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Monday 3/25 March Madness Runs (Read 51 times)

    Good morning good people. It's been a while since I started a daily, but I actually have a run to report Smile  I ran 1.5 miles on the track at the YMCA this morning, then spent 25 minutes on the ARC trainer just to make sure my legs were good and tired. For all of you training for marathons, 1.5 miles is a drop in the bucket. But after not running for over 2 months and enjoying all the aches and pains that come with being 60, I'm pleased. My goal is to run a fast 10K in June.


    ((( Eric ))) You are a great dad. And people who say "just stop helping" have probably never been in the position of having a son or daughter who truly need help. I always say kids don't come with instruction books. You just love them and do the best you can for them. You are doing both of those things. I hope Eric will get his life back on track soon.


    Awesome run yesterday Deez. You won't need to run for charity after this year, you'll BQ by yourself!


    Welcome home Carolyn.


    Erika - I listed to my "Jesus Christ Superstar" CD yesterday morning while I was scrubbing the kitchen floor. Hope you enjoyed the production.


    Hugs to you too, Leslie. I hope you and Karen can figure out a way to see each other often.


    Hey TomW. Report in and let us know how you're doing, please?


    How's everyone's NCAA bracket going?  Lots of upsets this weekend.


    Have a great start to the week everyone.


      Mornin' everyone. (Jlynne posted just before me today, so I moved my post over here.)


      Welcome back, Jlynne - it's great to see you running again! I hope it continues to go well for you as you start again to add build some mileage. By the way, our bodies have been changing since the day we were born, so don't be blaming all your aches and pains on having achieved the wonderful age of 60. I am as guilty as anyone of not paying close enough attention to my body as time goes by, and suffering the consequences of my inattention. You'd think I'd get smarter about this over the years, wouldn't you... Roll eyes  Regardless of all that, I know you must be very excited to run again, and I am joyful for you!


      Mike, Tammy nailed it yesterday:  "I'm sorry to hear that about Eric and his girlfriend. although, I think a lot of credit goes to you, as a dad, that even though he knew he screwed up in choice he still turned to you to call for help. He obviously knows that even though you might be disappointed, you are still the safe person to go to." You've got a lot to deal with, with Eric' situation and your job, but you're a good guy with a level head, and you'll come out OK.


      Lots of nice runs and races yesterday - glad to see it.


      I'd sure like to hear from TomW. and know what is going on with him, whatever the issue. I hope he's OK.


      SRD for me today. I worked out the last 4 days, and put in a lot of mileage (for me) over the weekend, so I know I need a rest day so the body won't start putting up a stink.


      Have a greta Monday!



      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.


        Way to go JLYNNE!

        Yesterday was a "rest day". We only walked 6 miles from Manhattan to Brooklyn after having brunch in the Village and meeting Marj's cousin. This morning we ran over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan and back in the cold and wind. I ran in shorts since I neglected to pack my running pants-it felt good.

        Tonight there will be 13 for the Seder. Happy Passover.


          oops sorry double post

            Henrun and Marj are doing what I always wanted to do, running over the Brooklyn bridge and have a bite to eat in one of the restaurants in Brooklyn and run back. I did run about half way when I visited NY for the marathon.


            After reading yesterday's thread I wanted to put on my shoes and go run another 20 miler!. Very inspiring!


            Well, I am two weeks out for the Yakima Canyon marathon, I better start tapering Roll eyes.  Since this marathon is just for the fun I feel like I really don't need that much tapering. I will take today off for rest and then see what I do the rest of the week.


            Instead of running, I did plant a few panzys in my planters. Spring is so grand!

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              Great news jlynne!  Keep at it.


              After yesterday's tired 20-miler, I jog/walked 1.1 miles and my RP told me to go home!  So I went to the Y for a good flex workout.


              Ever wonder why runners love tacos?




                Hi all - hope you all remember me.  I decided it's time to come back to the forum since I need some inspiration and maybe even some daily advice about rehabbing.  Thanks (for the warm welcome back) to those who greeted me over on my flyby thread.


                As I said, I need some inspiration and jlynne's opener is just what I was looking for.  I'll be running / walking along the Hudson in another 45:00 or so.  I checked my lunchbag for a little pre-run snack and pushed aside the banana and orange and made the much wiser choice of two oreo cookies with the green cream filling.  So sorry I had the taco bar and beer tap removed from my cubicle last year due to funding cuts here is New Yawk State.  See you out there!

                  Nice going, Jlynne.

                  Oh Mike, so sorry to hear of the developments regarding Eric.

                  Welcome back, BTY.

                  Happy Passover to those of you who observe.


                  10-miler this morning with modest speed work.  Heavy blinding snow was falling but the ground was warm enough that it wasn’t sticking on the pavement.  The trees were bowing under the weight of the wet snow, looking beautiful but occasionally dropping snowballs on me.  The river water was green and churning in the rough weather.  Quite the weather morning, especially for late March in Virginia.


                    Hey all. Had a busy Sunday so no post but it was good to see all of those great races and runs


                    Yeah jlynne!


                    Love those bridge runs and Brooklyn sounds cool. Did anyone try to sell it to you?


                    We had 8" and its still snowing. Got a shovel workout this morn and will run later. BTW - my official time at the half on Sat was 1:29:56 (my watch time was so much cooler) but I'm happy with my progress. I plugged that and my recent 10k into the pace calculator and it said 3:06 marathon. I almost spit coffee on my keyboard. Now that's funny right there.


                    Have a great day everyone.

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                      Lops, sorry-double posting again.


                        Love those bridge runs and Brooklyn sounds cool. Did anyone try to sell it to you?





                        No, but we bought the Manhattan Bridge on our walk yesterday.


                          No, but we bought the Manhattan Bridge on our walk yesterday.

                          [rim shot]

                          Henry's gonna be here all week.  Big grin

                          Marathon Maniac #957

                            Jlynne - great news!  No worries about time or distance - I think we are all just grateful to be out there moving most days.


                            BTY - jump on in!  Nice to have you back!


                            No run for me today, just 25 minutes or thereabouts of a light weights and core workout.


                            Had my annual physical today.  BP was 107/58.  Good for now, but at what age does that start to creep up?  I'll do my fasting bloodwork on Saturday, because if I do it on a weekday I have to get up at 5am, miss my morning coffee, and wait until 7:30am for the bloodwork.  I am not a nice person during that wait.  Wink  Saturday I can sleep in until right before they open.  Big grin


                            My nephew monitors an internet auction techie place and picked up a really nice laptop for us for $280.  Nice to have a techie in the family.  Now he needs to come over and show us how to use the video camera we got for Christmas.  Roll eyes


                            The kids had a snow day today, while DH and I went to work.  I came home and asked 16yo DS, "Did you do a chore today, any chore?"  His quick response, "Looking THIS good is a chore, Mom..."  Big grin

                            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                              Good job, JLynne!  I know what you mean.


                              Hi BTY!


                              Saturday's run didn't irritate the foot, but I didn't want to push it, so got in a rally good XC ski yesterday.  Snow was soft late in the day instead of me some of the best conditions of the season.  Got in 3 miles of 5:1's on the TM this morning with minimal issues.  S'all goot!!!!

                              .....Nancy The road to hell is paved....... run trails!



                                Had my annual physical today.  BP was 107/58.  Good for now, but at what age does that start to creep up? 


                                Every year when I go in for my physical, the first question the nurse asks me after she takes my BP is "are you a runner?" Mine have consistently stayed around the 96/54 range, which, after I report the results to my DH always brings the response "are you still alive?" Big grin