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Sunday the 10th Set Your Clock Daily (Read 52 times)

    Didn't forget to set your clock, did you?


    Karin—good to hear from you but so sorry to hear of the injury.  Very frustrating, I’m sure.  Even I believed in your running immortality.

    Denise—cool that you’re able to run the Boston course like that.

    C-R—awesome 10K.

    Lyndenrunner---that’s great your daughter got to sing.  Gotta be a lot of pressure at that age.

    Leslie—it’s sad about your running buddy moving.

    Carolyn—that’s an awesome plow and a great picture.


    12 miles today, with an 8K race in the middle.  Warmed up with a couple of miles and then ran the course again afterwards.  The goal was to keep the race pace under 7, which I did with 6:59!  Not a PR but with several fast guys AWOL today, it was good enough to nab 2nd in my AG.  Beautiful sunny morning, just barely warm enough for short-sleeve shirt with shorts; ideal running weather.


    Gotta start thinking about Boston now. Gulp.


      Well done Tramps. You will have a great race in Boston (assuming the fires of Hades don't return).


      Just a little 5k for me this morn to keep the streak going. Have to travel to Boston, VT, NH and ME starting in about two hours. Whirlwind to say the least.


      Cheers all.

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        I loved Carolyn's badass snow plow photo from yesterday.  I think I'd like snowstorms a wee bit more if I could drive one of those!!


        16.03 miles this morning in 9:21 pace.  I ran the first 10 indoors on the treadmill because of all of the black ice on the roads, and then trusted that enough sun had come out to do some good melting.  The last 6 miles were much faster...I always find running out of doors to be speedier and easier than treadmill running.  The birds were a'singing!  Despite the snow drifts and icy roads, it's clear that spring is on its way.


        This makes 54.3 miles this week, and I'm feeling pretty good about my training for Boston.  Given that I started training a month later than I had hoped because of my sprained ankle,  things are going well.

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          I missed congratulating C-R yesterday, smokin' race there! And congrats to you too, Tramps!! 2nd AG is commendable regardless of how you get it.


          Carolyn, you are badass even without that snowplow!


          Nice treadmiles there, Doc Robin! Yes, I've been hearing the birdies singing all week during my runs. The woodpecker who lives in the park made his spring debut a couple weeks ago, and I had missed hearing it.


          And great run for you yesterday, Deez! The excitement of Boston is certainly building!

          Most of my running club went to a 20k race today, but after all the mileage I've been putting in, I was glad not to have to put in any extra effort in my run today. 5 super easy recovery miles for me, bringing my weekly total to just over 57 miles, yet a new weekly PR. Feeling good!

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            I see Robin's itinerary at Boston includes sending the rest of the family off without her for vacation. Amending my travel plans right now to get up there and keep her company!  Nice work today Robin.


            Well done Tramps.  See you in Boston too I hope.


            Yesterday's 16 left me exhausted.  Ran just 6 today on tired legs.


            After all the warnings about DST I forgot all about it, but didn't lose any sleep over it. I get up early anyway and had plenty of time to get to the club to run.  Spareribs

              I'm with those who would just as soon not have DST.  wild, I have plowtruck envy.  Tramps, great race, meeting sub 7min pace goal and 2nd in AG.  C-R, nice 5K.


              Nice long runs for deez, enke, Twocat, Tammy, Holly, Mike, fatozzig, Tramps (including above mentioned 8K), and DrRobin.


              This morning, it was in the high 30s and there was some wind.  I got in 3 miles at a 10:45 pace.


              A good day and good runs for all.


              New skirt in town

                I see Robin's itinerary at Boston includes sending the rest of the family off without her for vacation. Amending my travel plans right now to get up there and keep her company!  Nice work today Robin.


                *le sigh* well, it's not so much that I'm sending them away, more that they all want to take full advantage of school vacation week to get away. And they're all like, "Meh, watch Robin run the Boston Marathon? Been there, done that."


                They did the same thing last year and went to Belize. It was hotter in Boston than in Belize on the day of the race, and they were very relieved to track me and find out that I survived.  I headed right to the airport from the Finish line, and met them the next day on Ambergris Caye, where they set up a little finish line for me, replete with cowbells and crepe paper finish line tape.  Video here:



                I expect the same treatment when I arrive in Rome!


                But...I will need company the day before the race, which is part of my rationale for throwing a partay!,

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                  Cute video, Robin. Smile


                  Congrats on the AG, Tramps!


                  I'm guessing a few of the men swooned over Wildchild's pic and the knowledge that she drives that behemoth.


                  Rest day today.  Sort of rest day.  I need to get some transcription done.  It's a beautiful sunny day, which makes going back into Le Typing Cave tough.

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                    The day goes by quickly when you start an hour behind.


                    12.6 miles for me this morning.  4 laps around the lake due to fear of black ice in less travelled locations.  Pretty sure this was the longest training run that I've ever done.  Never made it over except during the actual halfs.  Next week I hope to hit longest ever.


                    Denise--Nice 17 for you.  I think you'll just cruise through Boston.


                    Carolyn--To paraphrase Crocidile Dundee "That's not a snow plow, THIS is a snow plow"


                    C-R--wave as you land at Logan.  Lot of flights seem to come over our area.


                    Tramps--excellent pace and AG.

                    Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


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                      Karin—good to hear from you but so sorry to hear of the injury.  Very frustrating, I’m sure.  Even I believed in your running immortality.


                      Me, too....


                      Nice racing Tramps and CR!


                      Robin - I admit to being envious of your travels....Smile


                      20 slow miles for me on this lovely day, with temps ranging from upper 40's to upper 50's.  Tempo on Saturday sure makes Sunday's LR sluggish.  Hopefully I will feel the benefits later....


                      Re: the bifocal contacts.  I had to try a couple different ones to find the right prescription, but I am happy with the results. Not perfect vision, but my astigmatism won't allow that anyway, but for the first time in years I don't need reading glasses for most things.  Only in very dim light or with very very small print, otherwise I can see both near and far again.  The only drawback is that these lenses are not as moist as the former Acuvue Oasis, and they feel a bit dry at the end of the day.  Lubricating drops help, though.  And no, there is no apparent line on them.  I have no idea how they work.  But they do.

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                        Hello everybody!  There sure is a lot of good running going on in here, today.


                        Nice race, Tramps.  Congratulations on placing on your AG.


                        Well, after a weeks worth of doing those dang burpees, my legs were trashed when I went out to attempt 24 miles, today.  I didn't see anyway I was going to get 24 miles in and was fully prepared to drop it to 22.   Sure enough, a couple miles into it and I felt like I was running in jello.  But my pace was surprisingly staying under 7:30, so I just kept plugging away.  Somehow, I managed to get 24.2 miles in 2:58:47.  It was pretty encouraging that, even though my legs felt tired and heavy, I was still able to get what I wanted out of them.


                        Okay--that's about all the energy I've got.

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                          Robin: do you SCUBA?  that seems almost the only reason to go to Ambergris caye.


                          Karin: sorry to hear it, but at least you sound upbeat. heal quick.


                          Leslie:  I don't know if I ever told you,  I met your friend Karen a few years ago at the pacific crest 50K (she did the 50 miler to Timber line lodge)  We interacted some on the old coolrunning site.  We had similar weight loss stories in more or less the same time frame.  great person,  sorry she is moving away.


                          two more night shifts for me,  then I can start training for the St Paddy's day dash with Tet and Enke.  I am sorry to say that I have let myself get in such poor shape I hope I can keep up.


                          On an unrelated note.  every 5 years I have to renew my Merchant Marine credentials and engineers license.  It's a moderately expensive procedure and it's always an ordeal.  If everything goes perfectly, from start to finish takes close to 2 months.  Yesterday I received all my documents in the mail.  They are good for another 5 years and this should be the last time I ever have to do it.


                            rant on-


                            did a lousy 10-min out and back while visiting Claire in the Smokies,,,,,,,LIQUID FIRE describes the pain my my leg best


                            am going on crutches,


                            will check and lurk


                            am really pi$$ed at the monent.


                            rant off-


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                              12 miles done at an 8:35 pace. I'm on the phone so no personals. Wow... It's still light outside. Did the time change? Wink

                                Out too late, up too early...not feeling very good...scrapped my 10 miler this morning...will get going again tomorrow.


                                Thanks to all that have posted about my daughter...she really enjoys singing...she might not be on American Idol, but I'd like to see her sing in a church choir for the rest of her life...

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