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Graduation Parties (Read 28 times)

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    Just curious - what's the proper etiquette here.  We were invited to 2 graduation parties.  One was a family we used to know, but haven't seen in several years, one was someone we are acquainted with, but we don't know his son.  We didn't go to either party.  Are we expected to send a cash gift anyway?  What is the general norm for invitations to graduation parties?

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      ...I think you are expected to send something.......


      and then hope

      they don't have

      any more children

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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        Because of my involvement with high school sports over the years, we are bombarded with graduation announcements.  We would go broke trying to give something to everybody.  I think you should give what you want to whomever you want.  And, I really don't think most people keep track of the people who don't send least, I hope they don't.


          You are not obligated to send anything.


          My son graduates high school on Friday. I only sent announcements & invitations to family or friends we are close to.  Based on the relationships  you described, I wouldn't have sent an invitation to you in either case.  Maybe they just had extras and wanted to show off their handsome kid. (I was tempted to do this!)

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