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Thu Jan 24 Masters Runs (Read 649 times)

    Good morning! Interval workout for me today, 6x1mi, with slow 2:00 jog intervals. I targeted "comfortable/strong" for the repeats, and wanted to hit about 7:30 splits. Pace splits 7:30,7:30,7:28,7:29,7:23,7:05. HR splits 153,158,154,162,164,168. Lactate flush going up hills. A little tired near end, but wanted to push the last mile a bit. Overall: 12.1 mi, 1:38 Have a great day!

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      Good morning! Interval workout for me today, 6x1mi, with slow 2:00 jog intervals. I targeted "comfortable/strong" for the repeats, and wanted to hit about 7:30 splits. Pace splits 7:30,7:30,7:28,7:29,7:23,7:05. HR splits 153,158,154,162,164,168. Lactate flush going up hills. A little tired near end, but wanted to push the last mile a bit. Overall: 12.1 mi, 1:38 Have a great day!
      You are the man! That was magnificient. (I'll workout later, but I had to comment on that gem) Nice! Ever try ice/cool-cold water on the legs in the shower afterwards?...speeds recovery, and doesn't need to be painful like a true 'ice bath'. Take a warm shower after the run and get cleaned. Then reach for a towel and cover your body up high. Turn the water temp to moderately cold-take 30seconds letting the water rain down on the front and back of each leg. Turn the water temp to a bit colder. Repeat. Do it several times. You can warm yourself up high quickly with warm water if you start shivering or get too cold, then get those legs cold again. This is less needed for speedwork (although helps me a lot when I have a hamstring that's a bit sore), but is great for LR's! Speeds recovery a lot.
        Very nice Lou. Nice to see you posting early Dr. Dale. 3 slow recovery miles at 10:06 min/mile pace (how's that Doc?). Avg HR 132. I feel like carp from this cold and probably should have bagged it altogether. But I wanted to get in a few miles to keep the legs loose just in case I feel better by Sunday. (Doubtful) Besides I bagged yesterday. Bill (blah)

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          Very nice Lou. 3 slow recovery miles at 10:06 min/mile pace (how's that Doc?). Avg HR v132. Bill (blah)
          Better. Get yourself healed up young man. Hope you feel back to normal soon. Off to work. Have a great day everyone!

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            Yep - you are the Man Lou!!! Great job this morning. {{{{Bill}}} Feel better soon! I wish I could say my run this morning was enjoyable - but it felt more like work. 8 degrees with about 2 inches of fresh snow. 3.5 miles at 10:48 pace. My legs just feel tired. I'm hoping it is from the extra effort as it is like running on the beach with yaktraxs every day. I keep telling myself that this will make me stronger this spring. Right?? Please tell me I'm right . . . Spirit of the Marathon movie tonight - I'm anxious to see it and then decide if it is a endeavor that I'd like to tackle some day. Cheers!


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            i'm lovin' it... MM#1949

              Dale, I think Grasshopper did a fine job Smile 2 Magical Healing Miles for Tory then X-train w/ planks, ham curls, hip strengthening and pu's. Have great runs!

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                Ever try ice/cool-cold water on the legs in the shower afterwards?.
                Thanks, Dale! (as you were typing this, I was standing in the 125* shower, saying, "I love the hot water") heh heh heh

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                  Good morning Everyone, 4 miles for me this morning in 38:58. I'm not sure I could convince myself to turn on the ccccold water this time of year, especially since it's 16 degrees outside right now. Cheers Mike
                    9 miles for me, with the first 7 at an easy 10:00 pace and the last two at 9:09. I bagged yesterday's run when I felt just a bit of hip pain at the start. I'm in no mood for an injury. This is a stepback week anyway. We have a date planned for tonight: early departure from work, dinner and the Spirit of the Marathon movie.

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                      Lou you deserve a beer after that workout! Using vacation day to work on basement painting, two more hours should do it. Smile Today 4 miles treadmill just to get loose for my squats. Last night 5.2 miles paved trail 20F on top 5 inches of snow group run (informal club run) with FULL MOON followed by dinner for the 8 of us. I really love Wednesday evenings in the winter. Smile

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                        Morning all, 7.5 agonizing miles last night in 1:10 ave hr 132. I don't really know why, but this run really really hurt (well, I actually think I do know why, more info to follow). When I started my legs felt like the had lead in them, but thought after a mile or two they would feel better....never did. It was probably one of those runs I should have bailed on, but I had planned on a mid week long run of 12 miles. The last 2 miles were really rough and almost had to walk. But you know what....when the run got the toughest, I thought of yesterdays runs and posts here in my mind, and thought of the one's pushing through hard runs in some brutal weather conditions and such....this really helped me finish. By the way, the weather was great last night with the temp at 23 degrees when I started....with NO wind. I think I know why I didn't feel so good last night. My doctor put me on pain medicine for my lower back pain that was suppose to be safe, non- addictive and non-narcotic.....wrong. I have been feeling kind of strange for awhile with this funny feeling in my head and just thought it was allergies and something simple. After surfing the net, I found out this drug IS extremely addictive and very hard to stop taking. Oh yeah, this drug is called Tramadol, and I quit cold turkey last Friday and I did slip and take one pill Tues, but then flushed the pills. So actually I am going through with drawls from a drug I "thought" was safe.....not. The main reason I am saying this is because all of us are athletes that have pain and injuries now and then. And I would just caution everyone that if your doctor should want to prescribe Tramadol to you, I would give it a second thought and really do research on the side affects and horrible with drawls stopping this drug. My main with drawl symptoms are feeling like I am getting the flu with the achy feeling, extreme fatigue, nervousness, and hard to concentrate, a lot of other little annoying symptoms. Hence why my run last night was as bad as it was. I feel A LOT better this morning and in a couple more days I should be symptom free. Sorry for the ramble, but it seemed important to get out there. Have a great day and runs all, Tim

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                          Good morning all, A beautiful morning to run and I was very comfortably dressed this morning....I fixed my shoelaces and after shrugging off some foot pain during the first mile, all seemed well by the end of the run. 10.03 miles of hills @ 8:57 pace. Good runs to all today.

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                            Morning all! Tim - thanks for the heads up - good thing you did some research on your own. I hope the withdrawls symptoms don't stay with you too much longer. Great runs already this morning - good intervals, Lou! 6 miles on the treadmill this morning. It wasn't as mind-numbing as yesterday's treadmill run. We have three stations for the TV monitors in the workout facility - two were programmed to sports channels and one to a financial channel yesterday. I listened to the financial gloom and doom until I couldn't stand it any longer and ditched the microphones. I miss the cardiotheater arrangement in my old workout facility. Work has been getting in the way. It appears that one of my new managers is into micromanagement. I can only pray that I don't have many projects with this individual. I'm thankful to have the stress relief of running this week ;-). Good runs to all!!

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                              "Interesting" experience, Tim. Shows you how you can be affected by anything that you take in. Thanks for the warning! More strength and cross-training this morning. I spent more time on the stationary bike than usual, and it actually seemed to relieve the slight ache in my leg. So some progress to report, but I can tell that this is going to take a while, and I'm already starting to suffer from running-withdrawal symptoms. I hope everyone enjoys the movie tonight. I'm hoping that it shows at a closer theater when they re-show it in February. Feel free to post your reviews, but try not to give away the plot twists. Tight lipped

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                                Good Morning! WRFB - nice intervals! Hope you and PDR have a lovely and well-deserved evening out tonight. {{{Bill}}} {{{Tim}}} Hopeful – you do indeed have to work much harder running in snow. I'm sure you'll feel the payoff later. A little speedwork for myself as well, today, although not the same caliber of WRFB’s: 3.6 mile warm-up outside in 23 degrees – my footsteps the first marks in the sparkling layer of light snow – followed by these on the treadmill: 3 min HMRP(8:20)/1 min recovery(9:40) x 10 plus 1.6 mile CD at 9:22 makes 10 miles total. I haven’t been doing much speedplay lately, and this was a great “blow-out-the cobwebs” run – not so fast as to risk injury (I’ve become quite paranoid about injury before Boston), but fast enough to push myself pretty hard. I felt oddly energized at the end of the workout, rather than spent. (That won’t last, of course. By 2pm I’ll be quite snoozy.) I think I love intervals.

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