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    This can not be right. A PNW boomer is starting today's thread? A miracle. Another miracle is that I am already back from a Magical Snowy 4 miles run and it is only 4:22 around here. I must be too excited about my trip that I could not go to sleep, so I decided to just put my running shoes on and out I went. The world around me was so peaceful and quiet. Enjoy your RESTs, your runs, your walks and your lives my friends. I will be airport hoping for the next three days so my next posting most likely will be from South America. Unless I can fit in some running in the different airports this would very well be my last run in North American soil for one month. Adios amigos.

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      have a wonderful trip and Marathon International Paraguay. In appreciation of getting to share some of your cheery marathon miles over the last year, I'll be one of your fans for a virtual MIP mile too.

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        Adios, can't wait to hear the stories. Forgot to post yesterday. 40+ on bike 21 gallowalk Image and video hosting by TinyPic Creek Junction near MP 27 on Va Creeper Trail anybody wanna do a 16 mile recovery run? Tongue Waiting on >20*
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          Good Morning! Mari – safe traveling! JJJessee – wow! You are doing some amazing workouts. The temp. was 3(feels like -12) this morning, so I began the slow job of layering my clothes and thought, “What am I doing? This is why I have a treadmill.” So, 7.2 easy-paced miles on the treadmill in the garage. Off to paint the bathroom now. Good luck to the racers today!

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            Morning! JJJ.. that's some duathlon training! Big grin That trail looks so inviting. Tory and I caught a quick run as the temperatures started to plummit. The temp dropped from 29F to 26F during the run and I could start to feel slippage on pushoff on some roads. Other roads were dry so no slippage. 6 mi GA in 49:46 (8:17 pace AHR 160.. target 160!). Tory kept pace nicely today. All the lawns are white with SNOW! Haven't seen that here for a couple years. Have great runs and stay warm!

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              Morning All Have a good trip and race Mari, Holly it must be nice to run indoors juding by JJJ's pic, JJJ I get cold looking at that Cool Cool run Steve. We did a 3 miler trail nice n easy with Mrs Roy and Woody. the runs are short but getting more consistent. Good Runs All Roy

                A friend of mine in North Dakota yesterday after running 8 miles. Of course, I would have worn a t-shirt and shorts

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                  .....I got Cold just looking at that..........

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                    Wow, Mariposai, you were done before I started and you're 3 timezones away! What a beautiful morning for a run. The air is never so clear as when the mercury's hovering around the zero mark with a cloudless sky and the sun rising. So I did my more-miles-than-degrees run by going 6 miles around Stoney Creek Lake at 1 degree Fahrenheit (wind chill -10, but I didn't notice it much). Looking across the frozen lake at the sunrise was a true winter scene, and I was actually plenty warm with the layers that I had on. I did finish with frost covering my balaclava and icicles on my eyelashes. Good running to everyone else today.

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                      Early runs for some. I lazed about until about 8:15 before running a relatively short 12 miler for me for a Sunday. It was my first real progression run, and it went well. This time I ran by pace rather than heart rate. It was a bit chilly at 16F with a 15 mph wind, but I was bundled up just fine so there was no problem with the cold. I guess my nose got a bit cold. Smile Target(distance) 9:25(2), 9:00(2), 8:40(2), 8:20(2), 8:05(2), 7:50(2). Actual(HR) 9:13(133), 8:56(140), 8:39(145), 8:19(151), 8:03(162), 7:43(168). Windy, no problems -- wasn't too tired at the end, of course, this was only 12 miles. Overall 12.1 miles, 1:42.

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                        4.4 miles @ 8:58 pace. The first time I've been really cold for the first mile or so.

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                          Ahh yes, nothing like sub zero windchills to get the blood flowing in the morning! I went out yesterday for 6 miles in 9 degree temps - not sure what the windchill was and not sure I really want to know. But I was comfortable the whole way. This morning I was hoping for more miles, but the weather was even colder and I just didn't have it in me - so I gave up after 4 miles. I think it was 5 degrees - so I still haven't made the more miles than degrees club unless you count windchill? Going to a girl movie this afternoon with my sister, sister-in-law and maybe DD#2. Looking forward to the popcorn!! Big grin Proof of my craziness: ~Mary


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                            Nice running out there today. Have a great trip, Mariposai! JJJ--that bridge looks familiar...or at least very similar to one I've seen. Awesome mileage you're putting in. Roch has got the right attitude about cold; no whining. 14.1 for me @ 8:55. 19F with steady winds; needed double layers for the wind but was a bit warm overall. The only part I don't like is that with the wind howling in your ears you can't hear cars coming. A part of my run is, inevitably, on a busy road with no shoulders; creeps me out to have vehicles whiz by that I didn't hear coming. Looking forward to some football after a few chores.
                              Good runs to all this morning! Just finished 9 easy miles @10:18 pace. Temp was 26 with 30-35 mph wind. I was planning on just doing 8 miles, but going with the wind, it blew me right past the finish and took me dern near a mile to get 'er shut down! Big grin Some nice pics already this morning. J3 that's a beaut. Mary and Baps friend looking pretty in pink...or is that fuschia? Go Boom!
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                                creeps me out to have vehicles whiz by that I didn't hear coming.
                                Tramps - would it be possible for you to run on the left hand side of the road? Then at least you'll see them coming.

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