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REVEL Denver Marathon (Read 25 times)

    So... anyone interested? August 17, 2014

    I registered because I'll be there for my DH's meetings in Keystone after that. It's a road race (sorry Carolyn) but downhill and FAST especially if you're good at downhill runs. They have a half marathon option as well. I signed up tonight, so I'm doing it whether others sign up or not. But of course, it's always more fun with more runners!


      5000 foot elevation drop!!! but no breathing for the first half I guess.  Looks nice. Not sure if I dare  but I am intrigued.



        Googling downhill running and running at altitude.....

        MM #5616

          I've seen this one, but I'm not particularly interested.  It's paved, and it gets hot in August.   But if folks are coming to run this, I'll come cheer for you, if I'm home that weekend.  Not sure about my summer plans at this point.   Also, if I'm home, my house is available if anyone wants to come early to acclimate (I live at 9,300 ft).

          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

            Yeah, I knew the paved road thing wouldn't appeal to you, Carolyn. But I don't mind it too much and I love downhill running. And I don't have a Colorado marathon yet. And I'll be there anyway with DH (he found this one for me, actually). So, given all that I figured what the heck. It's also an inaugural race, which sometimes isn't good. But they've done them in other places and get good reviews, so it should be ok.