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Equinox Saturday Sept. 15 2012 (Read 364 times)

    Holly and I are just about ready to leave and head to the start. Just figuring last minute clothing needs... Temp is 36° now, no wind, could reach 48 to 50 by noon or so. Just about ideal conditions for a run!

      ...gonna be Fun erika//........don't let the bears get her.




      ........32min poolrun

      to Ky after work to see dad, DD1 and GrandSon (they're in from Ankara)



      ..........................good running guys

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

        You go and enjoy the race, girls!!! Pictures, plesae!


        No running for me nor everyone else in the whole region. We are still under severe "dangerous air condition alert", The fire complexes (4 different ones) is pretty much covering with smoke the whole Eastern Washington. 


        Good luck to the racers, including the Rosie Ruiz Relay team who just about now must be running it's last leg. Twocat has share many glympses  with me to follow my teammates via cyberspace, but I have not been near a PC to share the url here as well. The pictures I am receiving are telling me they are having a blast.


        We are having an Emergency Preparedness Fair today and I am working in a booth, thank goodness my booth will be inside.

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          Good luck Erika and Holly!  HAVE FUN!!!!


          And good luck to wildchild!!!!  Another week...another marathon...ho hum...


          And good luck to Starr...and Ilene...and tet...and MilkTruck!


            Ran 10 on Heartbreak Hill today - someone passed me saying the hills are starting.  All I could think was Holly and Erika wouldn't even think of them as hills!


            Have wonderful races today all of you and good runs to those running and ((((hurts))))



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              Best of luck today Erika, Holly, wildchild, Ilene, Star, Milktruck...everyone racing today.


              I ran my last  and 3rd 20 mile training run today.  Temps were a cool 59-65F, i.e., beautiful running weather for the run.  I finished in under 3 hours...2:55:12.18...woo hoo!  Now I begin tapering for Steamtown.  My running buddy showed up for the last 5 miles to keep me motivated until finish.  He just completed Lehigh Marathon last weekend so I was surprised he was doing 10 today...but then it is his 4th marathon this year.    


              Have a great weekend folks!


              Nulla camisia et nulla problematum 


                Have fun Holly and Erika!  I did 17 this morning and it was really hard.  I think I might be able to finish the marathon but it will be even harder.  I guess I'm making a good comeback anyway.  Runners World is thinking of running a story about me in the January issue What It Takes column.


                The important thing right now is that we finally heard from DD in Aberdeen and she's doing fine.  It took her a couple of days to let us know on Facebook, and this technology thing is a blessing and a curse.  We expect instant communication now.

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                  OM, belated happy anniversary.  I'm envious of holly  and evan getting together in Alaska.  I'm also anxious to hear how their marathon went.  {{Tag}}, Rhoon, I love the scenic Alaska pictures from your plane.


                  Nice long runs for marj, shadow, and opie.


                  This morning, it was in the high 40s and there was a light wind.  I planned on 6 or 7 miles.  When I turned my GPS on, I found the battery was dead.  I decided, that since I wasn't accountable (no record of what I would do), I would just poke along.  As I got about 6 miles into my run, I started thinking of doing 8 miles which I accomplished.  This is my longest run in over a month.  If I just do a couple miles tomorrow, I'll have my highest mileage week in about 4 months.


                  A good day and good runs for all.



                    Good luck to everyone racing!

                    Looking forward to pics from Equinox.


                    Nice LRs for Marj, Joe and Opie!

                    Opie, that's very cool news on the RW blurb!


                    We finally have much cooler weather.... 9°C when I left home this morning to meet the Saturday trail group, who I've been running with now off and on since last Christmas.  Feels odd to have to think about what to wear.  Ran an easy 10 miles with a couple of the slower friends, which was probably a bit more than I should have, but felt fine.

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                      Appropriate title for today's thread, as this race is clearly the news of the day.  Holly and Ek, run well, and tell us your story. For years I have followed Ek's adventures at this race and seen the elevation, so this one is a toughie.  And what an adventure for Holly, taking off for Alaska to run a race. How many would do that?  What a cool story.


                      I had my 20K race today, and while my time of 1:48:50 was far from spectacular (8:47 average pace), I was very happy with the way I managed the race, 55 minutes in the first half and 53 in the second half.  I felt pretty good with the cooler start and cloud cover.  First in age group.


                      So did you see how fast that Canadian Henry jumped all over yesterday's trivia quiz?  Let's see how the rest of you do with this one?  You get a choice here.  In what decade did the Pony Express start?  Was it the 1850's, 1860's or 1870's?  Spareribs

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                        Hey there, I survived another marathon!  Finished in 5:12:32.  Not sure of the overall stats because not all the results were posted when I left, but I was 2nd in AG and 18th OA.  I think there were 33 runners total.  The fall colors were awesome!  I'll post a RR in the next day or two.  But here's the elevation profile.  Nowhere near the elevation gain of the Equinox, but a little higher altitude!


                        I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

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                          That's a wildchild Speed Bump!  Congratulations, Carolyn!!! 


                          I went out to do 14 and ended up with 16.4.  I was hoping to find a certain trail but never found it.  Oh well...if I'm going to a fall marathon, I have to start getting in some long runs. 


                          Okay--that's all I've got.

                            The race was great, the weather cooperated (a little chilly, and windy at the top, but good), the new parts of the course worked out just fine (if not a little crowded on single track at times) and I ran a course PR! Well... can you call it a course PR if it's a new course? I guess so... about a minute better than my previous best at Equinox, 4:11:27 but only 2nd in my AG. A woman from Anchorage ran 4:02 something to win the 50-54 AG. This is the first time in 2 years I haven't won my AG in a local series race. But... I'm not going to let that get me down, I still win my AG in the series, I beat a gal who always beats me (by a second in the first 5k of the summer, pushing a stroller!!), and I was only 2 minutes behind a woman who usually is far, far ahead of me. Overall, a really good day.


                            DH was awesome as our support crew, taking things we didn't need, offering water and Gu, meeting me then waiting for Holly, then going to find me, etc. After I gave him my Spi belt at mile 19.5 (I was done with it), he offered a friend who was having cramping problems some of my S caps. He said later they worked great, and he finished the race, his first marathon! Now he wants to get some for himself.


                            Holly did great too, but she stopped to take a bunch of pictures so probably lost at least 20 minutes doing that. So you guys better appreciate the photos she posts in a bit!


                            Greta race for you, Wildchild! I don't remember your schedule, but you should post the races you've done so far, and what's coming up. I bet it would be extremely impressive all listed out.


                            Good job, Opie. And remember, a hard last training run frequently means a really good race coming up!


                            Thanks, Ribs! This is an awesome course, and the photos I've posted in the past, and the ones Holly will share, don't really show the extremes of the climbs or drops, but you can get an idea. She was impressed that they just don't show how steep some sections really are (like the Chute).


                            Now we've had soup and sandwiches (thanks, DH!) and showers, and just relaxing for a bit. 

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                              Here's a picture at one of the high spots.  The sky was very overcast, but you could see a break in the clouds in the distance, where you can see the snow capped peaks of the Alaska range.  Honestly, the pictures just do not do justice to the beauty up there.


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                                Congrats to our racers!  Way to go!  Am looking forward to more pics from Holly (PS - I would've taken a ton of pictures, too, Holly. Wink)


                                Posie - How's the asthma?  That smoke does horrible things to asthmatics.


                                Well, that a difference a week makes!  I felt better at the end of today's 18 than I did at Mile 6 last Saturday.  I felt good on the climbs - everything.  I definitely could've kept going, so I'm not worried about Weaver Basin 50k in four weeks.  Karen and I met up at about my Mile 7.20, her Mile 4 and we finished up together.  Because she's slightly slower than me, running with her keeps me from burning myself out.  But I tell you what, that girl can freaking climb.  She's a frigging goat.  She will kick my butt on a climb every single time . . . . unless I trip her or something. Wink


                                Okay - Off to do transcription ~

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