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3.8.13 Friday 'Still Snowing' Daily (Read 46 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    The snow here in coastal NH got started much later that predicted yesterday, and was supposed to end by dawn. But it is still coming down at 7:10am, and is now predicted to continue through the morning. We've got about 4-5" on the ground so far, and it's coming down at a pretty good rate. I have two questions: Should I do a snow blower workout now, and assume I'll do another one later this afternoon? And, more importantly, will my afternoon therapeutic massage be canceled?


    Whatever your weather, have a greta Friday!  -  Jay

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      Good Morning!


      3 miles again for me today, with an upper body weights and core workout.


      Good luck with the snow, Jay.

      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

      Jack K.

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        Hi Masters,

        Today I have a 7 mile tempo run at hm pace. I will likely have to do it tonight on the dark because DW and I are picking up our new car(!) after work. We got a Prius C and it will be fun! Rest day tomorrow but we are going down to San Diego for DS's 19th birthday.  Have a good weekend!


          Happy Birthday Holly!


          No running today for me - too much snow - let it melt, let it melt, let it melt



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            Have fun in San Diego Jack, and remember La Jolla is pronounced just the way it's spelled, hard J followed by Allah.  Oh, and did I ever tell you about Ilene's husband's gun collection?


            4.5 miles easy this morning with my RP, who is abandoning me next week for the Florida beaches.  Hoping to run long tomorrow, then again in two weeks as my final two LR's before Boston.


            I just got an email from the Medtronic Global Heroes program.  Many of you know it was Aamos who got me into this in 2010, and it's time now to select the 2013 group. If you know anyone who would be interested in applying write me at spareribs823 at gmail.  They look for people who are wearing some kind of device, doesn't have to be a Medtronic one, nor in the heart.  Could be a kidney monitor, pacemaker or something similar.  They also asked me if I would like to come back as an Alumni Host, to attend the events, make presentations and answer questions from the new group, so I asked if I could do that..   Spareribs

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              Tet wrote:  "hey enke - see you at the St. Pat's Dash. maybe divechief too?"


              I'll be there.  Working nights now with a long commute.  I'll register Tuesday afternoon when I start my week off.

              I'll have my phone with me at Seattle center.  I'll call before the start to find out where you are.


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      's Holly's somebody baking a cake, or do I need to run out and get some cupcakes?

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                  dave - that's great. I guess it's close enough to where you are to be but a short walk of a couple of blocks to the start.  We'll meet at the start and jump in when it starts thinning out.   Be sure to sign up in the green wave, if possible.


                  whoa, I knew extrabones was an august birthday but had no idea he was 20 years older than me.

                  Have fun at the medtronic.  They are lucky to have you.  So are we.


                  ETA - Happy Birthday Holly.   We all love and appreciate you..

                  Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

                  T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


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                    Where did you get this 20 years older than you Tet?  You're older than dirt.


                    And everybody else shut up about Holly's birthday.  I wished her a happy birthday already today and I don't want anybody else horning in.  Spareribs

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                      green wave, got it.  I was going to sign up for Purple since time doesn't matter and I am so out of shape.  don't know if I can keep up with you and Enke.  I hope to change that soon.  I hope we start at the very back of the green wave Roll eyes

                      good night.




                        Didn't know which one to send so I picked them all - Happy Birthday Holly and now off for my workout.





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                          Happy birthday Holly! Hope your day is just the way you like it Smile

                            "Still Snowing Daily"? thought maybe someone resurrected a January 8, 2013 thread, until I realized that 'oh yeah, alot of you folks are getting hammered right now' . . . i'll keep quiet about my weather and my outdoor plans this wknd. Cool


                            yay 3 cakes for Holly!!! Maybe she'll share with us? Happy Birthday Holly!!


                            thanks for the kudos on my running lately and dancing banana's from yesterday's thread. You make me feel like such a rockstar. After a very lacadaisical (sp? too lazy to spell check) year of running last year, I've got some renewed enthusiasm again. Not sure I have any PR's in me, but I'm hoping for a strong marathon and want to pull my weight in my June relay. It'll probably be a challenging one with the terrain we have to cross, so I want to have a good performance.


                            Bought tickets for my son and I to attend Pre Classic on 6/1. We'll head up the day prior, get in a run on Pre's Trail, eat at Tracktown Pizza and enjoy the Classic. This time I got reserved seating for him and I under the covered stands so we don't have to sit in the cold rain like we did for the olympic trials (but hopefully by 6/1 it'll be nothing but a nice sunny day anyways!).


                            no run today - but am having my calves worked on in a few hrs. They've been getting tight on long runs and foam roller only works so much of it out. Need someone to really get in those muscles for me.


                              Happy Birthday Holly!  I'd like a piece of cake if you have any leftover.


                              I went to the gym this morning for a free "fitness evaluation" that members can get.  It was a ruse to get me to sign up for some personal trainer sessions.  They made a good argument, so I am signed up for once a week for the next couple months.  I take it way too easy at the gym (on the rare occasions I actually make it there) so this should help get me going again.


                              They didn't really have me work out, so at lunch time I went outside and ran 3 miles.  Sunny and 40°.


                              A few weeks ago I mentioned the ringing in my ears.  I have got used to it and it doesn't seem to affect me.  The way I describe it to others is that it sounds like lights bulbs that are on a dimmer switch and make a buzzing sound when they are semi-dimmed.  Well, I was sitting here at my desk thinking that my ears were buzzing much worse than normal when I realized it was the light bulb above my head. Big grin  Sounds like it is getting ready to go out.  Thank goodness it wasn't my ears buzzing that much.

                              And so it goes

                                My ringing sounds a bit like the hum of a refridgerator, but slightly higher pitched.

                                Looking forward to making Divechief and Tet run my pace, which means they will likely have to slow down!  There is a beer garden after this race - is that something worth doing???


                                Happy Birthday Holly!!

                                I like the middle cake the best, too cute to eat though.

                                Resting up for the group run tomorrow.  Sunny mild weekend DD's orthodontist (a woman) and I were excitedly discussing our plans to cut the grass and do yard work this weekend, seriously!


                                Wondering about Hopeful too, I hope everything is OK.

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