at the place where the limit goes from 40 to 30 and he didn't see the sign.  Stuff happens. He was very contrite, but because he got it when he wasn't yet 17 I had to accompany him today.  So we both wore suits, the only ones to do so, and I told him how to answer the judge, "Yes, your honor, no your honor" and so on.


                The fine is $172 and he brought his checkbook and was willing to pay. He has  a job and can do so.  But they offered this Teen Court option where he is assessed community service hours (he'll do 30) and the charges are dismissed, and no fine.  He jumped all over that, and I am glad because in addition to having the charges dropped he will have a new life experience that should be educational for him, and he is actually excited about it.


                What surprised us was the number of very young kids, in traffic violations with alcohol.  16 year olds, speeding, running stop signs, kids in the car all drinking. I was blown away.  One young girl who was cited for minor in possession had this to say:

                Judge:  Were you a passenger in the car?

                Girl:  No, I was in the back seat.

                Judge:  So you were a passenger.

                Girl: (pause) Um, yeah.


                Family off to the Perot Museum in Dallas today.   Spareribs

                King of PhotoShop

                  Bill and others, re meds. I take Crestor (statin) and lisinopril (blood pressure) and have taken them for a while so nothing new.  But the dr. did tell me once to skip the BP medicine the night before a race or long run.  They were making me lightheaded.  Spareribs

                  Trails are hard!

                    Ribs-that makes much too much sense. At least it sounds like he'll learn his lesson and move on. The others??? Makes you wonder.


                    My doc told me the same for my BP and afib meds. The afib one causes some irregularities above a certain HR.

                    Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.




                      4.2 this morning in the humidity. Slow but felt good. Will gradually increase my mileage to get ready for half in 2 months. Hoping to avoid further injuries.

                        I found a local race to run this morning, Run the Pass 5K - Zihuatenejo to Ixtapa Mexico. Probably 25 participants, I finished 3rd OA with a 24:57. Hot & humid, but lots of fun.

                          hi all!!

                          Runr - you are in my thoughts and prayers today.

                          Ribs - hope the legs r just tired and that's it!!  Your Riblet shows great character by taking the community service.  I am sure he will gain great experience from this and continue to be an upstanding guy like his dad!!

                          HopesMom - one of our swimming coaches also recommended ginger for my motion sickness in the water -- I bought some ginger chews and slices today to give them a try before buying capsules --- now just have to wait for the thunderstorms and downpours to stop!

                          Leslie - congrats on your new job!!


                          Ran 7.2 humid miles this morning - it was one of those runs were the humidity was so high I couldn't tell the difference between sweating and dew - was thinking 10 today but overslept and was meeting a friend at The Little House of Prayer at 10am so had to shorten my run.  Tried to get some intervals mixed in but my body wasn't having any of it with this weather!!


                          That leads me to -- what do u call those kinds of runs ....I labeled it "easy" but it certainly wasn't easy!!  It wasn't fast enough to be "tempo" or long enough to be "long" - couldn't pull off the intervals so that option was out!  Don't we have something for a medium long run?

                          Just ramblings......


                          Oh - and MAINERUNNAH - I have been all around your home town this week!!  Where are you??  Wink


                          Marathon Maniac #957



                            Ribs - I agree it will be a good experience for Riblet, although he already seems such a responsible young man.  Let us know about the hydration.  Don't forget to hydrate tonight as well.


                            Pfriese - nice racing!   Not often you find a 5k to run on a Thursday morning.


                            6.5 miles for me this morning in 70 degrees, less humid, though

                            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


                              Ribs - I'm going to make another comment.  In April, you seemed very thin.  Perhaps you need to incorporate some more calories into your diet.  Your tiredness could be related to a lack of food.

                                ribs, sorry to hear about the tired legs.  I've had that problem and the worst was over a year ago when it was serious and consistent.  Going along with breger's comments, I traced that to eyedrops with beta blockers in them (with the help of my opthamologist).  That doesn't seem to be your problem.  The hydration sounds like something worth pursuing.  My legs still are tired a lot but I haven't had to shorten a run as I did several times last year.  I've slowed a lot and my mileage is down from a few years ago but I attribute that to getting old (At 69, I'm  several years older than you).  Another thing you've mentioned before is requiring more recovery time than in the past.  I've had that problem the last year or so.  Is that more old age?  For the most part, I've come to accept the deterioration but occasionally get bummed out.  I don't like what mother nature does to old people and want to fight her.  She's a mean, relentless, old, gal and will win in the end but I don't want to cooperate.  To paraphrase Dylan Thomas, "Rage, rage, against mother nature.  Do not gently let her have her way with you".  Best of luck in resolving your problem.


                                fatozzig, congrats on the temp job and good luck in it turning into something permanent.  runr, my thoughts are with you.  Dave, I hope that looking forward to your upcoming trip helps with the let down after the long project.  pfriese, congrats on 3rd OA in your race.


                                This morning, as Dave indicated, we had a nice day.  It was in the mid to high 50s and there was a light wind.  I got in 10 miles at a 10:38 pace.  I frequently run negative splits without trying to speed up or feeling I'm working harder.  Today was one of those days and, much more so than usual.  I did the second 5 miles 6:04 minutes faster than the first 5.


                                A good day and good runs for all.