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40s 50s 60s On the Run - w/e 03/10 (Read 4 times)

Queen of 3rd Place

    "I overtrain so I can overeat!" - Unknown


    r2 - glad to hear you're starting to get your strength back, that kind of issue sure can take it out of you. You're right, that might be an asterisk PR, I did actually race 6.3 mi. 


    ev - cops! That takes me back. Shorts and t....must have been about 50? 


    Leslie is probably kickin' back right about now...


    Legs were tired yesterday so cut the long run a little short. It seems to take me awhile to recover from races, even when they're short. Probably will do an easy 3 or 4 today just to get the blood moving. 

    Ex runner