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Tuesday - Good Heart Day (Read 50 times)



    Off the blood thinner pills, doctor says everything is good with the heart (no more A-Fib) but he suspects it may come back )-:

    Great run this morning…just over 5k with some fast strides at the end…physically in better shape then I have been in a long time…not best running shape overall best shape. Feel good!!! Looking forward to a great summer.

    Have great runs and great day.


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      Mornin' Tall and everyone.


      I'm sorry for having missed the weekend's reports, and for not having the time to go back to ketchup.


      Tall, that's excellent, excellent news that you are off blood thinners! Whatever you've been doing, keep doing it!


      Nice starter run yesterday, Tramps.


      I hope the skies dried out so you could get your run in, Ribs. And I hope I find time to read your JSM article.


      Lyndenrunner, you'll do fine at LATET next month.


      Pfriese, good thought to cut your run short when the lightning started. Wouldn't want to have to call you Pfried...


      Tammy, I'm glad David's schedule enables you to get into and out of work early. It's nice to have extra time at the end of the day.


      Hang in there, Dave. Annabelle sure is a sweetie. That'll just make the separation harder, but you'll both survive. To answer your question from some days ago, racewalking shoes wear out at about the same rate as running shoes. There is a lot less impact, so you might think they'd last longer, but they are also lighter and far less cushioned than most running shoes (think minimalist shoes or racing flats), so there isn't much there to hold up over a long time. I usually trade in at about 300 miles, give or take 50...


      Looks like Henry & Marj had a great weekend and Father's/Grandfather's Day - fantastic!


      Twocat, fartleks are always a challenge, so good for you for finding a way to make 'em entertaining for you.


      Nice racing in the Bighorns, Wildchild! Cograts on your 4th AG finish!


      Leslie, sorry about the poor night's sleep. I hope you did better last night. I'm glad you are continuing to be smart/careful running out there. It has been a long time since I wore a skirt to work too, but you are braver than I.  Wink


      Mustang Sally, you are so worthy!!!


      Hi Mike - fast run yesterday. Nice.


      Erika, I can't even comprehend what you accomplished over the weekend. "Had kind of a big weekend," you said. For me, that would have been a big month! To say that you are a 'runner' does not begin to do you justice...


      Happy anniversary, Steve! I'm glad Tag is on the mend. I'm sure it is difficult to see Roman moving away. Meantime, it is hearwarming to know how well cared for he is.


      Holly, your review at work was great because you're great, and it is right that they recognize that. Congrats!


      I racewalked 5+ miles on Sunday morning on rubbery legs, took yesterday off, and went 6.1 this morning on better legs. Like Leslie, I didn't sleep well, and so was awake at 3:30, up at 3:45, out the door at 4. How can it only be Tuesday and I'm already so far behind for the week? Are there fewer hours in the day than there used to be? Dang. OK, I'm outta here.


      Have a greta Tuesday!



      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

        Erika ran a 50K and two marathons…in three days?!?!?  Wow.  I’d like to hear more about that.

        Dave—the question mark is funny.  (It sounds like you’ll be taking some trips to Florida.)

        Henry—awwww!  Nice pic.

        Twocat—maybe you can get the zombies to help you with tempo runs.

        Carolyn—congrats.  Looking forward to your pics.

        Rhoon—I feel like I wilt over 60 degrees, too.  Sadly, I’m not in Alaska.

        Tall—great to see you start the daily


        Warm and very humid 5-miler.  On the bright side, our cicada invasion appears to be abating.  The noise volume has turned down noticeably.  The flies, on the other hand, are making a late season surge.  It’s always something.

        Trails are hard!

          Erika's weekend would be a satisfying month for me.  Hope the marathons were a little less challenging terrain than the 50K.


          Tall--glad the flutter is gone for you.


          3.1 semi-quick miles around the lake this morning.  Gorgeous day, very comfortable running.  I think the logistics of getting everything in line for travel is distracting me from some of the taper madness.  I'm now ending up with a business trip on either end of the trip to Lubec, with little opportunity to get back into the office to pick things up in stages.  So I need to have everything that I'll need until next Thursday put together by the end of the day tomorrow.  the weather still looks pretty good though. Wink

          Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.



            Greetings. I have been lurking but had to pop out and Say WOW to Erika!!! Are you still ambulatory?  I am seriously impressed and wish my body could handle something like that!!!  You are hanging out in a nice area too.   I have been hanging in there with some running, 4 times a week or so; knee brace not attractive but it works.  I am trying to stick more to trails when possible.  Still swimming and a bit of elliptical too.


            We had a nice Fathers Day hike  up Mt. Liberty in Fraconia notch area. Just beat the weather down. DS has become very speedy; he blasted  up and was hanging on the summit when we arrived. 14 year old knees are hard to beat!


            Hope everyone is well.

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              Congrats, Erika!   You're amazing!  I'm not sure my legs would have been happy with me if I ran marathons the next two days after my 50k on Saturday!  I would have walked a bunch, I think!   I went rock climbing in the Bighorns the day after my race, but that's not as hard on the legs as running.  I did have trouble hiking down the steep trail from the cliffs after climbing, though, since my quads are sore.


              Dave,  sending hugs -- I know you'll miss Annabelle, and I'm sure she'll miss you, too.  Like Tramps said, I hope you get to take lots of trips to Florida.


              Tall, nice to see you starting the daily, and congrats on getting off the blood thinners!

              Lame, nice to see you, too!


              Planning an easy trail run today to stretch my legs.

              I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

              King of PhotoShop

                Good news Tall!


                T'storms again this morning so I ran a bit late, 4 slow in kind of a soup.  Off to work. Spareribs


                  Hey I saw a perfect sticker for Erika in a running store today: " Marathon Freak."!


                  Marathon Iowa 2014

                    Wow Erika - that is amazing.  That's compression.


                    20 weeks out from the NYC marathon.  My brand sapnking new training schedule called for 5 - 8 hills.  So I used the TM and did half mile intervals at between 3 and 3.5 elevation and 8 - 8.3 mph.  Half mile recoveries in between (at 7.1 - 7.5 mph).  8 miles total.  I will only get stronger doing these babies...


                    PBJster #1 graduates from High School tonight.  I buoght her silly string.  Now they are moving the graduation indoors.  She better be careful...

                    janie b good

                      Tall-- great news!

                      Erica-- impressive!


                      4.22 miles for me in sunny, 78* weather.

                      goodness is its own reward; for more tangible outcomes, you need to try badness.

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                        Hi everyone. I guess today is as good a day as any to try to return here... it's been a couple rough weeks for me, pretty much since the Colorado Marathon in early May. I was so disappointed in how that race turned out, I ended up depressed for weeks. Took me along time to just be able to say I had a bad marathon, rather than thinking I had failed.... But I'm feeling better these days, about myself and running and in general, and so I figured I might show my face here again. I have been running, racing a bit even, but it's really amazing how much your ego takes a pounding when you get your hopes up high for something.... So anyway, feeling better these last two weeks, am at the start of my next marathon cycle (prepping for Wineglass on 10/6) so here I am again. I've missed you all!


                        Did I read correctly that Erika did an ultra and then two marathons in the following two days?? Wow!! Shocked Major congratulations to you!!!


                        And I see that Stumpy will be running his first marathon this coming weekend; glad I returned in time to wish him well!! I know I should post this on Wildchild's thread, but the advice I'd want to give is DON'T BE SIDELINED BY WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN THAT YOU DIDN'T PLAN FOR. Four marathons into this, and I still haven't learned this lesson. Oh and don't go out too fast. That's a good one too. Wink


                        Thank goodness for FB, that much I can say, because I know that Wildchild did yet another 50k this weekend, after seeing the gorgeous pictures she posted there. And a nice AG placement to boot! Yes, it's always a pleasant surprise when you do better than you realize on a tough course, in relation to the other runners that showed up that day. It really is true, that showing up is half the battle. Remember that one too, Stumpy: make sure you show up! Cool


                        As I said, I've been running a bit, and racing some too. Though mostly short stuff, just to revitalize myself a bit (my coach is a smart woman, in spite of how difficult a client I've been to here lately). Did a rather hilly 10k the weekend before last and had my first experience being paced by a stronger runner. Didn't PR but we stuck to our plan and I felt good and strong throughout. So that was a win.


                        And this past weekend I did my first 5k twofer, a race on both Saturday and Sunday. Did well on Saturday, 25:16, my second fastest 5k to date, though by only a couple seconds. Breaking 25 minutes seemed as elusive as ever, and it's been difficult not to consider my PR of last summer of 24:34 a fluke. My coach insists adamantly that THERE ARE NO FLUKES, not in terms of successes at least. It's the so-called failures and bad races that are the flukes, she says. Hmm...


                        The race on Sunday was on my home turf, in the park where I do most of my running, so I think that gave me the confidence to push even harder. Maybe, maybe not. All I know is that I had my sights on this guy in a red shirt who was ahead of me for the last mile or so, and the distance kept on shrinking. I had never done that before, latched onto someone ahead of me and tried to catch them. But today I was running where I'd run so many hard O&B and tempo runs in my previous training; I knew how to push it here, so I did.


                        I have no clue if I ended up finally passing Red Shirt Guy, because all of a sudden there was this clown walking on the path leading to the finish chute, right in the middle of the runners with a tenth to go. Literally, a clown! Clown People were yelling at her to get out of the way, myself included, and I lost sight of RSG (or maybe I had passed him by this point, I don't recall). But then I saw the clock in the distance.... still showing a time starting with a 24... all I could think about was RUN!!! Official time was 24:44, only 10 seconds behind my PR! Oh and placed 3rd in the AG (was awarded 2nd due to the bump-up rule). Glad I showed up. Smile


                        Hope all of you are doing well, and I plan on making the effort to show up here more often. Happy running!

                          Wild, great bighorn race.  evan, you are awesome.  steve, congrats to you and your wife on your anniversary.  Holly, I don't think anyone here is surprised you got a fantastic annual review at work.  Congratulations.  Tall, it's good to hear you are off the blood thinners.  Dave, even though it's good that Annabelle will be with her mother, it's got to be tough for you.  OM, good job on the two 5Ks with an almost PR and 2nd in AG.


                          Nice long run for marj and good job on the speedwork for PBJ.


                          This morning, it was in the low to mid 50s and there was some wind.  I did 8 miles at a 10:54 pace.  It was interesting that the first 4 miles were all over 11 minutes and the last 4 were all under 11 minutes.


                          A good day and good runs for all.



                            OrangeMat congratulations on some great racing this weekend and the new PR!  As to that marathon - nobody is getting paid to do this around here.  It is not worth taking our running too seriously.  You should do what you did this weekend and that is have a great time!


                            wildchild congratulations on the race!  An AG 4 is really impressive.  Heck finishing that race is impressive!

                            evanflein wow!  What else is there to say!  Wow!


                            divechief how do you pull off 4 marathons in 4 days?  I can see three over a long weekend somehow.  But four?  One Saturday, one Sunday one Monday and ?  Is it really possible to find two marathons timed just right so you can do two in one day?  Confused


                            rhoon phast glad to hear you are having a real summer.  I have some friends heading up to Alaska and I know they could use a break and some good weather would certainly help.


                            SteveP congratulations on your 7th anniversary.  Maybe you both did something right!


                            Tallrunner good news all around!


                            coastwalker they actually could program tempo running into the app.  I wish they would as it is the only way I could manage it!  I would think rubbery legs would be good for race-walking.  You know get the leg out further . . . Big grin  [editor:  You really think you are funny?  Twocat: Uh, actually, yes!]


                            stumpy77 you are not looking forward to this race are you?  Joking


                            PBJ I cannot believe it is already time to start fall marathon training!  But it sure is for some of them!  Where did the summer go?


                            tselbs way to negative split!  Now you just have to do that in a race!


                            No running for me today or tomorrow.  My DW is running tonight.  She and I are running the Fairfield HM this Sunday.  I am quite impressed with how she has pulled it together to train up for this race.  So far the weather report looks reasonably good which will be a nice change from the typical 85° and 100% humidity in which this race is typically run!


                            In other news, my oven is still busted.  Angry  The $%#@# at the repair shop ordered the replacement part shipped by sail boat around the cape!  How could they not have it sent, at the very least, priority mail of some sort! AngryAngry

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                              GOOD NEWS TALL/////////


                              (((( twocat's stove ))))))))

                              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                                It's always good to see you Tall.


                                Any one who knows Holly is not surprised she wows the bosses.


                                Sooo...Anything interesting happening this weekend Tramps?



                                Congrats, Erika!   You're amazing!  I'm not sure my legs would have been happy with me if I ran marathons the next two days after my 50k on Saturday!  I would have walked a bunch, I think!  


                                I would have stopped for brunch..then forget to start again


                                There are no flukes. I'm always glad when you show up.


                                If you worked on the oven yourself Two Cat, it would be a good opportunity for foul language cross training.


                                3 miles after work. Then went and had dinner with the kids so as to spend more time with our Roman guy. Last Sunday, DW and I worked a Father's Day banquet at Church. Though the kids were not in our section, I caught Roman's eye among dozens of people. He got the "It's That Guy!!" look on his face and reached out to be picked up. I also creeped up behind Noah and kissed his cheek. He slammed his hands on the table. Said, "That's IT!" and chased me around the dining room until he caught me.Then he licked the back of my hand.