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Mid-holiday Friday Daily, 12.28.12 (Read 326 times)

    Spareribs happy 27th anniversary!  As to the Saint well just send her whatever you think may be appropriate.  Wink


    breger1 the reason Spareribs thinks you are 15 minutes from anywhere in Florida is (or so rumor has it) that Spareribs has his private helicopter on 24 hour call at his ranch.  Not sure if the 24 hour on call part is accurate though.  Big grin


    coastwalker the words not a chance spring instantly to mind!  I have no idea how you do you what you do!


    Baboon and I thought 2 miles on the TM today was tough!


    mainerunnah cold, New Year's Day, Maine now who wudda thought?  Seeing as how you ran today for 6 on a TM I would imagine even in the cold a 5k outside would be a lot more fun.


    Mike E see note regarding Spareribs above.  Maybe he will let you fly in his?


    fatozzig I do not know a whole day off and so far you seem to be taking it quite well!


    Ran again this morning.  That is twice in one week!  Wahoo!  1-2-1 walk-run-walk on the TM.  While working on my code I decided to try and do something productive: kill the boot sound on my cell phone.  So far no dice.  I rooted the phone.  Then tried to change the boot sound's file name to something that would stop the system from playing it.  Got the same error message as before I rooted the phone.  Sigh.  Back to the user groups for more instructions . . .


    MTA:  I did it!  I did it!  My phone now boots in total silence!  Yes! Yes! Yes!  Of course, I have now voided the warranty on it but truly worth the cost!


    MTA 2:  My DW just forwarded me this picture.  I thought it was hysterical and so true!  When I was growing up every Christmas my family went to this one particular Chinese restaurant that we also ate at every Saturday or perhaps Sunday (I do not recall which).


    Chinese Restaurant Message to their Jewish Customers

    Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

    Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

    Shirtless wonder

      Ribs: Happy Anniversary.

      Leslie:  Being injured sucks.  We're here for you so...

      Mike: Florida - warm Florida...I envy you.

      Twocat: Nice picture - love it. Big grin  2 miles on dreadmill is tough.  {mainrunnah - 6 miles is just insane - so I have nothin' for ya.}

      Great work-outs/running to the rest.


      Out for 3.1 miles today for my first "official" run.  Schedule called for 25 mins of running.  Overall pace was about an 8 min mile.  Temps were in the mid 30F's in the sun, but towpath was shady and damp from all the rain/sleet/snow we've been having.  I ran in shorts [w/wind briefs] and 2 layers on top so warmed up nicely once I got going.  [I didn't overdress.]  Afterwards, I did 0.3 mile cooldown jog after stretching and before driving home.


      Have a great day.


      Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


        My wife just came in and woke me up at noon. The boss called and said there in no work today (same thing happened last Friday!).  So it looks like another 5 day weekend! Good for my family life and getting my running miles in,but bad for the wallet.


        I figure I'll head out after I drink my coffee. If the calves feel good I'll do another 5-6 miles with some strides at the end of every 1/2 mile. If they are sore,I'll just do an easy 4-5 miles.


        Thanks for the heads up on the calf sleeves  "maine runnah".  Funny thing is I rarely get sore,so I think it may just be a temrorary issue due to my hill work,or maybe my new shoes. I'll give it a few days to see how it goes.

          Just over 2 miles on the Comeback Trail, feeling sluggish and bored.


          (Ah!  I just heard a noise in my building.  I need to find someone to borrow a dollar from, so I can buy a diet pepsi from the vending machine.  (running off to investigate))



          King of PhotoShop

            For twocat:

            When I was in college I was a very good bridge player and I played in a number of big tournaments with top players in the 60's, all of whom were Jewish.  One night out of town we were going out to eat and were arguing/discussing choices.  As a Roman Catholic, the only member of the team not Jewish, I asked them what cuisine they eat, pointing out that there is Chinese food, Italian food and all these other cuisines. Why no Jewish food?  My partner said, "We have deli."


            Another story related to those days:  We were sitting around talking about the demographics of the game of bridge.  I wondered why I was the only Catholic and that all the top bridge players in the U.S. are Jewish (which is true to this day). My partner, Marty Bergen, who is now one of the top bridge players in the country and now teaches and writes books on the game, said, "When you were a kid watching 'Winky Dink' on TV, Jewish parents were teaching their kids chess and bridge.  I was taking piano lessons and my friends played violin. We have always had a more serious view of education and personal development."  I thought that was well put.  (And that Chinese restaurant sign is very funny.)


            As to my helicopter, Holly's daughter is my private pilot.  Spareribs

            The Goofinator

              Big grin to Twocat's picture and Ribs' stories and Econo jonezin' for a Diet Pepsi.


              I have my version of the scooter chair.  It's called my office chair with me using my right leg to push myself around backwards.  Once I get on hard floor, I can go like crazy!

              Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


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                Happy Anniversary Ribs! I think she's just as full of bliss as you are. You two sure seem like such a perfectly happy couple.


                Breger - while I was offline a few days for a week, I probably missed the news of your wife's surprise gift - was she shocked and ecstatic??


                Went to the gym this morning. My son had a session with a personal trainer to show him how all the equipment works, etc. Kids under 14 have to go through that before they can work out in the gym area with the machines and weights. So now he's certified. Then he played some basketball. I ran for 3 miles, did some stretching and some legs and shoulder weights.


                  Breger - while I was offline a few days for a week, I probably missed the news of your wife's surprise gift - was she shocked and ecstatic??

                  Yep!  You might say that.  Excuse the lousy video.



                  "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

                    that's great Bill!! That made me tear up - what a great surprise!


                      Twocat--very funny sign.  DW and I once tried to fly into NH on Christmas Eve but a snowstorm led to our being diverted to Vermont where we were stuck overnight.  The only place open was a Chinese restaurant so after that we made it a tradition to eat at a Chinese place in Richmond most Christmas Eves.


                      Ribs--no Jewish cuisine?!  An acquaintance of mine has made a nice living with a book about Jewish food. (And happy anniversary!)


                      Holly--whatever you do, don't become a helicopter parent.

                      Marathon Maniac #957


                        As to my helicopter, Holly's daughter is my private pilot.  Spareribs


                        Big grin


                        Happy Anniversary, Ribs and Louise!


                        Twocat - I love the sign!


                        Byll - I loved the video! I hope you post pics from your trip when you are back.  We were at a party last weekend with a man who professes to have gone on 39 cruises.  We have never been on one, and I am intrigued....


                        No run for me today, just a light weights and core workout - 15 minutes probably.


                        More snow predicted tonight.  After almost no snow at all last winter, DD is in heaven.....

                        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                        Trails are hard!

                          I made it out for just under 5 miles this morning. 29° and a nice breeze. I took a different route than around the lake after I noticed a nearby road that I don't travel on very often not only had a nice asphalt sidewalk for several miles, but was situated such that I could run into the wind on the way out and have it at my back on the way back. Seems that no matter which way I go around the lake that the wind is in my face for the last section. I was nice and comfortable on the way out, but as soon as I turned around, I started overheating, so no gloves, hat, or wind shirt by the end.


                          Won't get to my 1000K this year (yet again), but I already have more miles this month than since March. I think I'm going to try a half by the end of Feb/beginning of March and aim for a marathon May/June. There's a brand new one in Lubec, ME that will run into Canada to Campebello island. Sounds like it might be neat. So, all you experts--If I am at a 7-8 mile long run and about 20 miles a week, does this make doing a Higdon beginner training a realistic goal? And it would seem that I may actually not be travelling TOO much during that time frame.  thanks for any input.Smile


                          Happy Anniversary, Ribs.  You have married up.


                          We did a small variation on the Chinese food for Cristmas eve--we had a Thai feast from our favorite place in town.  Leftovers for the next day were pretty good, too.  For New Year's eve, there is at least a 2-3 hour wait for takeout at our normal Chinese place.

                          Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                            Ribs, I must be getting old and forgetful because my anniversary is today too and I didn't remember that we have that in common.  22 for us.  We went to the gym and she dragged me around to various places around town.  We went out for lunch to P.F. Changs.


                            I'm 1 mile from my annual goal of 1,500 miles.  It would have been so wrong to hit that on the treadmill today so I'll get out for a run tomorrow sometime when the temps get up near freezing.

                            "This is my approach as both athlete and coach: (quoting Steve Magness) Even if the training is perfect, if you don't buy into it, you will not run fast.  Chase Consistency, Not Perfection."  Neely Spence Gracey


                              Hello. back in the North country NH. Hectic Christmas etc. DS fully into ski training; DD working ski patrol. She has enjoyed it so far.

                              Tons of snow in the north country, really beautiful. Unfortunately I may be on injured reserve.


                              Left knee has been bugging me skiing but has been ok running until recently. Christmas eve I ran and skiied and it hurt a bit but not terrible. Christmas morning I got maybe  5 miles into my run and could not continue. Ugh. I feel like I just got back in shape...I have been able to hike/snowshoe with some but not terrible pain, but I cannot run nor ski. I have an apt next week.


                              Worked a ski race today, which was fine. Tough day in other ways though... we learned early in the day there had been a fatality on the mountain  overnight involving a sledder.  This afternoon I learned it was a close friend/trail crew mate of my DD.  18 year old, stupidly sledding down a steep trail. his two friends got ahead of him; he missed a turn apparently and hit something. massive head injuries. Ski patrol found him this morning. I am just grateful DD was not on duty this morning.


                              So it has been a tough day..

                              MM #5615

                                Very sorry to hear that, lame...that is a tough day.


                                I went 5 miles with my son, Mikey--then went another 5.  77o!  Kind of humid, but it was a nice change.


                                Happy anniversary to Ribs and Opie!