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Friday 12/21/12 Daily (Read 425 times)

Trails are hard!


    Since the kids are in swimming, we've been spending a lot of time at the pool. This has been true for a few years for my wife, but I've been training to be a USASwimming official, and this year they asked me to help coach once a week, so I get to spend Thursday afternoon teaching better swimmers than I how to swim's working, but it does sound odd, doesn't it. 


    Well, there are a surpising number of major league hitting coaches who batted .250 

    Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


      maybe erika can humor you better than we can.


      Ha! Good luck on that one, Troy. When I was in high school I had some friends who loved to go winter camping. They thought -20 to -40 to be some of the best conditions because the campfire felt so good and the stars were so bright. Hmph, have fun, count me out.


      Another day of cold and ice fog, but we should get a little break next week. Sure would be nice to get outside for a run, but with the cold, dark and air quality issues, I'm not gonna try anything heroic. Our paper has a video clip of driving in Fairbanks at -40° in the ice fog. This is taken on a road that I run next to in nicer conditions, a bike path off to the right. Needless to say, I haven't been on it in awhile.

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        Erika - brrr, that video makes me feel cold just looking at it....


        OrangeMat - very cool taking swim lessons!  I really want to do that at some point, but it will probably wait a few years until DD is older.


        Got off work early and took DD to the mall for the annual Santa photo.  We have taken the kids every year since birth (DS stopped after age 10), and we have a table set up with the photos from every year, all in festive holiday frames.  DD is 10 now, so this may be the last one....Undecided


        Off to visit my nephew and his children - 4 adorable boys between 1 and 6 years old.  Smile

        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

          Frost and ice on the roads this morning, so I opted to sleep more.  I need some motivation to get on the TM, haven't touched it yet this winter.  Thanks for the battery replacement tip Maine.  I am going to give DH my old Garmin and would like it to have more than 2 or 3 hours of battery life.

          "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

            Does anybody know if the battery on a Garmin 110 is the same as the 305?

            I have a 110. I'm not having problems with it yet,but would like to keep this info on hand in case it dies in the future. Great info!


            Since the world has not ended,looks like I'll get out and run today. It's 3 PM,and I'm up and around. I didn't have to drive the kids to school today,so I went to bed right after work this morning,now I'm up early. Roads have been cleared of snow,the sun is out-I'm running. 


            Baboon-With all the food and snacks we have had laying around at work,I'm sure I've gained a few pounds the last few weeks. Every day I bring healthy food with me to work,but it's hard to walk by the cookies and pies and not grab some. On top of this the fact that I've been so busy the last few weeks so my milage is down..............extra weight.

              Sorry I haven't been around much.  10 for me today as I won't have a chance for a longer run tomorrow, maybe not at all.  Broke 100 miles for the month and getting very close to my goal for this year of 1,500.  Felt great out there!

              "This is my approach as both athlete and coach: (quoting Steve Magness) Even if the training is perfect, if you don't buy into it, you will not run fast.  Chase Consistency, Not Perfection."  Neely Spence Gracey

                Ended up doing 6.6 easy miles.

                It was nice to run with the sun out for once!

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                  Howdy folks. Took another day off from running and my shin is most happy about that. Will return to the roads tomorrow. In the meantime, I returned to the pool today, to try a half hour of lap swimming on my own. I probably won't hear from the aquatics director about what class I'll be in until after the holidays. And so I did pretty decent on my own, believe it or not! Don't remember how many times I went back and forth, but most times I stayed calm enough and focus on my technique to make it all the way across. Heh, there's nothing better than doing something that scares you, and ending up feeling like it didn't suck as much as you thought it would. Smile

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                    The poor folks that wanted to go camping decided they weren't sure they wanted to go for -20F camping after all. Since the camping trip was their idea, I sure wasn't going to try to talk them out of it or into we went for a walk and explored the lake we were going to camp on. A lovely day was had by all. 


                    And we all stayed warm or mostly so. Here is the motley crew as we arrived at the lake after a not-very-far hike in on an ATV trail.



                    I took a lot of photos of the snow texture on the lake where the wind had sculpted various patterns and shapes.




                    The others ran off across the lake, so they tested the ice for me. I don't think a mack truck dropped from 500 feet could go through...




                    We had a brief warmup a little while back, and it rained on snow, so the bumpy ice areas show up as the result of that event.


                    DS was looking for ptarmigan or grouse...or foxes or porcupines...or whatever else was legally harvestable...but we never did see anything.






                    DS appeared to be plenty warm...


                    The final walk out was back up the ATV trail we came in down.


                    So there we were. Stay warm out there. 

                      Rhoon,great pics. I get a kick out of your posts and thinking about what it must be like running in conditions like you have up there.

                      Looks like your son may have had too much egg nog in that first picture?

                      I can also relate to what you said in your 1st post about the kids activities taking up all of your running time. I'm in the same boat. I still have 5 kids living here at home right now. Luckily 1 drives,which helps,but it does still get crazy around here when you have active kids. I'd be able to run about twice as many miles this time of year if I wasn't running the kids around,but life would be a lot more boring.

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                        Thanks Drake. I have been realizing that if I play it right, I still get a lot of exercise, but it may not all be running. Since running is my favorite, that seemed like a shortcoming, but I'm getting pretty fond of my walk/swim/run mix at the moment. But as for the basketball last am I sore now, and still getting sorer. Since I'm not camping tonight as planned, I could play basketball tomorrow. That might be really foolish. So I probably will.