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Black Friday Daily, 11.23.12 (Read 341 times)

    Welcome to the new runners!! I hope find us a fun and caring group. I am still posting from my iPhone. 10 miles in the Seattle rain and loving it.

    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

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      I second the welcome to the RWers


       Many of the old timers on this group came here when another forum cratered.  we can certainly empathize with you.  Many of our old friends only check in sporadically,  many are not to be found again.  This will never be the same as your old community,  but you will be welcomed here.  


      hopefully you can bring old friends to this group, and make some new running friends.


      just 3 in the rain for me today.

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        Hi mariposai and divechief in rainy Seattle.

        Welcome new runners but if you don't know that much about us yet, don't read my following post for those who understand.


        <<<<<<Not that anyone in this group is crazy or anything like that but I'm glad both Mariposai and divechief got to run 10 and 3 miles rainy miles, respectively this morning after the unusual November respite from the rain on Thanksgiving Day. 


        <<<<Two of my five raincoat rainiest marathons since 1977 have been in the Seattle Marathon (1990/2006) and, for some reason, I'm hoping that this year's SM's 26.2 miles will be as rainy as possible too.  In case anyone wants to do their Sunday morning runs starting at 8:15am, I'd welcome some company to the bridge and back or all the way. There's no entry fee for pacers.  yippeeeee.  No wonder I love running so much. >>>> 

        • Tara McGrath waits for her dad to pass on East Interlaken Boulevard during the Seattle Marathon on Sunday, November 27, 2011. Photo: JOSHUA TRUJILLO / SEATTLEPI.COM 

        annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978, running barefoot (1990)

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          I'd sure love to hear the story behind the BerthSlayer handle.... 

          I guess nobody cares about the story behind the Mike E handle...


          A couple hours ago, DW caught me sluffing off down here.  She left...and I'm back down here...just for a second, though.  If I'm not done with the project she gave me before she left, I'm really in big trouble...not that I'm afraid of her, or anything...well...maybe a little...


          Okay--that's it--gotta go.    


            Welcome new runners but if you don't know that much about us yet, don't read my following post for those who understand.


            And don't worry if you find yourself scratching your head over some of Tet's posts.  He throws more than a few of us for a loop every now and then . . . . but we still love him!!! Big grin


            Mike - Don't look over your shoulder but . . . . .


            I'm battling my way through some transcription - a polygraph examination.  These are always the pits 'cause the recordings always sound like they're done in a deep tunnel and I can't figure out how to lessen the bass and bring up the treble on my computer.

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              I guess nobody cares about the story behind the Mike E handle...




              as it involves a MotorCycleGang

              and a bus full of Nuns broken down by the side of the road,,,,,,,,,,Drop it On us,,,,,,,,

              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....



                ......which BP med??'s not Benicar is it???????

                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                  tomwhite, thanks. It's Lisinopril.


                  Slo, I thought the exact same thing when I saw dallison's past times and goals.  He's running 19's at 5K and looking for sub 1:30 in the Half, so his M goal seems a bit soft to me.  On the other hand, maybe his weekly mileage is low.  We'll have to see what he has to say.  7:30's would give him a 3:17 and with his current speed he could almost jog that.  Spareribs

                    I hate shopping.  So, I avoided that mess.  I escaped to the park and discovered some new trails, ended up with 15 awesome miles, and didn't spend a cent!  Big grin   WELL, unless you count the gas it took me to get to the park. 



                      Thanks for the welcome. I am a RW refugee. As for the handle, I am slow but even slower on hills. Bertha is the name of our local hill, a former landfill. So to make myself feel particularly bad assed since I cannot brag about my speed I like to fancy myself the slayer of Bertha. Smile


                      *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

                        tomwhite, thanks. It's Lisinopril.



                        ..ya know, if it isn't a New Dose, wouldn't think it would have messed you up.


                        the Benicar

                         I mentioned actually


                         in the body if you;'re  not hydrated.




                        ..........Welcome Bertha//...............anybody named after a LandFill will fit right in around here.......

                        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                          Welcome to the new runners!! I hope find us a fun and caring group.




                          Our tree is up and decorated, the other Christmas items around the house, all the boxes tucked back under the stairs. Whew!


                          I decided to err on the side of laziness safety and didn't get back on the TM after all. Tomorrow I'll try again...

                          time to sit down to a redbox movie with the family - Prometheus...   


                          On a sad note, I was shocked yesterday to see how much my mother has declined in recent avid painter, she no longer can hold a paint brush in her hands, cannot get up by herself and walking is a challenge.  She's only 75 - not old enough to be this diminished....


                          Enjoy the gift, folks....

                          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                            Holly, it is a shock if you haven't seen them for awhile. I see my parents regularly, and it still takes me by surprise sometimes how much they've slowed down.


                            Welcome to all the RW refugees. We were like that from CoolRunning just a few years ago. 


                            I made it outside for a run today! It was clear and sunny, and 8° here at the house. But I could feel the temperature dropping as I headed down the hill, I think it was below zero down there. I was dressed pretty well though, but cheeks got cold on the way back up the hill. Just wasn't ready to pull out the balaclava so had a headband and neck gaitor on. 4.5 miles


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                              dallison...Just curious. You have some pretty nice goals in your sig line but based on your 5k goal and half goal why so lite on the marathon?


                              Not that a 3:20 isn't an awesome time but a 3:10 or even less would be more in line with your half and 5k goals.


                              The marathon is beast to be sure. I think you may be too conservative though if the other two are within reach.

                               I never trained much for either this year except for running more miles. I ran two halves at 1:35 each. One was hilly and one was flat. The flat one i fell apart after 4 miles.

                              The marathon i never trained for either and ran 3:42. The last 6 miles were a bit rough and the last three i had to walk/run to finish. I lost 15-20 minutes right there.


                              I want to run a 3:10 but i need to figure out how to run a 3:20 first. I think with the right training i could nail a 3:10-15 on my next try in cooler weather.

                              2017 goals:

                              sub 1:30 half 


                                Welcome all from RW!  Yes, this is a pretty friendly place, all but for those that post here I guess.  Clown


                                Holly S. and evanflein you have my sympathies about your parents.  My mom was in horrible shape prior to her passing.  I wish i had some sort of sage wisdom here but I fear sympathy is all.

                                Tramps sounds like that old joke, "This bar is so crowded nobody every comes here anymore."


                                Jlynne if we meet in person we should share a drink to those who do the cooking and somehow end up doing the cleaning up as well.  Sad


                                Running:  I ran the 5m turkey trot yesterday.  The ankle felt good the whole way through.  Yipee!  Then when I got up, not so good.  Sad  Well the doc said four to six weeks and it has only been three.  Plus, 5m was a bit ambitious at this point.  I have been running 2 miles without any issues of late.  Hopefully, a few days off and I can go back to a couple of mile runs.


                                Food:  The star of my little show was a vegetable stew that took two full days to prepare.  Day 1 was making a broth just for this dish as well as roasting a pile of vegetables.  Day 2 consumed my oven for the whole day.  You  first open, clean out a 8lb pumpkin and roast  it.  Then you take the day 1 ingredients, stuff them in the now roasted pumpkin and roast the whole thing in the oven for another half hour.  It tasted great!  I am never, ever going to make it again!  I tell you there are limits to how much work any one dish is worth and this one is way past it!  But, boy was it good!  Another big hit was bourbon-pecan-sweet potatoes.  It is an annual request, it is easy to make and I love it too.  Beyond that another favorite of mine and DW's family is the pumpkin and sausage soup.  It too is pretty easy.  Well at least if you roast your own sugar pie pumpkin in advance and I just happened to have some on hand!  Now what do I do with enough leftover food to feed another dozen people?  Confused


                                Cleaning:  While it seems Holly S. was decorating for Christmas I spent the day undecorating from Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Of the former our Halloween tree and village stay up, per tradition, until the day after Thanksgiving.  Then there are Thanksgiving themed scarecrows and welcome signs that also came down today.  All told, I started around 9:30 and finished at about 4.  Whew!  Glad that is done!

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