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    Time to tell us what are you doing for fun today!


    As for me, 20 miles of cross country skiing in phenomenal ski conditions. Today's plan is to go higher up to more difficult terrain! I sure hope I don't come back with bruised body or bruised ego. Big grin

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      Good job Mariposai.


      As for me, today is one week out from Cowtown, so I didn't want to run long, but did want to put some energy into it.  8 miles total, 4 out at HMP and 4 back at MP, 8:54 average.  Felt super the whole way.


      Gorgeous weather here.   Spareribs

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        Oh, and here's a belated Valentine's Day gift for all you ladies here, a lovely box of chocolates:



          Not much sun here in Western, MA but the WIND! Yowsa......the winds from the storm that is creaming the eastern part of the state and RI is blowing mightily here. Undeterred I ran 18.9 miles and kept it pretty steady at 8:00 pace. The wind knocked me side to side every now and then, but I stayed upright. Windchill factors were below zero but as long as I kept moving all was well. Roads and bike paths are clear and we're not getting the snow. The mountains piled at the corners are still towering over me though and I will happily welcome spring and a shift in this storm cycle!

          Great photos of Tag and Honey and Batman yesterday. Cool!

          Nice skiing Maraposai and today's fun will be dinner with a dear friend.

          Sweet racing for David and Tammy! Keep at it.

          Enjoy the day all!


          MTA: Aw....sweet puppies!

          Trails are hard!

            Steve-sounds like a fun race for you and the dogs.  How do you find ones that are only youngsters?


            I went out in slightly less than optimal conditions this morning, hoping for at least 2 laps around the lake (6+ miles).  But we did get the snow that CNY was missing, along with the wind.  Since the town has departed from their ususal high standards and not plowed the sidewalks around the lake, it was all in the road.  And the snow was coming down fast enough that the drifts were getting farther and farther out from the curb and I was getting closer and closer to the snow covered travel lanes.  Discretion bacame the better part of valor and I ended with just one lap.


            I like being the "Did you see the idiot out running this morning" but not the "Did you hear about the idiot that got hit by a snowplow".  WinkDissappointing, as I had the clothing just right and was pretty comfortable, even with the single digit wind chill.


            I would be in DW's good graces with a box of chocolates like that!!

            Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


              57 and sunny here.  I'm a sweaty beast after 6.7 miles.  Had planned a recovery run but seriously, there's nothing to recover from so it was a sproinky run!  Wish I had found a way to race harder.  Karin, that windchill is a little scary and great job!

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                9 miles in IRC...9:33 pace...(that was race pace in November)...

                Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

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                  We've got that same wind here as well. Walking to the end of the path after our run today, my GFs and I heard some branches creaking from the tall trees overhead. Didn't sound too comforting so we quickly got off the path there and back to our cars in the parking lot. Was only a recovery run for me today, but with the high wind gusts it felt like strength work!


                  Once I got home and added up my miles for the week, I realized it was a good-news/bad-news sort of week. Good news was that this was a PR in weekly mileage for me. Bad news was that it came to 54.99 miles. Ack!



                    15F and 4 inches of fresh powder here.  Slow moving out there today. Park was nice to look at however. Forgot to take my camera.

                    6.8 slow miles

                    Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

                      This is such a group of over achievers.  20 miles of xc-skiing for Mariposai and nearly that much of running in some tough conditions for CNYrunner.  Lots of other nice runs this weekend too.  Tramps with a picture perfect progression run and some nice racing from Tammy & David.


                      A quick shout out to my oldest daughter (who doesn't read the forum).  She graduates this spring from Central Michigan with a masters (some type of English/rhetoric/composition thing.  I am a terrible dad for not knowing the specifics.)   She is applying for jobs and applying to PhD programs.  She'd prefer to work over going to school for 4 more years, but it takes a PhD for her "dream" job of running a writing center at a university.  She got word Friday that she was accepted into one of the schools she applied to.  Full scholarship and stipend just like the masters program.  So now she has to make a decision sooner than she planned.  I'm really proud of her.  They said she was selected from a large number of applicants.  (I don't remember if "large" was in there or not.  These kind of tales grow as I tell them.)


                      As for me today, there was no over achievement.  After church I was restless and couldn't concentrate on a book I wanted to read.  TV didn't interest me.  So I went to the basement (the finished part) and did a massive house cleaning job.  Then I looked up the treadmill user manual on-line and ran the set-up and calibration routines.  After that I ran 3 miles on the thing.  It ran fine.  No weird noises or belt slippage.  Since I joined a gym a couple years ago I have always run there if I wasn't outside.   But I enjoyed my treadmill and may pull out some dvd's and run on it this week.  A nice break from the ice and cold.

                      And so it goes

                      I look my best blurry!

                        I had brief periods of sun but significantly more snowy blustery miles on my run today.  I managed 17 with some significant climbs throughout.  It was my longest run since MCM because of a stress fx and hip labrum issue flaring up but I felt absolutely NONE of that.  My legs were a good tired.  YAY!  I think I can feel my muscles growing as I gobble the meatballs.  MMMM.....  Good running all.


                        Someday I want to give cross country skiing a go. I am afraid to do any downhill skiing during Boston training.  Is XC skiing much safer?


                          Good stuff people and nice pic ribs.


                          I agree with Dave about this being the over achiever crowd. I only managed 10k today on some tired legs.


                          Kids are all at sleep overs so DW and I can have a quiet dinner and conversation. I love my kids but I sure do appreciate a nice meal with just DW.


                          Cheers all.

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                            Oh, and here's a belated Valentine's Day gift for all you ladies here, a lovely box of chocolates:






                            First time I've been able to get on the computer all day.  Friday I set computer-novice DH up with a FB account, and now he is behaving like an addict - I can't get him off the computer!  We even had a fight about me trying to get computer time today and tonight.  I had a big project planned re editing and uploading family photos, but now I am no longer in the mood.  Angry Two days into FB, and now we have to buy a new computer.


                            5 miles this morning, and 1 hour of weights and core this evening.

                            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                              ...8-hours of sitting in a Seminar


                              the ButtDance,

                              but had to get up and move around every 30-40 minutes....


                              TheLeg made it into 7 1/2 hours,

                              but I was hobbling at the end...........I hate sitting......

                              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                                Proud parents rock Dave59.


                                Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Get him on FB and he's gone.


                                Are there vids of the butt dance???


                                Family serenity today. After Church, I put a turkey on the smoker then replaced the heater's blower motor in the truck...well...tried to...there's one screw I can not reach and I got the wrong tool just before the hardware store closed for the day. It may be a long drive into work in the AM/