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Tasty Tuesday, 8.7.12 (Read 408 times)


    Mornin' all,


    Congrats, Timbo, to you and Donna (especially Donna) on a great job on her first race and first half, and her A/G hardware! What a great start toher racing career - good photos too!


    Dove, I can't imagine doing a 24-hr race with a cracked rib. Then again, you're tougher than me...


    Welcome back, OM!


    Twocat, that's a great story about Mariposai's avatar, and about your generosity.


    I hope your ankle is better, Carolyn. Take it easy if it ain't.


    Avenger Doggie - having a stick makes a lot of things OK, doesn't it?


    Congrats to Econo and Pretty In Stink for their success in a tough race.


    Opie, good luck with the next round of interviews, and with your knee.


    Great obit for Joe, Ribs. Thanks for sharing it.


    Up early and out the door by 4 this morning for 5.71 racewalking miles. It was a real treat to have it noticeably cooler (63) and drier this morning. The skies were clear, so the 3/5 moon dappled the roads through the trees. Because I could breath well this morning I ramped up my pace, got my hips moving well, had a nice little bounce to my stride, and felt great. Two days ago, the fog prevented me from seeing the water 20 feet down the rocks right next to the road. Today I could see the lights twinkling on the Isle of Shoals, about 10 miles off the coast, as well as on the lobster boats out for an early check of their traps.


    Today, our town Selectmen are going to sign the documents for a 120-acre conservation easement we've been working on for over 3 years. I'm hosting a fundraiser for another group, and so can't be there for the signing. But I'll be at the next Selectmen's meeting, where we can officially announce the successful completion of this effort to the town.


    Have a great Tuesday!  -  Jay

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      Jay.. thanks for starting the day and sharing highlights of yesterday that I missed. So I went back and read..


      Not only was it great to read Timbo's account of Donna's first race (awesome!) but I didn't know Tim was all recovered from those aweful back issues.  Both good news!


      Ribs..Nice Obit for Joe. I hadn't realized what a trainer he was as well as a streak runner.. good to know!


      I'm on a one day business trip so I got out for a 12 miler in Dublin Ohio (Holly.. know where that is??). A Google of running routes led me to a bike path for the whole run.  What was cool about the path is sometimes it was on one side of the road and then the other. They had tunnels under the road to get to the other side. Sweet! Nice green rolling countryside. 50's and IRC!


      Have a great one!

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        Good morning, Jay.  i knew I wasn't going to do the morning justice, so waited for your award winning descriptions.  I also thought of you when I saw the article in the globe yesterday about the first medal winner in Guatemalan history--a silver in the 20K race walk.  i was dissappointed that i've missed seeing that anywhere on the coverage.


        I enjoyed even cooler temps than Jay with 61° this morning.  i also went out for my first run in my PureFlows.  I got them on Sunday after a workshop on form and running in minimalist shoes.  They felt quite different this morning straight out of bed than they did in the store, but felt pretty nice once I started moving.  I ended up with 9:12m/m pace which in and of itself is not terrribly fast--but 50sec/mile faster than my absolute plod on Sunday.  I'm guessing about 90% the 15° temp and 10% shoes, but boy I was psyched at the end  Big grin


        Jay also did a MUCH better job of reading and summarizing, but I will say that  Joe's obit was touching.  Once again--someone to want to grow up to be.


        have a great day to all that follow and hope that you enjoy your runs as much as i did mine.  Haven't felt a whole lot like a runner lately.

        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.




          Jay also did a MUCH better job of reading and summarizing, but I will say that  Joe's obit was touching.  Once again--someone to want to grow up to be.



          no running today despite the glorious temps. yesterday's twofer run and swim did me in, so i'm limited to bike commuting

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            Slow 5 today.  My RP is once again on vacation, this time to Oxnard, CA as her husband's football team has their summer practice there.  Tired of this!


            Arizona is just slightly larger in area than Nevada, I think by about 3,000 square miles.  We missed that one.


            What was the relationship between Shirley Jones and David Cassidy in real life?    Spareribs


              What was the relationship between Shirley Jones and David Cassidy in real life?    Spareribs


              This is one of those trivia answers I kinda wish I didn't know.  Yuck! 


              Back to Joe's obituary -- that was really sweet.  You were always proud of him and mentioned him many times over the years.  A good role model for all of us.


              Tried to jog to work but legs are too sore; drove instead.  (guilty look, sorry polar bears)

              The Goofinator


                What was the relationship between Shirley Jones and David Cassidy in real life?


                She was his stepmother.  (Thank you "Tiger Beat" magazine for filling my head with a bunch crap oh so many years ago.  I finally came in handy!)


                About 40 minutes of core/strength training this a.m., which was abruptly interrupted when I got a bad cramp on the left side of my low back (right in the love handle area  Evil).  Took forever to work out.  Could it be my body's way of telling me I've been a moron for not keeping up with this part of my workouts?  More than likely.


                I finally posted a race report for Mt. Hood.  It's a separate thread in this forum.  It's about as long as the race was!

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                  yep, I was thinking mother or step-mom / son relationship between those two also.


                  Very nice obit for Joe. I'm glad you posted that for us to read.


                  No run last night. Did go on a short walk on the wooded trails with the dogs where it was a bit cooler though. This is hot hot week for us. mid/upper 90's for as long as the forecast goes. 

                  DS started football camp last night - lasts 2.5 hrs every night this week. It's the middleschool/highschool football camp, so all the HS football players are there with their coaching staff. The MS that feeds into the HS has a separate group that shares the FB camp, but their workouts are toned down a few notches. David comes home to tell me that after running for a few passes, the coach kicks him out of the MS part of the camp and puts him in with the varsity HS football team. Says his routes and cuts and ability to catch passes are phenomenal.  David has been on the fence about whether to go out for MS crosscountry this fall, or JV football (he's an incoming 7th grader). . .I'm thinking he'll be leaning towards football now.


                  Congrats to Tim and Donna on a great trail HM! Love the pics also!


                    I've always liked Shirley Jones.  Too bad I came along 25 years too late. Roll eyes



                    4 miles for me this morning followed by hours of mind numbing computer programming,,,,

                    And so it goes

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                      Perch – yes, I know where that is! 


                      Tammy – doesn’t surprise me that your son excels at football, too.


                      A  delicious 62 degrees at my house this morning as well!


                      7 miles for me today, with 4 x 1-mile repeats/30 second recoveries.


                      Paces for the miles were 8:21, 8:16, 8:11, 8:06.


                      Where did this speed come from?  What a difference the cooler temps made!

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                        Nice obit ribs.


                        Dave - Ginger or Maryanne?


                        Lower temps Holly! Don't ask why. Just enjoy.


                        4 at lunch today. Another run this evening. Doing a mile test tonight so a couple of warm-up, a lung searing mile and hopefully a cool down (or pass out). Got into a mile improvement challenge in another thread. Olympic fever is everywhere.



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                           I didn't know Tim was all recovered from those awful back issues.  Both good news!


                          Yep, and feeling better than ever back stretches and exercises helps too, with what the surgery did not fix.


                          Legs feel good as I'm running doubles this week.....the trail race was ran easy, so I am already recovered from that. Had 10 miles yesterday - 4 in the morning with Donna, and 6 more miles last night. I know running continuous miles is better, but splitting them up sure is easier and the second run usually feels better than the first to me.


                          4 refreshing miles this morning - ahhhhhhh, 56 cool degrees Smile But, suppose to get hot again this week. But the weekend looks somewhat cooler, so a long run may be more comfortable. 6 or 7 more miles tonight, and looking forward to it....getting 2 running fixes in 1 day Smile


                          Yes Holly, the cooler temps makes a huge difference in speed and pace...I have about gave up on speed this summer, and just get the miles in. But I'm getting the itch to let my legs run fast now !


                          Been going green for sometime, and riding my bike about everywhere I go.......I love that and saves on gas too, and works the legs a little.


                          My weight is lower than it's been in years, and I should be around 147 or so soon. LOL, normally a person gains weight when they get into a serious relationship, but fortunately we both are weight and health conscience.


                          I have a shop to show up to the next 3 days, to help cover for an estimator on vacation (yes I get paid) Same shop who I've been dealing with for a long while, and the owner said he wants me to come work for him. Maybe this will get the ball rolling and he will officially hire me soon !


                          You're right Norm....lots of "hops" on that Eagle Creek Trial.... skinned my left shin up a where I would lead with my right leg, with my left leg back and dragging the top of the tree.


                          But was a fun morning in the woods....



                          Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

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                            Nice speed there, Holly! I don't know much about running mile repeats, though... is 30 seconds between each one how it's normally done?


                            Oh, I must've missed this last week... so sorry about the loss of your BIL, Spareribs.


                            In hopes of readjusting my internal body clock back to East Coast time, I set my alarm for 5am today. I was out the door for a run with MrOM by 6:30am. I think staying off the computer in the mornings helps with me getting out the door quicker. And like Holly, certainly the cooler early morning air helped with my speed. 5 miles in 44:12 (8:51 avg pace), and the speed was relatively effortless. What a difference compared to yesterday's noontime slog!


                            Track workout was moved to Thursday, and I get a rest day tomorrow. I think I'm actually looking forward to that!

                              Spareribs that obituary was a beautiful testament to your BIL.


                              Econo congratulations on your team's first place finish in its category!  As my former training partner used to say you do not have to beat everybody just those that show up.  In this case you all were the only ones to show so you win!


                              coastwalker once the conservation easement is in hand can the town add walking paths?  Sounds like it will be a wonderful area to explore.


                              C-R guess you should be glad the Olympics does not include an 100 mile ultra!  Now that would be some challenge.  Okay, okay fatozzig I see you!  Knock it off with the snide remarks about why not and ultras are for everybody . . .


                              Today was my long run day.  I am back up to 17 miles.  IRC this morning.  Pretty nice out now too!  When I got back home I was pleasantly surprised to see my pace was 8:31.  I had not been trying for that or anything in particular.  As I keep finding out this training stuff actually works!  In part, I suspect the pace was that good because I had to take the last two days off from running.  I had planned a shorter run on Sunday but after getting about 100' out the door I turned back when my hamstrings did not feel like they were 100%.  Today they were just fine.

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                                Timbo & Donna, nice pictures and race.  Thanks for sharing.  Ribs, that was a nice tribute to Joe, thanks for sharing that.  I often read obituaries of people I don’t even know.  Some of them are written so interestingly.


                                Jay, thanks for sharing your wonderful description of your early morning outing.  It sounds absolutely lovely.  I intended to get up early this morning but was awake in the night with a coughing fit so turned my alarm off.  I slept until 7:00 and then had to hustle to get to work by 7:30.  I plan to go for a run tonight after it cools off since it's 86° right now.


                                Mariposai, The bike shorts I bought are 3-in-1 you get (1) cycling shorts that separate into (2) regular shorts and (3) Lycra shorts for cycling. Like I said, I had absolutely no help in the store, but I hope I like them.  ... now I just need to shop for a new bike seat.


                                Econo,  I had a feeling your team would win the race.  Love the name!  Holly, that is quite speedy.  Good work.   Twocat, you had a great long run today.  Taking a break must be the key.


                                Leslie, I will get to your race report later,  I think I’ll need to get into a comfy chair with some snacks. 


                                I am going to make a batch of fresh salsa after work.  The tomatoes are coming fast and furious now, all 20 plants! I really don’t even want to start canning stuff so the food shelf may be in luck.  DH has a Dr. appt for his back tomorrow, so I guess it's up to me to lug all the tomatoes and cukes and zukes.  I hope he doesn't need yet another surgery.


                                Starr in MN