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40s, 50s, 60s+ On the Run - w/e 11/18 (Read 323 times)


    Leslie--you warned us about what was coming up for Thanksgiving, didn't you.  Unnerving as usual.

    I think I need to figure out someplace to run a race.


    Queen of 3rd Place

      Leslie - sounds like you had a great run despite not getting to do the fun weed-whomping. Have a great staycation!


      Jim - ho-leee-sh.......That is really scary. Think you burned one of your nine lives there. 


      CAROL!!! What a nice racing year you've had. Agreed that trail racing is magical, especially when the weather is nice. Hope we hear from you again soon!


      Planned 9-er yesterday was cancelled due to a heavy-duty thunder and lightening storm. I can do rain, but not electricity. But had a nice 15 long in clean air (something we are not often blessed with here). 

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