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Wednesday Daily, 10.3.12 (Read 381 times)


    Mornin' all.


    I'm sorry about OM's hand and RCG's shoulder. Seems that TomW is off to a good start with PT ("after twisting me around into Interesting Positions she said ''you're in pretty good shape''"). Welcome back, Gordon, both to running and to the forum. Leslie, you're getting very creative with the descriptions of your workouts, and I love it! Watch out for those big, tree-rockin' winds, Steve and Nancy - it's not so much fun out there with all kinds of stuff blowing around.


    I woke up at 3:10, did some work in my head for about 30 minutes, got up to feed the cat, dressed, and headed out the door at about 3:55. It was surprisingly mild at 60F, but it was also cloudy, muggy (from the evening and overnight rain), and foggy. There was enough moonlight filtering through the clouds to at least light up the lines on the damp and puddled roads, but that was about it. I lollygagged along on my 1/2 mi. warm-up walk, and then transitioned into an easy racewalking pace. Each of my 6.25 miles this morning was either the same pace or faster than the one preceding it, and I was moving along nicely by the time I returned home. There were quite a few jackrabbits (are there no jillrabbits?) out this morning, and it was interesting to see that some of them took off at my approach, and others chose to 'statue' until I passed by - I guess it had to do with how much of a perceived threat I was to each of them. Some loud, unseen (in the dark) dog came charging toward me at one point, and I perceived that to be a potential threat to my safety. I stopped, but so did the dog before it got to the edge of its property. Whether it was all bark and no bite, or there was an Invisible Fence, I was most happy when I could continue without incident. Sure can be adventurous out there before dawn!


    Enjoy!  -  Jay

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    King of PhotoShop

      Hi Jay!


      Got 4.5 in at the dirt track, slow.  Now off to Sioux City. 


      My entire baseball season now on the ropes!  Spareribs

      Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

        Good Morning!


        Hugs to the injured....OM and RCG especially.     So nice to see Gordon joining in the fray again!!    Very nice 6.25 miles this morning Jay.  How's your toe feeling?    Happy that the dog stopped witout incident too!


        I only had time for 3 this morning, but that is better than zero.   Like Jay's weather it was a bit muggy out there and I sure did not need the long sleeve tech shirt I had laid out.     It looks like we have a couple more days of nice weather before the bottom drops out.    Here is a shot of our back yard/woods all aglow with oranges, reds and yellows....and a few dogs....  Big grin





        "My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
        It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."


          Nice to see Gordon back yesterday.

          Tom—sounds like an interesting PT visit.  Wink

          Healing vibes to all the injured.

          Ribs—lots of happy baseball fans around here.   I don’t really follow it though.

          Mary—nice pic. Our trees are just beginning to turn.

          Byll—DW says the swim is nearly always the weak link for tri folks.  It’s all technique, harder to train, etc., etc.  But it is the shortest and least important, time-wise!  Hope you’re able to stick with it.


          Speaking  of swimming, we spent the weekend at a state park where Tribee swam in two open-water races (3 miles Saturday and 1 mile Sunday), picking up a 3rd AG in one of them.  The funny part (that she didn’t know in advance) was that this event was geared toward kids, so the under-18 crowd must have outnumbered everyone else 20-to-1.  And some of these were Junior Olympian types who live in the water. 


          The highlight of the weekend for me was watching the end of the 1-mile race.  Swimmers had to swim to shore, come out of the water, and run up a few feet to the finish line on the beach.  In those last few yards, Tribee was passed… by a 10-year-old…who had started in a wave that left 3 minutes after Tribee’s wave.  I’m still having fun with that one.


          Warm and humid today, heading to the upper 80s.  (Hard to imagine Erika’s frost-covered garden.)  Sweaty 5.1 miles.

            Thanks for welcoming me back...4 miles in the PNW...a little breezy this to run through some nice crunchy leaves as well.



            Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

              2 miles just because 2 is better than none.


              Great traveling week for me at work. It is rather fun going to all this different schools to talk to "future" workers about our services. Today my topic is "work ethics"


              So, have you seeing a difference between our generation's work ethics and the younger generation? 

              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

              MM #6177

                Lovely fall colors + doggies picture, Mary!


                Jay, when I run past dogs who like to bark menacingly at passersby, I like to think calm and friendly and soothing thoughts/vibes in their direction, and find it interesting that they occasionally respond and cut back on their aggressive behavior. But like you, I'm also happy that they have physical boundaries to keep them from coming in contact with me for real, just in case the psychological experiment doesn't work that day. Wink


                Rosie, how's the shoulder feeling today? Stoopid running injuries like these really stink...


                Went to the orthopedist this morning. The x-rays at the ER didn't show any fractures, but the pain was getting worse rather than better, so I figured I should get it checked out. Turns out the scaphoid bone is the culpruit, and it's one of those sneaky bones that won't show that it's broken until it starts to heal several weeks later. So now I have a removable splint that's making my wrist and hand feel MUCH better. AND my doc said I was marathoner #6 that he's seen this week (with NYC only a couple weeks away) and so of course he doesn't want me to stop running and training for it! But since it's pouring out today, and rather than risk yet another fall, we both decided that the stationary bike would be my best bet today... Wink This is the first time I've gone to this orthopedist, who was referred to me from the hospital's ER. He didn't tell me to stop running, totally a keeper!


                Have a great day all!

                Marathon Maniac #957

                  He didn't tell me to stop running, totally a keeper!






                  7.3 frisky miles (ave 9:36) for me in IRC 57 degrees.  Wish I could bottle those mornings and keep them a bit longer.


                  I learned last night, while helping DS on a school assignment, that you cannot fly directly to Cuba.  I helped him put together an itinerary from Dayton to Dallas to Cancun to Havana, and back again.


                  Stoopid busy at work, so bye for now.....

                  Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


                    I ran with Jay and Mary at the crack of dawn this morning.  no dogs, rabbits, just a few taxis and by 5 am a couple of runners and bikers.  went out at lunch for a walk and found that the rains had started. a second day of biking home in the rain - bleah!


                    sounds like the ((injured)) are on the way to recovery. hope it comes soon for you - and your partners!  And the healthy keep running short and long.


                    Holly - some tour groups (Elderhostel, religious, etc) can fly directly to Cuba, but they have to get State Dept waivers, I think.




                      Why would anyone want to fly to Cuba?  Do they have a good marathon?   Big grin



                      Ran 3 miles of intervals on the track last night.  Just enjoying taper time and going slightly crazy. 


                      Running is stupid

                      Back on Stride

                        My entire baseball season now on the ropes!  Spareribs


                        Why? Haven't the Rangers clinched a playoff spot? I thought they're the most likely ones to be in Detroit on Saturday. We're all geeked about Cabrera's run for the Triple Crown. Did you know that only 13 people in the history of baseball have achieved it, and only 4 since WWII?


                        Anyway, another rest day, mainly due to this morning's weather. But tomorrow looks like a really nice day and possibly my last chance for a long road ride on one of my favorite routes. Could be a good ride-and-eat day!


                        I hope RCG checks back in here with an injury follow-up. Shoulder injuries are tough to recover from!

                        Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                          ...tramps//.........and it got better.......

                          PT  lady

                          gave me 3-moves to do, so I signed up for another today.......


                          this morning, I WAS SORE AS HELL from the 3-moves!!!!!!!!


                          1-hour of PT later, I had another 5-moves (shudder)


                          actually felt much better after she corrected my form.


                          ................turns out OA of the hips

                          is very characteristic on NOT being able to do ''knee-in'' moves


                          she said my flexability was VeryGood, except for the Knee-In Stuff




                          ...........28min poolrun,


                          hiking on Hold til I can actually, like, Walk.

                          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....



                            ..steveP//.........I'm NOT calling her a wimp, she used to be a PowerLifter......

                            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                              I ran 6.18 at lunch.  I finally wore my shirt from the Green Bay Half.  I must have finally gotten over the dnf.  It was raining though and the shirt felt kind of rubbery when it was soaked.  I wonder what kind of material they made it out of? 


                              I ran past the place of my last sidewalk fall (a couple years ago) and thought about our injured runners here.  Hope you're getting better.  (I got off the sidewalk and ran on the road during that part of my run.  Just in case.)


                              I have to get up at 4:30am tomorrow to monitor a software install.  I'll be thinking Jay out there zipping along.

                              And so it goes

                              The Goofinator

                                OM - I'm glad they figured out what's going on with your wrist.


                                I would love to go to Cuba someday, if for no other reason than to eat really great food!


                                Was suppose to run 6 this a.m., but I was so tired, I went back to bed after feeding the cats.  The Hub woke me up almost 2 hrs later! Shocked  Will just switch my days around and run 6 tomorrow and 4 on Friday instead of having Friday as a rest day.  Somehow, I'm thinking Weaver Basin isn't going to my best 50k. Roll eyes


                                [Rant On]

                                Law enforcement finally named the guy they arrested re the hit-and-run of the runners, and it and the murder in Hoopa are related.  He was facing a 6-year prison term for felony robbery and was out on a plea under the Cruz waiver, which states if you don't show up for your sentencing date, you're facing a longer prison term.  For him, he would be facing 9 years instead of 6.  Well, golly gee, Wally - guess who didn't show up for his court date and a bench warrant had been issued?!?  Being in a law office, we have access to info the general public doesn't.  It looks like the guy killed the woman in Hoopa the same day he got released from jail.  This guy has been convicted of other felonies, and has a lengthy juvenile record.  More than likely, he was released because of jail overcrowding. 


                                Sorry to vent here, but what happened to these women and their families was so senseless and avoidable.  I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it and I don't even know any of the victims.   . . . . . .

                                [Rant Off]

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