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Overwhelming Tuesday, 1.29.13 (Read 45 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Hi Arf - yep, bookends!


    "Freezing Fog" Wasn't he an actor in the 40's??


    Mike, good for DW (and for you) that she's not letting you slack.


    "I must say, the idea of breakfast with a bunch of runners after a sweaty Saturday group run sounds really fun!" Enke, our racewalking training group has gone out for brunch after some of our sessions, and it is always a good time.


    The secretary of our conservation commission retired after 20 years, and we asked the town's Board of Selectmen if they would help us honor her service to the town. So at their meeting last night, they presented her with a framed, signed proclamation of the town's appreciation of her dedication and length of service. She knew it was coming, but was still awed by it, and it was terrific.


    The combination of a few inches of snow yesterday/last night and more hip aches kept me from a workout this morning. This hip thing is starting to get in my way, and get me annoyed. I did more stretching and exercises, and then had a quick snowblower and shovel workout, once the sun came up.


    Have a great (not overwhelming) Tuesday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


      Hey Jay.


      So busy yesterday I didn't get a chance to post and barely got a chance to run. I will say that reading Mike's comment this morning was classic funny.


      I'm a late comer to the running/racing world and I marvel at some of the sizes of races. Ribs makes a valid point that many races are now big business. It's great to see so many people in the sport because it provides us with all sorts of choices in races, shoes, clothes, nutrition and what not as businesses see a place for profit. I do think there is a place for the $5 5k. We have a few up here for XC fundraisers and it is filled with kids and parents and coaches. Fast runners that i get to see at the end of the course but I enjoy those so much because of their purity. Its good we have choices and perhaps its up to running clubs to bring back those $5 5ks with no frills and just running. I find myself looking for these types of races more and more but I still run some of the wallet grabbers (like next month at Disney) although I'm really choosy. Its guess that's why they call them growing pains


      -44 and freezing fog sounds like one of those B horror movies from the 50's. Kind of like The Blob. Come on you remember.


      As Ribs mentioned he arranged for me to meet up with some folks for a morning track workout and who would be so kind to appear just to make sure I got introduced to the group and rand a few laps but none other than Ribs. That was a great surprise and so very kind. Thanks Ribs. The running crew was awesome and I'm glad to have met them and hopefully get a chance to run with them on my next trip down here. Had an awesome track workout (first of the season) and made me feel decent about my condition for next month's HM. I ran in a singlet people and it's Jan. Awesome.


      Anyway, off to work. Thanks again Ribs and we'll get a good run when we have some time in Indy (that goes for anyone visiting).



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        It was my pleasure C-R!


        The above post says it all. I am not fit to run on the track, so I went over there to make sure he got introduced, and they took very good care of him.  We ran 3 laps just to chat.  I'm sure it confused him to run in 70 degree weather. It's been crazy here.


        I'm looking forward to the day this week I hope when this fatigue passes.  Spareribs

          Hey All


          Been quite absent for awhile. I'm really struggling with my running / fitness...I've been nursing a couple of nagging injuries and trying to find a little mojo back. Yadda yadda yadda...never mind my crying.


          I did want to share this though...


          We're headin North to Alaska! Booked the flight and reserved the trip yesterday. It's our 25th anniversary present to each other. I was willing to travel was DW's decision. June 27th thru July 4th.


          And today I ran shirtless at 5:00am. Unbelievable...normally one would expect the temps to be in the teens on a January morning.


          K...I've got a few days to catch up on.

            Spareribs is one of the most caring and thoughtful person I know. It does not surprise me that he showed up to make sure that C-R is well taken care off.


            Just a warm hello to the "bookends! Big grin.


            No running here yet. our roads are very icy so I decided just to run at the gym tonight.


            Have a sunshine day. Off to put some London broil in the crock-pot to slow cook all day. Dinner promises to be good tonight.

            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

            Trails are hard!

              It's nice to know that Ribs will take care of RA folks who aren't of the Goddess persuasion. Wink


              Keeping with the warming trend today at 27°F with the added bonus of a couple inches of snow.  3.4 miles in a convoluted route caused by dropped equipment.  i took my Yaks with me in case they were needed.  First segment seemed pretty good, so tucked them in my waist.  1/2 mile later, decided that they might be useful and found only one.  Roll eyes  So 1/2 mile back to find it laying on the ground and then the rest in a down and back.


              Jay--hope the hip responds soon.


              tomorrow might not be shirtless, but sure looks like shorts at least.

              Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                ...mornin' guys//..........


                70's today..........20's tomorrow night..........''The DiUrinal Variation''



                that ALWAYS cracks me up)


                WonkerStorm moving in



                32min poolrun


                .......................good running guys

                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                  Spareribs is quite the guy!! Way to go. If anybody comes up to Brockville, Canada, you can always join my running group for a workout. Speedwork. Ran 30 minutes today easy...there was almost a foot of snow on the tough sloggin. Today we are supposed to get some monsterous freezing rain!! home will be awful Decided on my run to set some running goals for the year and develop a weekly training plan, so expect to see it soon. Posting it on this forum makes me commit to making it happen. Take care everyone. Great to see Arf posting. Tall

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                    steve, I enjoyed Noah's birthday photos.


                    Nice long runs for maine, fatozzig, Mike, and Tramps.


                    I was up earlier than usual since my wife had an early appointment in Saginaw.  It was raining and there was lightning.  I was on the TM at 5:00 am and got in 8 miles  at a 10:50 pace.


                    A good day and good runs for all.



                      Slo—great to see you back.  That trip to Alaska sounds great, though you’ll probably miss the freezing fog.  Darn.

                      Always nice to hear of another real-life meet-up, this time with C-R and Ribs.

                      Tom—that definitely sounds like treadmill weather.

                      Holly—hang in there, it’s almost Just-Not-Enough-Time Wednesday…uh…never mind. Wink

                      Arf--a belated welcome back!


                      We’re in the crazy weather camp, too.  72F for a RAL. EZ 7-miler.

                      King of PhotoShop

                        I had to laugh at C-R's amazement at our weather, in the 70's and he's running in a singlet.  He's going to get some more surprises in about an hour.  They interrupted radio programs to say we're going to get walloped pretty soon.  Hope he's not driving back to his hotel when it hits.  Spareribs

                          While I wait for my computer code to process data I figured I would pop in.


                          evanflein I will third, fourth or whatever that freezing fog sure sounds more like something out of a horror movie than a weather report!  On the other hand, it sounds like a really horrible weather report!


                          Holly S. hmm, well look on the bright side your list is better than one that includes "Nothing to do here at work.  I hope we get some business soon before my job disappears."  I hope yesterday was not too terrifying and today not to overwhelming.


                          enkephalin on the do more socializing front good for you!  I wish I could get my DW to also do that.  Getting her out with people she has not known for years is like getting a cat down from a tall tree.


                          arf penultimate to post!  SteveP gets the final post of the day honors.


                          coastwalker I hope the snow removal cross-training does the trick for your hip.


                          C-R sounds like a wonderful group.  Plus, as always, a gracious welcome by Spareribs.


                          Spareribs I will keep my fingers crossed that the fatigue passes any minute now.  The universe owes you enough good karma to clear this up and any other ailments as well.


                          Slo_Hand enjoy your trip to Alaska!  Just be careful of that freezing fog stuff . . . sounds dangerous!  Maybe worse than bears!!  Shocked


                          stumpy77 be glad you found the errant Yak!  Looking on the bright side they should go on sale at your local running store's winter clearance sale any day now!


                          tomwhite err, yea, uh, I am afraid to ask what else you find funny.


                          Tallrunner I plan to be up in Brockville Canada uh, er, uh, where is Brockville Canada?  Note to all forum residents:  The first person that says Canada automatically loses a month's worth of good karma against potential running injuries!


                          tselbs up at 5am plus 8 TM miles . . . my sympathies!  Pretty impressive pairing though.


                          Tramps and Spareribs it is cold and miserable out here today, I really do not want to read about 70+ temperatures!  Angry


                          Today is a no running day for me.  So down to the gym for some weights and such.  Speaking of weights I better cut down on what I eat seeing as how I keep adding a set of permanent weights.  Roll eyes  One problem I have run into is this stand mixer I got in December.  It makes it really easy to make really good bread!  Big grin  The problem is really good bread leads to eating way too much bread!  Black eye


                          In other news, I use this program called SportTracks to log my runs.  If you use a GPS for any type of exercise I highly recommend it.  Not only is the basic program really good but there are a wide range of really good plug ins for it as well.  While noodling around a new plug in that replaces the pathetic Garmin Training Center for scheduling workouts I noticed you can tell SportTracks to automatically post workouts on Facebook.  Now, I have no idea why anybody would care to see such a thing on my near empty FB page but it did work for those who unlike me actually do post a bit on FB.

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                            Twocat, do you not use Garmin Connnect? Way better than Garmin Training Center.... and then of course there's Daily Mile, where not only you can announce to world what running and other exercise you've done, but it can also post to FB on your behalf... alienating even more of your nonrunning FB friends. Wink


                            Also, aren't you only about an hour or so north of me? Norwalk area, right? We had 50F and very moist here in northeastern NJ. I was warm in my long sleeve shirt and skort (my socks were even too thick, imagine that!). So while yesterday's 8.5 miles were virtually effortless, today's 6.5 were a slog. Wonder what tomorrow's 10 will bring...

                            Marathon Maniac #957

                              As someone who has been the recipient of Spareribs' hospitality, I know he sure has a wonderful way of welcoming visiters, and I'm glad Norm got to a chance to meet and run with him.


                              Twocat - you make a good point - we seem to have almost more business than we can keep up with and my cases, which are always in crisis, keep me jumping....


                              6 miles for me this morning in a fabulous 44 degrees, plus planks.

                              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                                Time to set some goals.

                                No more whinning about my back injury (annular tear), my injured and painful feet (hallux rigidus) or my A-FiB or my tough life. Time for the tough to get going.


                                It's not a lot of mileage but I am focusing on 5k's for now. Just rying to see if I can get to breaking 20 again.


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                                Tuesday 8K at half marathon pace
                                Thursday Interval training with my group (mix of intervals (400, 800 meters, 1k and 2k)
                                Friday 8k ez run
                                Sunday 12k long run
                                 Total 36K for the week
                                March 24th Freeze your buns 5k
                                June 16th ALTERNA ULTIMATE RUN FOR MEN'S CANCERS
                                Goals break 20 minutes in 5k
                                Keep weight at 225  
                                Be healthy and have fun.  

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