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    6.2 miles in light rain @32F

    came home to fresh homemade waffles because DW is injuried


    My family tree shows I'm of orange Irish heritage so I wore all orange on my run

    Tomorrow I'll cave and wear some green

    Have a Great Weekend!

    Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

      Never heard of orange Irish heritage.  I'll have to look that up.


      I went out for an easy 3 miles and then came home and shoveled the driveway.  We got about 2-3 inches of fresh snow.


      Last year on the Saturday close to St. Patrick's Day, I was running with my granddaughter while wearing shorts!


      We would have gone again this year even with the snow, but her other grandparents took her to an indoor water park in Frankenmuth today.  Somehow that seemed better than running in the snow to her. Confused

      And so it goes

      New skirt in town

        I LOVE that photo!!


        17 miles today on the Boston Marathon course.  At 9:39 pace, it was slower than I wanted, but my cranky calf feels absolutely fine, so I'm glad I ran conservatively.


        Best of all, I saw Marg!  I saw this really fit woman running down Heartbreak Hill toward me and I remember thinking, "Wow, she looks great." Then I realized it was Marg!  She turned around and ran with me for a few blocks and then finished out her own speed work.  THAT was fun, and it took my mind off of those last few hills!


        This brings me to 53.8 miles for the week, and I'll get a few more miles in tomorrow.  Next week the plan is for 60 miles, then taper time!!



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          Good morning!


          Yeah, I've never heard of orange Irish, either.  But I love orange julius...probably, not the same.


          Dave, that picture made me smile just as it did last year.  I would have picked the water park, too.


          Well, I have decided that I do not like these late starting races.  Give me an 8:00 or 9:00 start time anytime.  That's weird...I hate running in the mornings...but I'd rather race in the morning...I make no sense.


          I'm going to the race with a guy who has only raced one other time...a 5k.  Have I already told you about this guy?  He tore a bunch of ligaments in his ankle and, after surgery--even though he had never run before--for some reason, asked the nurse how long it would be before he could run.  She kind of laughed and said he wouldn't be running for, at least, a year.  He told her that he was going to run a 5k in 6 months...and he did.  He has no idea why he even said that, but once he did, he was determined to do it.  Anyway--he's trying to break 20:00 today.  I just talked to him and he's kind of nervous with all this snow we got.  He hasn't run outside since last fall because he's so afraid to reinjure his ankle.  I hope he'll be okay.  He's doing the 5k, I'm doing the 8k, so I won't know how he did until I get back from my race.  I kind of wish I was doing the 5 so I could cheer him in at the finish....assuming, of course, that I go under 20:00.  See?  There I go, again....getting all nervous.  Man, I hate these late starting races...have I already said that?


          Okay--I'll leave you all alone.  Thanks for putting up with me again.


          Oh, hi, Robin!  Nice run!

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            Robin, I'm confused about how you could have seen Harriet this morning in Boston - she and Lou ran the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in DC this morning - they posted a picture on FB....  Confused   I know she's awesome, but can she really be in two places at once?


            Mike, have fun at the race!   And don't drink too much green beer afterwards, okay?


            Heading out for my last 20 miler before the 50k.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate taper?

            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

              BABY MARIA HAS ARRIVED!!!  Friday, March 15 11:13pm by C/S 8lbs 1oz.  Mom, dad, baby all doing well and NONNA is in love!!Smile

              More details and pics to follow!!  Now, time to run and easy 3-4 miles to shake out my legs from all that pacing and sitting - tomorrow running long knowing my loves are all safe and happy!!   Feeling very blessed today!!



                I think Robin needs her eyes checked - I saw her on Heartbreak Hill - but I'm so slow couldn't keep up with her at all - and definitely no where near Harriet's speed!


                Congrats Deez!



                  Now I’m worried about Robin.  Early onset dementia is nothing to take lightly.


                  Nice running out there this morning.


                  Cloudy, chilly, and spitting rain during today’s long run.  Scheduled for 18 but I felt good enough to stretch it to a 20-miler.  Ran some hills about 2/3 through (no reason) and worked in a few faster miles towards the end, including a couple of MP miles.


                  Good run, good week, goodnight (there’s a nap in front of the fire in my future).

                  MM #5615

                    I think that's funny.  Some poor woman, doing hill repeats, is wondering, "who the heck is this woman and why is she talking to me?"

                    MM #5615

                      Hey--very nice, Tramps!

                      New skirt in town

                        Marg!! I saw MARG!


                        I was looking at the greta photo of Lou and Harriet at the finish of their half this morning and my brain got corn-fused!  Yikes, I need more chocolate milk!!



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                          He told her that he was going to run a 5k in 6 months...and he did.


                          I'll be running a 10k in 3 months. Signed up for one last night. This could get tricky because I haven't run in 3 months, but never underestimate the power of positive thinking Smile  Won't burden the daily with my trials and tribulations, but I'm trying to work hard and get clearance from the docs to start back up. Soon.


                          Congrats Grandma Deez! We need pictures of baby Maria please.


                          Dave, that picture of you and your granddaughter is priceless. Like you, last year it was 70° and my DH already had two rounds of golf under his belt.


                          Hope you feel better soon Mariposai.


                          Speaking of DH, today is his 68th birthday. It's also our grandson Ben's 2nd birthday. Lots of partying going on today. Little Nicholas is doing well and growing like a weed. Got to watch him yesterday for a couple of hours. Grandma changed 2 poopy diapers Dead


                          Good luck to all the racers this weekend and have a great Saturday everyone.

                          Trails are hard!

                            I guess if pays to read to the end of the thread before replying.  I was going to accuse Carolyn of the early onset dementia, until I saw Robins last post and went back to see that see had poked her head back into the original.  Nice easy 17, Robin.  (Amazing how contradictory that must sound to non-runners)


                            After wussing out with the cold yesterday, I went out for 4.25 miles in a very sunny and pleasant 32°.  A little faster than I had planned, but two days off apparently gained a small measure of sproink.  Haven't quite decided on my distance for tomorrow, but am leaning towards 10-12 and not 14.  If the half next week feels good, I might just tack on a couple there.


                            Nice truck, Erika.  No need to worry about moose in that!


                            Congratulations, Grammy Denise!!  Glad to hear everyone is well.


                            (guess it also pays to proof read your post befeor hitting the button.  I really need a spell check Roll eyes  )

                            Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                            King of PhotoShop

                              Dave and Mike, the Irish flag is also called the "tricolor."  It's green, white and orange.


                              Deez, congrats, and the pics on FB are lovely.


                              Windy, sunny and warm here.  Got in almost 6, just to finish the week with 40.  Robin, you are are running well and have a great plan. I'm going to do a final LR next weekend, then start winding down to all short, speed work.  Spareribs


                                Wow. Lots of posts today.


                                Sarge - orange is part of the Irish heritage. In Northern Ireland, the Orangemen were the Royalist Protestants where Green tends to be more closely associated with Catholic groups.


                                Nice run Robin even with that early onset thing. Wink I forget about stuff like that.


                                Nice pic Dave. Great every time.


                                Hope your friend breaks 20 Mike.


                                Yeah for Deez family and welcome to the newest runner.


                                7 miles in the middle of nowhere KY. Ran with lots of cows over rolling hills. Very peaceful and very pretty. I like running in the country.


                                Cheers all and Erin Go Braugh.

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