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Sunday's Daily, 12.1.13 (Read 43 times)


    Mornin' everyone!


    Wow - December got here rather quickly!


    When did they move Wiamea Canyon to Kauai??? Sorry about the island mix-up. As I said, it's been a while since we were there. Still a gorgeous place, even if it isn't in 3D (snork)!


    10 in the snow - nice, Dave.


    A new PR for TW! Hot dog!!


    Nice that you got your 4 40's, Ribs. Enjoy the taper.


    Touch call, C-R, but no one said (did they?) that being a dad was all easy, all the time. You and Ribs both have the right approach, and Patrick will survive.


    Nice little run you had with the FRUR, Wildchild! It's a good thing there was a goddess smart enough to bring a map. I don't know, but I imagine that a marathon trail run would be challenging enough for most mere mortals, without the 9,800 ft. elevation gain. Amazing...


    Sounds like an interesting swamp run, MS, with or without the rain.


    Hooray, Stumpy's ring came back home! Good idea to get rid of that SS.


    8.3 moderately-paced racewalking miles this morning. At 32F, it was 20 degrees warmer than yesterday, and it was nice to not have to worry about frozen fingers. I had a pretty solid grey roof over my head, so no slice 'o moon or stars this morning. I toured some neighborhoods I had never been in before (not that there was all that much to see in the dark). I took it easy till I got back to familiar territory, and then kicked it up a bit for the last couple of miles. By then, there were some light snow/sleet showers, so it was a good time to finish up.


    Have a greta start to your December!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Thanks for getting us started, Jay.

      It was 26.2 miles by my Garmin, with about 9,800 ft elevation gain and loss, and took me just under 7 hours.  Tired now!

      Yowsa! And why is this called a "fat ass" run?  Seems more like a "skinny butt" run to me.

      Erika--nice to hear of the kids bonding in Hawaii.  Have a great time.  The accilimation (is that a word?) curve has got to be tough, though.

      Holly--wow, that some tough news for your former co-worker.  Good of you to reach out to your SD this season.

      Denise--running with your niece must have been fun.

      Mari--nice pic and sounds like a great get-together.

      Dave--10 miles in the snow isn't easy.  Nice job!

      C-R--tough call.

      Tom--a PR! That's got to be very tough to do.  There's some good endurance behind that.

      MS--isn't cold to be wading through swamps?


      I got my marathon done yesterday in 3:36:50; pretty good for me (and 28 seconds faster than the last time I ran this in 2008!).  It was a gorgeous mid-20s at the start and only made it into the low-30s by the finish; the coldest I've ever run this distance.  The NCR Trail Marathon's run by the Baltimore running club.  Small and on a very nice rail trail that runs alongside a stream in places.  First two miles have significant downhills that you have to climb back up in the last two miles--that hurts--but it's otherwise a flat or rolling hill course.  I had no goal and just ran based on feel but I was spent at the end.  Nothing left in the tank, for sure, and I felt nauseous for a bit.  I was fine during the race (shorts, long sleeve shirt) but my body temp dropped immediately after stopping and I could have mixed up a gallon of paint if you'd put it in my hands.  Brrrr.  We booked it back to the hotel for a long hot shower and a big plate of food and I felt much better.  I'll head out later for a couple of slow miles to get the blood moving.

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        Tramps - you forgot to give a fashion report.  I’ve only run once in my life below freezing. Puddles all frozen and frost all over. It was econ’s revenge PR Christmas Marathon in 2005 (when ziggy’s friend Kate became an MM).
        Sad to say, I’m with you dave and put my Michigan sweater away for a another y ear.  At least Seattle’s far enough away and the Seahawks are so dominant this weekend, I won’t have to hear about that awful, worst-in-the-world, last interception again and again on the radio.  Oh well. Maybe fairie goddess’s alma matre can beat them next weekend, <<<(please/please)>>> sorry holly.
        CR - I bet Patrick’s friend have a huge regard for him for this, . . and you.
        Eight grandson miles Saturday at the Seattle Center Dinosaur Museum and an abundance of attractions. Looking forward to a PR at the zoo today well into double figures. No rain but hope the steady wind and strong gusts don’t blow any Seattle Marathoners off the floating bridges into Lake Washington (or that the bridge doesn’t sink as in 1990 when, fortunately, the course didn’t include the bridges yet).

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          Hey, Tramps--nice job! I didn't realize you were doing another marathon so soon.

            ....Wildchild//........that is Absolutely Amazing.........Great Running


            way to tough it out jay//...............and Congratulations Tramps,  only time I remember  ''Nauseous and Finished'' used in the same sentence




            not so good today

            #$#@**&^$% Leg buckled on me

            when I tried my ''LeftSide'' Mounting Technique for the bicycle


            used some

            Un-Church Like language while laying there,


            dropped the seat and got on the DamnThing

            for an UnJoyful 30-min ride


            Disgust was my Only Friend.


            ........when I get this hip replaced, I will take GreatPleasure in knowing it deserves to be Sawed Off.......



            Good Running to the Rest of Ya...................Enjoy the Gift.......

            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            Trails are hard!

              TW--way to tough it out.  new variation of getting back on the horse that threw you.  Interesting to see that the site thinks any text string with an "@" in it is an email address.  So I could send an email to %$#@*&&%##.Wink


              Nice marathon, Tramps.  Does sound a bit chilly.  As much as I like running in the cold, it would seem to be tough to go that far in it.  And runners tend to not have a great deal of insulation on their bodies, so makes sense that you would freeze once you stopped generating heat.


              Jay--only some rain down here.  fortunately it was only for the last few miles of my 9 for the day.  35° and rain is not my favorite conditions, but with all the grief we give TC, felt a little obligated to get outside.  the front sidewalk bricks were quite slick, but at least no where else.

              Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


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                Tramps - great finishing time, and on a trail, to boot - nice job!


                Okay, we all like to post those rare "good race photos" - okay, rare for most of us except Wildchild...Smile...but I thought I would share with you one of the dorkiest race photos I have ever taken, from this year's Turkey Trot as I raced in to the finish.  One item to note, I actually do have both feet off the ground......don't laugh too loud, please.....


                And Ribs, sorry for the complete mismatch in fashion, but it was COLD out there!


                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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                  Well, with better choice of clothing this could have been a great photo, but other than the feet off the ground, I'm not saying anything.  Except for one thing.  Great little news clip on NPR this morning about the Woodlands Cemetery in Dayton, OH, and all the famous people buried there, including Erma Bombeck, the founder of NCR, Huffy Bikes, etc.  And how the runners love it because of the hills. Ever run there Holly?


                  perseverance is TW's middle name.  I always thought it was perseverence, but the spell check on this site corrected me.


                  Well done Tramps and Wild!


                  I finally ran out of gas this morning. After crowing about my great TT effort on Thursday and running slowly but easily the last two days, today I kind of crapped out.  5.5 jog/walk for me.  But it's a taper week of sorts, so I don't mind.  Spareribs

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                    I was just looking at how many people were BEHIND you, Holly.


                    Yeah...I don't really care how you spell it, but tomwhite is the definition of perseverance.


                      Nice FA run Carolyn. Sounds difficult but rewarding.


                      Well done Tramps. That's a solid time.


                      Best race pic ever was an RA gut name of AnotherOne at Monsoon Monkey finish line two years ago. You can google it or look for Elly Foster photography. He finished in 2:48 or something but it was epic. Be warned if you go looking.


                      I got 10.3 this morning. I wanted to say thanks for everyone's thoughts and comments. That's pretty darn touching for such a self-centered and non-inclusive group (sorry I can't seem to let that one pass). Anyway, Patrick had a few sobs and we talked about things a little more. He's disappointed but knows the right thing to do. He's a good kid and has a wonderful temperament. I figure he get's this from his mom. Anyway, the boys and I drove to ND to watch hockey last night and kind of move forward. What a great time but we didn't get back until past midnight. During dinner, we all looked at the JO Track and Field qual times and his brother said, "You run faster than that right now Patrick." Which made him beam and we are focusing on going at that one as well. Leave it to his twin to say just the right thing.


                      Anyway, thanks again everyone for listening.


                      Oh and I was a little tired driving home last night so I tried one of those Kroger branded 5-hour energy drinks. Um yeah. I was still watching SportCenter at 1:30 this morning. Watch out for those.


                      Cheers all.

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                        A little over 9 miles at Whatcom Falls Park in Bellingham this morning...lots of hills....but it was sure nice to get off the pavement...

                        Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                          Good Sunday everyone. Glad Patrick is taking everything well, Norm. When he's older and has kids and a wife of his own, he'll respect you even more for helping him do the right thing.


                          Nice racing Tramps! If it could even stay in the mid-20's here, I'd be a happy camper.


                          Great clothing choice and no dorkiness in that picture Holly. It's always a good thing when it's too cold to tie your jacket around your waist, right Ribs?


                          (((Tom))) You have the best attitude of anyone I know. Have you actually scheduled your hip surgery yet?


                          6 miles this morning in a balmy 31°, 9:41 pace. Life has been crazy busy lately. I went back to my old job to help them with their annual fundraiser until next March. Plus my part-time job at the Y, my little business painting glassware and watching grandkids more frequently has led to lots of stress.  Poor DH - I've been kind of crabby lately. That's why we run, and why running really helps mental health Big grin


                          These warm temps have fired DH up to help put Christmas lights and decorations outside today. It could be that, or the fact that the Packers suck so bad he doesn't even want to watch ANY football today. Either way, I'll take the help!

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                            Happy December!


                            Norm, you're a good dad.

                            Tomwhite - your "un-church like language" comment made me laugh!  Hope tomorrow is a better day.

                            Greta marathon, Tramps!  Congrats.

                            Tet - enjoy your grandson time!

                            Holly, I like that picture!  And yeah, it does look cold. Tramps would have been in shorts, I bet.


                            Thanks for the nice comments about the Fat Ass run I did yesterday - not sure why they call it that, since like Tramps said, most of the runners are pretty darn skinny.  I guess it's just the name for this kind of no fee -  no awards - no tee-shirts - no aid - no course marking - no whining type of events.   It was a fun, social group run with a bunch of ultra runners.


                            Even though it wasn't a race, and awards are not official (we registered our own finish times at the end), the results are posted on, and I was surprised to see I was 1st woman out of 10!  And also the oldest!   Here's a picture of the scramble up Mt Morrison at mile 5:


                            The parking area you can see below is at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, which is an awesome outdoor concert venue. The seating and stage are between the big rock towers.


                            When I upload my Garmin to the RA log, the elevation gain/loss always seems to read high. Yesterday's run read 9,800 ft gain/loss, but when I used Garmin Connect, it says 5,935 ft gain/loss, which is probably more accurate.   For comparison, the Moab Trail Marathon read 11,616 ft gain/loss on RA - not sure about Garmin Connect because it's not still in my Garmin to check.

                            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                            Back on Stride

                              Carolyn, I am again in awe at a 26.2-mile "fun run" with 6K ft. elevation change! BTW, unassisted GPS units are not good at doing elevation (hard to triangulate altitude when all the measuring devices are well above you). Since cyclists are fanatic about elevation, my Garmin biking GPS actually has a built-in barometer to assist.


                              Erika, your Hawaiian sojourn sounds nice and gets me fired up about our upcoming trip to Key West a week from today.

                              TW, not many could hang in as well as you; I looked up perseverance in the dictionary and your picture was there.

                              Great marathoning, Tramps, especially on trails!


                              A nice day for running: mid-30s and zero wind. Ran 6 miles around the lake with perchcreek and a couple other friends at the club's monthly "bagel day" gathering. For the winter they moved the starting time back to 9AM, and after all the 8AM running I've been doing, it was nice to be able to take my time getting ready. But my pace was good since the other three are all faster runners. Perch is on quite a running streak, so I hope he shows up here some time to tell you about it.

                              Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI



                                Yeah...I don't really care how you spell it, but tomwhite is the definition of perseverance.


                                Well said!

                                Another great marathon, Tramps!

                                I don't see any issue with your colors, Holly. Look at that determination look on your face!

                                Gordon, so very nice to see you  here!

                                Taperboy, have fun with your grandson at the zoo.

                                Spareribs, how did the dinner with your family go yesterday?

                                Erika, we need to see pictures of Hawaii. I am so glad you had a great time and that the boys had a blast together.

                                Wildchild, stunning picture! You indeed are one strong goddess!

                                Perchcreek's running is indeed amazing. This stats on the monthly thread is very impressive.


                                The house will go back to being quiet now that son Daniel is gone back to college. We sure had a lot of fun with him. He is taking a cooking class in college (Food Science degree) and it is very neat to see how much he has learned from the class. We sure had so much fun cooking together this past week.


                                No running yet, but I did the Fitness Blender 100 reps workout and my legs and arms are wobbly right now. Those 100 push-ups (25x4) were very, very challenging.  I will go out for a run after my breakfast settles in my tummy ( I cooked a special and delicious brunch for my son before he left)

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