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Sunday stuff, 1.20.13 (Read 48 times)

    Holly, I ran for the first time yesterday, and it was just 5 miles on the treadmill. That was my first run since last Tuesday, and judging from how I felt Wednesday I probably shouldn't have done that run! Take it easy and don't push it. I bet you'll start feeling better real soon.


    Nancy, I think you do have the flu. A cold like what Holly and I have, as bad as it is, doesn't come with a fever or aches. It is the most fatigue-inducing cold I've ever had, but no fever. Take it easy, drink lots of fluids and rest. Did you get a flu shot?


    I've been cleaning house most of the afternoon. Found some old calendars from when my boys were babies... I tracked everything on those calendars (baby check-up weights, first steps, later on has school events and soccer schedules....), which is why I've kept them all this time. Trying to lighten our load though, so it might be time for them to go. Maybe.


    No run yet, but I'll probably head down to the TM before too long. Or maybe not. At this point, I'm pretty ambivalent about it.

      mmm crepes..


      I agree Jlynne, hearing about David's achievements, Sarah's antics blooming into athletic prowess. Annabelle, Claire. Erika's boys now making a Mom proud as are the young men in the Posi clan.I doubt any one will soon forget praying and checking in on Baby Will and being delighted when Ben joined the clan. There's like a whole slew of Ribs in the mix and I sadly confess that I have a hard time keeping them straight. MikeE and Carolyn's youngest have drivers licenses now. As Noah said one day after tucking his baby ostrich in, "They grow up so fast".


      Woot Gordon!! Woot!!!


      Love that song Breger...Did any one else notice that Bill is taller than most of the people on the risers?


      Today was a rest day. After Church, I went and sat with my friend who is in Hospice. He's at peace right now. The last few visits have been me talking about what ever comes up. John said that the visits and chatter help him relax even if he nods off. If I can consistently get people to fall asleep while I talk, I may go into the ministry. Anyway, since John's nearest family members are at least two hours away, I told him that, if he'd like, I'll do my best to be with him when he passes and gave the staff my info. I told John and the staff at Hospice, that some of my deliveries are five hours away and I'd have to finish where I was at. My boss has a problem with that and came up short of calling me a liar. There's the rapid fire questions a person asks when they try to trip some one up. If I've only lived up here since 2001, how could I have known this guy since High School? Why is he in Traverse City, MI now?


      Was I out of line offering to be there for the guy?


      MM #5615

        No, Steve, you are not out of line...your boss is.


        Very nice Bhyll.


        You're a pretty tough guy ribs...for an old man...


        Nice race, wild!  Congratulations!


        It was a tough day at my sister's visitation....I'm sure it's going to tougher, tomorrow, at the funeral.


        I really need a run!

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          No, Steve, you are not out of line...your boss is.


          I agree.


          Erika - I had a fever off and on for a couple days, but I was taking a lot of ibu for my fall, so only noticed it when that wore off.


          Hang in there, Mike.

          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

            see what happens when you become a caveman cyber user.

            Roll eyes

            You loose track of everything.


            BTW< very nice video!

            What's my excuse for doing the same type of thing only worse?  I asked a guy at church yesterday if he was ready for the Houston Marathon.  He told me that the marathon was last week, and also that it was last year that he ran it.  (At least I remembered the right race if the wrong year.)

            And so it goes