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May 3 and back to the US (Read 53 times)


    We ran a couple of miles on hard sand as we pack and prepare for flight home with a suitcase of VERY dirty clothes have a wonderful day and runs everyone - will read and comment when we're home


    henry and marj

      Hello friends,


      I wanted to be the first to post today but dilly-dallied too long.  Today is a special day for me.  We will be laying my mother to rest this morning in the Worthington Cemetery next to her husband of 67 years and daughter Susan who became an angel on 11-11-43. I can only imagine.... and Mary my sister is there too.


      Mom was at the end of a 20 day Medicare paid vacation in the nursing home recovering from a broken pelvis and 2 or 3 broken ribs.  I was away last weekend and decided we would pursue moving her to hospice asap.  She was 98 and would definitely qualify.  Monday morning they found her unresponsive in a pool of blood and called the ambulance. After an hour MrStarr and I were able to see her.  I.V.'s helped stabilize her but she was so frail from the whole ordeal. From there to a hospital room by noon and then she was at the Sunset Hospice Cottage by 3 p.m.


      My brother was on his way down to visit her anyway, so that was God's timing in that too.  He felt bad that it was his 75th birthday but it's also special.  My other sister came about noon also so we were all together.  Only by the grace of God and timing could everything happen as it did.  You see my nephew on my husband's side is being married here in town tomorrow!  Will be shifting modes mid afternoon today and fellowship with that extended family.

      Our sewer line was dug up and repaired last Thursday before we left town so the port-a-potty In the garage is gone!  The snow however has returned grrrrr.....  Now I am complaining about May Day snow.  If it weren't for the 5 dogs that wouldn't be a big deal.  I haven't been running but have thought about it many times.


      New skirt in town

        Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this news, but it's so comforting that your family was all together for this.  And what a bittersweet weekend.  Take care of yourself.



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          Wishing you and your family peace Starr and good that you are all together. Like Robin said, take care of yourself too.


          Welcome back Henry and Marj! Loved having a vicarious adventure---thank you!


          Ran 3 miles at 6 am in the hills of Ithaca. On the IC campus today and home tonight.


          Wildchild! If anyone can ROAR, it's you and in uppercase too! You run these awesome mountain marathons and mostly at altitude. My roar isn't about speed anyway----just a roar of joy to be outside running. :-)


          Time for exec-drag...




            its been a while but I  sure remember you.  That is a lot to happen so take care of yourself. You have my sincerest condolences and good wishes heading into this weekend.


            best run in years yesterday. 2k warm up then 800 at 5k pace followed by a minute and a half rest then 400 at 1mile pace followed by a minute and a half rest. Times five times. 2k cool down. The rust is starting to drop off the engine. Yay...


            take care everyone and smile

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                Mornin' everyone, including the gaggle of early risers.


                Have a safe trip home Henry and Marj. I've always wondered what would happen if a TSA person chose to closely inspect my bag of dirty laundry on the way back from a trip. I shudder to think...


                My condolences to you and your family too, StarrRuns. How fortunate that you had and will have family with you. As Robin said, it is a bittersweet weekend, so make sure you take good care of yourself.


                I have a 5K tomorrow, so I just went 2.6 easy, "stay loose" miles this morning. I didn't feel great out there, but I'm sure I'll be fine tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm volunteering at a fundraiser art show opening reception this evening that features a wide range of pieces created from "repurposed" materials. DW has reminded me that I am there to work, and not to shop (although I don't know why I can't do both...).


                Wishing good weather, tail winds, and fun times to all of this weekend's racers:


                05/03 C-R -  Indy Mini HM Indianapolis IN <1:30

                05/04 evanflein - Chena River Run 5k

                05/04 Coastwalker - Children's Museum of NH 5K (walking div.), Dover, NH

                05/05 OrangeMat - Colorado Marathon, Fort Collins, CO

                05/05 TammyinGP - The Avenue of the Giants, Weott, CA

                05/05 tetsujin - Tacoma City Marathon (WA) - barefoot

                05/05 Ileneforward - Cinco de Mayo half marathon, Irvine CA

                05/05 Mariposai Clan - Bloomsday, Spokane WA


                Have a fabulous Friday!



                Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

                  Starr, prayers and thoughts to you and your family.  I'm glad everyone is together celebrating both your Mom's life and the other joyous events.


                  Best of luck to Tammy, OM, Carolyn, and the other racers.


                  7 fairly solid miles this morning.  I should make 40 miles this week if my Sunday MLR goes off as planned.  I'm beginning to feel like a real runner again.  The hip is talking to me a little so I'm trying to find that fine line between training up and taking it easy - all at the same time.


                  I'm thinking of joining a beginner triathlon group.  Not that anyone would consider me a beginner but I get tired of training by myself all the time.  I probably won't but we'll see.



                  "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

                  Trails are hard!

                    {{{Starr}}}}  Bittersweet definitely--emotional rollercoaster seems like it would fit, too.  Good thoughts your way.


                    Welcome back to Karin and Tall in the speedy category.


                    Well, my trip to the doctor's on Tuesday proved only that I had a sore foot, but something broken wasn't the cause.  today I go see a podiatrist to find out more (I can only hope).  The soaking and icing had helped enough that I went to the gym yesterday and this morning for some elipticalling.  I may have given the podiatrist something more to look at as it's now sore in a slightly different spot. Roll eyes

                    Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


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                      Starr, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom.  Wonderful that your brother and sister were there with you, though.  And I hope you enjoy the weekend wedding - quite a lot to process emotionally with a funeral and wedding in the same week.  Like others have said, take care of yourself. I hope you find the time to sneak out for a run.


                      Happy birthday to OrangeMat!   Nice that you're celebrating with a birthday trip here to Colorado for a marathon!    I'm looking forward to our lunch on Monday with Mtnchk and Seemomgo!


                      Good luck to the other weekend racers, too!  Hope you all get perfect weather and feel sproinky! Smile

                      I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.


                        Good morning. I haven't done a good job of checking in lately but I have been lurking. Lots of great racing lately. good luck to this weekend's marathon crew...  Glad to see Karin back running and traveling to Colorado.


                        My DD just got into Colorado College as a transfer after taking this past year off; she was worried she would not get in; it is a competitive school,  and few freshmen leave. Perfect fit for her,  and it looks like they are accepting all her USF credits.  She is a half unit shy of what would normally be done after freshman year because she did not get registered properly  for one of her courses last year ( even though she got an A), but she may be able to get some credit for her  EMT course/certification.    She had a good winter ski patrolling then went and skiied the Haute Route and has been pounding around the Alps the last few weeks. I am jealous... I guess she had a bit of anxiety and  adjustment after leaving the Haute Route guides, who are Amerians living in France, fabulous guides and really nice people, but she figured things out. Last I heard she had rented a mtn bike and biked from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen to see some famous waterfalls..


                        My running has gotten a little better but still much less than before and I suspect that is new normal. 3-4 runs a week plus some elliptical, swim and bike.  I got out for about 8 miles this morning, pretty good by recent standards. I am enjoying the cool mornings and new tiny bright green leaves.  Next knee appointment I may ask about PT. I think the primary problem is the patella getting off track, though there is not a lot of cartilage either. The brace helps...


                        Hugs to Starr..


                        Cheers all; hope to check in more often.

                          {{Starr}} As others have said it's good that you have family with you. I liked your mother's obit where it said her childhood was "reasonably happy" but she found true happiness after she got married. That's the way it should be.


                          Sounds like a fun lunch gathering in Colorado this weekend! Nice way to celebrate your birthday, OM. Have fun!


                          Hi Lamerunner! Good news about your DD getting into Colorado College, I hope she enjoys it there. Good to see you on the comeback trail, even if it's a "new normal" for you (I know that feeling...).


                          Welcome home Marj and Henry! Yeah Jay, there have been some trips where we left our suitcases outside overnight before bringing them into the house. This is not only good bedbug protection (in the winter), but helps neutralize odors until you can dump stuff in the washing machine!


                          More snow, just a dusting but still. Tomorrow's 5k will be a "get it done" event (not that it was going to be much else anyway) but the forecast has up to an inch of snow tonight so it'll be a slippery run. If I can get under 24 minutes I'll be shocked.

                            StarrRuns my condolences.  It sounds like your mom had a long life surrounded by loved ones.  It is what we all hope for.  I do hope your family is able to find some peace in celebrating her life and to then go on to celebrate the wedding as well.  As to starting the daily, not a chance since henrun had a 6 or so hour head start!


                            CNYrunner I know those hills and they are mean hills!


                            Tallrunner welcome back.  I somehow suspect "5k pace" hides a bullet speed pace.


                            coastwalker my one chance to start a daily before you and I went and blew it all week! Sad


                            breger1 LOL - I strongly suspect that most people would think anybody who thinks they might hit 20 miles in a week is a runner let alone one that thinks they might hit 40!


                            stumpy77 not broken is good.  Hopefully new sore spot will prove to be very temporary.


                            evanflein you still have snow!  You live in Alaska because . . . Confused  Really, once you get used to the heat I bet places nearer the equator are really nice!  Well, I know you like it up there and I hope both the weather and work soon break your way.


                            Mariposai wild asparagus?!  Sounds great.  I had no idea such a thing existed!


                            wildchild you run "slow?"  Look if I ran up mountains without any oxygen around I am pretty sure you would be looking mighty fast to me!


                            SteveP you deserve the week's or perhaps even the month's angel award.  You are truly an outstanding guy.

                            dallas I actually think I am going to be in your neck of the woods later this year.  Your real location not your handle one!  My SIL will likely be running some of her dogs in the national agility championship games and they are near Nashville.


                            Spareribs glad to hear business is going so well.  I hope you have an uneventful and on time flight home.


                            tomwhite wow tough workout!  Good for you!


                            OrangeMat I bet the race and all weekend turn out just great!


                            Having arrived home at last I am now fighting jet lag yet again.  But it is easier to deal with going west than east, at least it is for me.  I thought I would share the one and only picture I took while running in Ireland.  This one is along the coast road.  Yes that is blue sky in Ireland you see!  No I did not photo shop it in.  Wise guys!


                            Along the Dublin coast.


                            Today I got up and ran a bit over 6 miles.  It was along a route I have not done in some time and forgot it is closer to 7 than 6.  Still, the weather was great for running and it is good to be home and back on the road.  Now I just have to catch up with work and figure out what to serve at my Irish themed dinner party this Sunday.  Any suggestions for good starters or sides.   Yes, I need ideas that do not include potatoes!


                            One last thing.  My friend finally received a medal in the mail for her run of the Boston Marathon this past week.  So that means I get one back!  I will be happy to see its reappearance on the rack where I hang my marathon medals and I was glad it seemed to make her happy to have a medal at home this past week as well.  A win all around!

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                            Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

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                              Lamerunner, congrats to your DD on getting accepted at Colorado College - maybe when you come out to visit her, we can meet for a run!  Maybe we can even coordinate a visit with Karin!   Seemomgo and Opie both went to Colorado College too.


                              Karin - wave "hi" to my DD while you're in Ithaca!  The hills there are fun!


                              Welcome home to Henrun, Marj, and Twocat.


                              ROAR!  Smile

                              I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

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