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Monday's Daily, 1.14.13 (Read 345 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Mike, if we are opposites (and I'm not at all convinced that we are), then you've got the two of us mixed up. And I don't think you have to feel sorry for your DW - my sense is that she's doing just fine by having you around. Nice run yesterday in chilly weather.


    Good weekend mileage, Ribs, and the AG hardware puts a nice topper on it.


    Steve, I'm glad that DD is OK, and that her car is still drivable. Going airborne backwards had to have been pretty scary!


    Our drive back from central VT to coastal NH yesterday was, with the exception of about a 20-minute stretch, all in dense fog. So, although there was beautiful scenery along the route, we saw little of it. It was a little white-knuckly in some stretches, we just took our time and made it home in good shape.


    We were supposed to have a small dinner party tonight (with 2 couples that own restaurants that are closed on Mondays, which is the reason for the scheduling). Both wives are sick with what is likely the flu - scary. We'll reschedule...


    SRD for me today, so I sat on the couch and read for a while - also a nice way to start the day!


    Have a great day!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      4.47 miles for me on the ice in the cold (17° and windy).  I was going to go 6, but I started thinking about my daughter getting up and ready for school, trying to get her kid going, and then finding out that she had an inch of ice on her car.  So I took a shortcut home and made it in time to get all the ice chopped off her car before she left.

      The local running store is selling something called Sheeldz ( with their name and logo on them.  A simple product.  I bought a pair on Friday and tried them today.  I wore regular mesh shoes and my toes did not get cold at all.  Usually they would be freezing in this kind of weather.

      (6 days until hockey!)

      And so it goes

      King of PhotoShop

        Still cold here, low 30's, but no wind, so I had a reasonable recovery run with my RP this morning.


        Last night it was just the Saint and I for dinner so I made focaccia, and from that made chicken BLT sandwiches and a salad. Oh, was that good!


        In today's column I offered up some last minute racing tips from Saturday and a funny story about the dopiest question I have ever been asked:



          Steve--glad to hear everyone's okay. Scary stuff.

          Mike--I don't have access to a track either; everything's on the road.

          Ribs--that does sound good.


          Thoroughly enjoyed some great football this weekend and I get to see the Pats again.


          This morning was an amazing 65F and I failed to adjust appropriately.  I was scheduled for 4x1200 intervals but was sweating already during the warm-up!  I was able to get three done on-pace, which is when I starting dry-heaving.  That was it for me. The last 1200 was terrible but I managed to jog the cool-down for 10 total miles. Oh well; they can't all be good.

            evanflein nice driveway cross training!  Especially for your DH!!


            TammyinGP the great thing about being a sports fan is that when your team wins you get to celebrate for no really good reason.  But when they lose, well that is their problem.  Your DS will catch on in a few years.


            SteveP +1 on the glad you DD is fine.  Pretty impressive skid out though!


            stumpy77 my DW and I have been called a couple of times.  We never get picked.  Good luck to you on getting the same outcome.


            Mariposai kinda rough running in cold weather again eh?  As you know, misery loves company so welcome back!


            BerthaSlayer not bendy?  You should see me.  I cannot really get much past the top of my knee caps!  I suspect we will both live.


            Holly S I am not sure any TV show really makes a TM run go fast.  I typically have a few DVRd and each mile still crawls by.


            Spareribs no crime it not wanting to battle conditions.  Although that would pretty much turn evanflein and rhoon phast into couch potatoes I guess.


            tselbs nice run and I hope you had a good weekend.


            Tallrunner I can see with that "diet" you have going there you might need to change the Tall part of your name to something else.  To help you prevent that I will graciously offer to have you ship the brownies to me at . . . no charge on my part either!   I am not quite as fond of beans so those you will have to find another taker for. Big grin


            Mike E wow a hole 6°!  At that point the TM wins in my view.


            tomwhite uh yea I heard that too about bikes and golf clubs as well . . .Roll eyes  Let us know where to send the remains.  Wink


            coastwalker well the news finally convinced my DW to get a flu shot.  Naturally, her and a zillion others so now . . . there are no flu shots available anywhere around here!


            Dave59 that Sheeldz thing sound great!  Ol' freezing toes Twocat should probably get some.


            Tramps relatively warm here today too!  Alas, ours comes to a freezing halt tomorrow.  Oh well.  Nice speed work on your part.


            Today I was scheduled to run 4 2/3 miles.  None of my local routes a really that exact distance so I went over a few tenths.  The good news is my inside ankle was fine the whole run.  In the outer ankle there was an occasional twinge but if thought to land towards my outer foot it was fine from then on.  Pretty warm for here at nearly 50.  But fog thick as soup.  I was out early so I put on a reflective vest and some blinking lights.  Glad I had them as it was pretty obvious cars were having a hard time seeing.

            Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

            Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

              This has nothing to do with running but I just read a post by Alex Hutchinson who writes a blog at Runners World called Sweat Science.  His article is about the meta study that recently appeared claiming slightly overweight people live longer than those whose weight is classified as normal.  His blog post about the article is, as usual, quite interesting and insightful.  In part, he looks at a prior meta study that received a lot less attention, no doubt because it did not offer everybody an "eat all you want tonight" license.  In the article he reproduces a graph from the earlier paper showing that if you separate out smokers from non-smokers in the data you reach the typical conclusion:  if you never smoked keeping your weight in the normal range will increase your life expectancy.  His post discusses why it is important to run the data separately for the two groups, as the earlier study does, and not just try to correct for smoking in the pooled data, as the latter article does.  I complain about such "corrections" in my profession all the time so I am quite sympathetic to his critique!


              All of that is actually a prelude to why I am writing this.  The article reminded me of a New York Times Sunday Review piece called "Darwin Was Wrong About Dating" that includes the following paragraph, "A century later, a new batch of scientists began applying Darwinian doctrine to the conduct of mating, and specifically to three assumptions that endure to this day: men are less selective about whom they’ll sleep with; men like casual sex more than women; and men have more sexual partners over a lifetime."


              Here is a question based on the claim that "men have more sexual partners over a lifetime" and that academics spent their time trying to explain why.  From that you can conclude: (a) the data, having been carefully corrected and analyzed, shows men have more sexual partners and evolutionary scientists are debating the explanation for it to this day, (b) men and women routinely lie about the number of sexual partners they have had to such an extent that scientists cannot correct for it statistically and/or (c) a lot of scientists and reporters are mathematical morons.  As you might guess the right answer is a combination of b and c!  Ignoring gay pairings the average man and the average woman have to have the same number of partners.  Heck, they have to have the same number of sexual whatever you want to measure that requires two people!  Having trouble with this?  Here is an easy way to see it.  Take a group of 8 people with 4 of each gender.  Suppose one woman sleeps with all four men and the other three sleep with none.  On average how many partners has each person had?  Easy, 1.  Each man has clearly had just one partner.  One woman has had 4 the other three 0 so on average (0+0+0+4)/4 = 1.  It has to work out this way as a few moments reflection will tell you.


              The claim that men and women have a different number of sex partners over their lives  is one of my pet peeves about the level of mathematical innumeracy the press (and even many academics!) promote.  It just drives me crazy.


              P.S.  Yes, women live longer, meaning there are more of them.  So if most pairings occur when the men are mostly dead and your sample contains mostly people in say, their 80's, then yes you can get a situation where the women have significantly fewer sex partners than the (few) surviving men.  Personally, having seen some of the descriptions of the data used in these studies I am pretty sure this is not driving the nonsensical results.

              Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

              Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                ....The Runner's Version of the Kinsey Report..........


                interesting stuff




                .........we also need to Factor In

                the number of Tennesse Women who will Shoot You if you DO have other Sex Partners

                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....


                  Good reading, twocat!

                  Breakthrough today! My first run of the year. The combo of PT and acupuncture seems to be working-even after weekend bus trip to and from NYC. This morning went to the Y and did 30' of elliptical and 10' of recumbent cycling while Marj ran in the 60° sunny weather. After lunch and food shopping Marj ran with me for a 5 minute run (and some walking). It felt wonderful although I need to get in better shape-I was breathing hard.

                  MM #6177

                    Hello all! Trying once again to read all the posts and stay caught up's a lost cause but I'm here anyway. Smile


                    Ribs, I read your blog and was interested to hear about how to pace another runner. I never knew that. So does that mean the pacer is constantly looking back at you over their shoulder, as they motivate and cheer you on? I paced a runner at an 8k on Thanksgiving who wanted to PR with a time of under 50 minutes. I tried to stay just behind her shoulder, with the hopes of nudging her forward and keeping her on pace. And aside from the positive comments, I was also saying things like "don't let me beat you!". Staying a step or two behind her, I could also monitor how she was breathing and moving, and if she had to back it off a little; certainly I didn't want to push her to the point of not feeling good enough to finish the entire distance. She did great, btw, finishing in 48Tight lippedx. Smile


                    8 miles today for me, and for some reason they were tough for me. Seems when I have a pace assignment that's slower than my cruising speed, I find that more tiring than just running thoughtlessly. Whatever, got the miles done, on to the next one.

                    Marathon Maniac #957

                      Breakthrough today! My first run of the year.



                      Rbs - I, too, was interested in how to pace a runner (not that I will likely be asked to do it).....Smile


                      DD had fever and bad cough yesterday, and woke up with it again today, so I kept her home from school and got in most of a day's work from my home computer.  The fever still keeps rearing up, though, when the Tylenol wears off, so she will likely be home tomorrow, too.  I may have to drag her into work to get some papers, as it's never a good time at my job to have unexpected time off, but it is what it is.


                      4 miles on the TM this morning, followed by 30 minutes or so of weights and core.

                      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                        Well thank goodness last week is in the books, it was kind of the week from hell for me.  On top of the 24 hours of EMT re-certification training I had to attend, our primary server at the PD went on the fritz Friday morning which ended up requiring us to make a secondary server we had running as a Citrix server into our primary server and move a ton of data etc.  Anyway my normal 6 AM to 3 PM day turned into a frantic 6 AM to 11 PM day...but we got it done!


                        This had a distinct effect on my runs Friday thru the weekend, luckily this went along with my taper for next weekends Half Marathon so I just blew the runs off and got in my Planks...but I sure do need to catch up on some sleep.


                        I took advantage of today's unusually high temps and ran outside for the first time this year - Nice 5 mile run outside in 55 degree temps. 42:34 (8:31)


                        I'll have to catch up on the forums this week.

                        Bushrat Runner



                          Loved it, thanks for posting.

                            5 miles this morning with my RP...I got exciting news today at work...I was selected for the Honor Guard for the Sheriff's Office....I am truly humbled by being selected...and I will have to work my tail off to become one of the team...


                            TW...Not to mention any woman that finds her man with another partner  Black eye

                            Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                              Congrats Lyndenrunner!

                              Thanks for the good reading Twocat

                              Hurray Henry!


                              Ran 6.4 easy miles this evening and then played outside with Hudson ---so some strider-sprints as a finale.

                              Work and life is crazy busy right now, so I'll be scarce for awhile. Be good! or at least stay out headlines, okay folks?

                                .I got exciting news today at work...I was selected for the Honor Guard for the Sheriff's Office....I am truly humbled by being selected...and I will have to work my tail off to become one of the team...



                                CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well deserved honor!


                                Karin, take care. We will miss you around here. I promise I will behave during your absence!

                                Great writing as always, ohh wiseone!

                                Dave59, I will have to check out the Sheeldz product.

                                Tramps, your 65F weather is rather warm for your part of the world, isn't it?

                                So...twocat posted a link to a great article and I have no time to read it! darn...


                                I was thinking of OrangeMat tonight as I went to my yoga class. Great session where a few things came to clarity. Before yoga came half an hour on the elliptical.

                                "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard