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Monday (not canceled) Daily, 9.23.13 (Read 47 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    Sorry about the "enke," Jlynne. It is too bad that you ripped some favorite clothes, but better them than you. I hope you're feeling better (cold and fall) today.


    Wow - old shoes and cramps, and Erika still earns a 2nd place ("only second") AG award at Equinox! Well done!!


    Enke: I'm not going to say it...


    Mariposai, I can just see you, dancin' and prancin' in the rain. Smile  Gorgeous rainbow!


    Steve, itsn't it amazing how the 'hole in the wall' places out-do the big guys almost every time? I love our small, local hardware store, and try to give them my money instead of Home Debit every time I can. Congrats on getting the stove fixed. Congrats to you and Tag for tracking down DW, who apparently was hiding in plain sight.


    LaT, I'll definitely keep you in mind for the Oysterpalooza for next year. I didn't get to eat much, but the reports were that the food the vendors/restaurants had this year was wonderful.


    I'm with Tet about the imagery of a fenceless Walden Pond, even though that may be ancient history.


    4.4 easy, recovery racewalking miles this morning at 4 o'moonlight. It was 43F with a brisk NW breeze, so it was a bit cool for an easy workout, but still quite nice. The moon was still almost directly overhead and provided glorious light in which to tour the neighborhood. Stars over the ocean went right down to the horizon, where lights from distant ships blended with the stars beautifully so it was difficult to tell which was which. The hotel on Star Island (part of the Isle of Shoals), 10 miles out at sea was all lit up, and the air was clear enough to see it from the mainland. Bookend meetings today: 9am and 7pm. Am I lucky, or what?


    Have a greta Monday!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      ...LOVE the title jay//...............apparently I now have a ''Reset'' sends a jolt of electricity up my leg into my brain.......


      I did dumb stuff all day yesterday



      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

        JLynne—ouch.  Hope you’re okay this morning.  You know, you don’t have to celebrate the start of Fall by actually falling.

        Mari—Nice run.  You didn’t melt in the rain?   Tell 2cat about that.

        Steve—I love hole-in-the-wall places, too.  They usually have the folks who know what they’re talking about.  Like Jay, I frequent our last local hardware store as often as I can.

        Jay—your oceanfront descriptions always sound so idyllic.


        No ocean here, but it was a gorgeous morning for my first full day of autumn; cool, dry, bright sunshine.  11 miles on one of those days when it felt very easy.


        Have a great week.

          We've been having some tremendous weather here in the midwest. I love fall.


          I also came across a new variety of apple, well for me anyway. It's called a SweetTango. A cross between Honey Crisp and Zestars.


          5 miles of the fartlek variety this morning.

          King of PhotoShop

            Good morning all, and aren't we having great weather everywhere?  I love the crazy way the sun blasts new kinds of shadows around in the morning.  Sometimes you can't see out your windshield, or someone speaking to you is backlit and you don't know who they are. It's fall!


            Hey, every time I get excited about my Jets being 2-1, I look at Breger's Dolphins. Are they playing good ball!  Watched the Cowboys rout the Rams yesterday as my Rangers have gone in the tank.  I love sports.


            3.4 easy miles this morning in 62 degree temps!  Legs still sore from Saturday but I felt otherwise fine.


            I took the summer off from writing the Dallas Morning News running blog, but my first post for the fall goes up in a few minutes.   Spareribs

              Slo-hand, SweetTango! Is it good? I have to check it out in my area. Honey Crisps are being picked right now around here.

              Ohh wiseone, I can't wait to read your blog post. I rather enjoy them and I missed them during the summer months.

              Tramps, I have, he does not listen to me Clown.

              Marj,how is your new job going?

              Speaking of new job, fattozigg,  how are you doing?


              Jay, I neglected to mention your nice looking wood shed. You and your DW are very talented. When the kids were little we used to burn wood for heat. We had to stop due to my asthma and allergies. Using wood as a source of heat can be a lot of work, but it is fun to cut the wood.


              Speaking of allergy, I woke up this morning not being able to breath and I found out that I was out of allergy medicine, so what did I do? I ran 2 miles to Walmart to buy my medicine and ran back  home. 4 easy pace miles. Another gorgeous fall weather.


              Yeah, we had some amazing racing around here this weekend! You guys are my inspiration!

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                Many of us here volunteer at races, or like Jay, direct them. Volunteers make a world of difference.  Over the last two weeks I ran two races where the volunteers made one a huge success and the absence of volunteers ruined a perfectly good day.  Here you go:





                  Good piece Ribs. And timely as I just got an email with my volunteer assignment duty at this Saturday's Enchanted Forest Wine Run (HM). The one I ran last year in 95 degree heat, with a starting time of noon, that was much harder than any marathon I've run, that had me dropping F bombs like a drunken sailor . . . yeah, that one. I decided to volunteer this year instead because it really is a spectacular race and Timothy Olsen does a fantastic job of putting together a great race that attracts some pretty awesome trail runners . . . and yes, they look like the real trail runners Ribs' article mentions.  I got the sweet job of working an aid station from 11:00-4:00. Cool


                  cool drizzly day here, but rain should stop by later this morning, so I brought my running stuff incase I can run on my lunch break. Yesterday I had some pretty intense low back pain but I'm hoping with enough stretching breaks this morning, maybe I can get out and run a few miles on my break.


                    It's 12:45 and I still feel like I can't get a handle on the day.  Lots of little things keeping me distracted and busy.  Just one of those days the self-help books tell you to avoid where you spend all your time on the "urgent" and not the "important" things.


                    I did fit in 5 miles at lunch though, so that is good.

                    Humanity runs on coffee.


                      It has been a bright and beautiful moon here as well Jay. Although I seem to enjoy it at night and not so much at your morning times.


                      Dumb is relative TW.


                      Nice Ribs. You remind me I should volunteer a little more to give back. Oh and couldn't you have "watered" their flower beds as re-payment for not getting to use the indoor loos?


                      Hey Slo - we still trying to break 20 in a 5k before year end?


                      7.5 pain free lunch miles for me. It looks good for my ankle these days. Now off to DC for business.

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                        Howdy folks,


                        No run for me this morning, funeral instead.  The service was lovely, outside on this brilliant fall day.  A good day for a sendoff, for sure.  Lots of folks went over to my SD's house afterward, where I had food and crockpots going and neighbors brought even more.  My brother is staying with us one more day before heading home to Virginia.


                        Thanks for being here, friends.  This last 3 weeks have been pretty tough, and you have allowed me to vent here and come here to find some centering as I read about your adventures.  Did you all realize you are secretly therapists?  You are all awesome...Smile

                        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


                          Marj,how is your new job going?


                          Posai - no new job.  just lots of volunteering around archaeology stuff, first in the lab, then on the dig, and starting october, back in the lab again, cleaning the stuff we dug.  i'm enjoying retirement too much to think about working just yet.Big grin


                          today we went to PT (I'm off for 2 weeks while Henry continues), then off to apple picking with hot cider donuts. they didn't have sweet tango, but i've had them in the past, then a run after some coffee.  classes start this week and so the days follow.  we're still deciding on our december and january trips - october and november are quick w/e hops back to brooklyn.





                            Holly - {{Still lots of hugs}}.


                            Congratulations, Erika!


                            JLynne - I have to go back and read what you did to yourself, but hope it wasn't a lot of damage.


                            No run for me today, and minimal mileage for the rest of the week (Tues-3, Wed-3) as I prepare to head north to crew and pace for Kate at the Mt. Lakes 100.  It'll be interesting to see how the ole bod works running-wise from, say, about 2:00 a.m. to whenever we finish.  I'm nervous about this pacing thing - being there for her while ensuring I remember to take of myself, as well, over the approx 30 miles we'll be traveling together.  BUT - I have stories stored up in my brain and I'll have my iPOD in case she wants to listen to me sing.  It's all good!

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                              4.7 miles at lunch. I stretched out my low back real good beforehand and took it easy (9:45 pace). I told myself if my back gets tight after 1/2 mile, I'm turning around and coming back. I think it helped to run on a level flat surface and not have a leash in hand. my back really felt loosened up, I kept my stride relaxed and I feel better now than I have for the past couple days. just wish I had more than a couple carrots and cheese stick with me today though.


                                Howdy folks,

                                Thanks for being here, friends.  This last 3 weeks have been pretty tough, and you have allowed me to vent here and come here to find some centering as I read about your adventures.  Did you all realize you are secretly therapists?  You are all awesome...Smile