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    First a mention of D-Day anniversary.   I watched an old history channel series on WWII a few months ago and was amazed once again at the D-Day operation and sacrifice of so many.


    About the avatar, I went to get a haircut a while back and I wanted my hair shorter than usual.  I saw a picture much like the avatar and told them that is what I wanted.  So my only resemblance is the length of my hair, and not even that since it has grown back again.


    The whole left side of my head now feels puffy and uncomfortable.  Even my ear and throat hurt a little.  My guess is that I am having a reaction to something I came into contact with when I was working outside over the weekend.  I just don't know how long to let it play out or should I just call the doc today?  I wish there was an app for that.


    It doesn't help that the trainer at the gym yesterday had me do a bunch of lunges and squats.  Now I can barely move around the house.  It hurts to sit down and its hard to stand back up.


    Updated: Thanks for the link MS.  I've tried a few of those types of places but I'm still not sure what I am going to do.  After a couple Advil, I was feeling better and I was able to open my left eye all the way so I went out for 2.17 miles.  Probably could have/should have skipped today, but I am restless.

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      After the mountains, the sea, and the forests, one of my favourite things about BC is our Healthlink site.



      Many conditions have an interactive, "should I see a doctor?" tool.  I've turned to this again and again as kids present with a variety of Interesting Conditions over the years.


      Last night's race was tough.  I've spent my athletic career training a high tolerance to long, steady burns.  Bike racing is punchy and involves lots of sharp efforts followed by a recovery time.  After five of eight laps, I threw in the towel and cruised the rest of the race with another dropped rider.  But it's a start.


      Will run 30' EZ midday today.


        Mornin' Dave, Mustang Sally, and everyone else.


        Well, Dave, according to MS, your wish has been granted, and there is an app for that! If I were you, I'd want to know more about what is going on if your head is continuing to explode. Thanks for the D Day reminder. So, the avatar is all about a haircut, eh?


        Sorry the bike race was so challenging, Mustang Sally. But, as you said, it was a start. How'd your presentation go yesterday?


        Glad you got in a good run yesterday, Byll, rainy season or not. And Happy 25th BIrthday to your DS! I'm glad you are moving back to be with the people you like - makes a lot of sense to me.


        It's good to have you running and smiling again, Lyndenrunner. I think our workouts have a tendency to give all of us a happy face.


        Congrats to Ribs for getting his happy face on during his run yesterday! Sounds like it was perfect.


        Slo, congrats to you to for your 'glorious' run yesterday, and your excellent health report.


        Take care of those ankles, Mariposai, so they can continue to take care of you.


        TomW - love the heart monitor "paint shaker" trick - that would certainly shake up the docs! Nice drag run in the pool yesterday.


        Tammy, what's with all the heat? Good on you for waiting for a scooch of a cool down before heading out for a run. I know you know that 4am is the coolest part of the day, but I suspect that isn't going to happen in your world.


        Hey Denise! Nice NRD run yesterday. Why is it always as satisfying to empty a refrigerator as it is to fill it up? Weird.


        Tramps, nice run for you yesterday too, even if you didn't know it was NRD. Would you have done anything different if you knew?


        Nice to hear from you, Enke. Enjoy that massage GC!


        Wyoming in-laws, Holly? In how many states do you have in-laws?  Wink


        I woke a few minutes before  4, and debated with myself about staying in bed, since I had been sleeping so comfortably. But I knew I'd feel guilty if I slept in, so I got up and was out the door by 4:15. 4.3 moderately-sproinky racewalking miles this morning. It was 55F, with about 43% cloud cover. I'm afraid the sliver of moon that I saw yesterday morning has been eaten up by the sky, and I won't have the pleasure of its company again for a short while. I did some quick-step drills this morning, and kept myself entertained with them.


        Enjoy your Thursday!



        Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

        Trails are hard!

          Good morning.  I was another one who didn't know it was NRD, but ran anyway.  4 miles on a hotel TM in Roanoke, VA.  Could be about the longest TM run I've ever done.


          Managed to change up flights on the way home so that not only did I get home in time to watch part of the Bruins game, but was a bad fan and went to bed before OT so I could get up early for a decent mid-long run.  So 9.5 miles with 3 laps around the lake.  Even did it without Garmin.  There was just a little separation anxiety, as I looked at my wrist several times, but still didn't see anything.  Absolutely perfect morning--55 at the start and very calm.


          2-1/2 weeks to go.  This Sunday was supposed to be my last 20 miler.  I'm guessing that it won't even be my first, just because it would be too big a jump.  Sort of hoping for 15, but we'll see.

          Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


            Dave—A haircut? I just assumed you’d had a “lifestyle lift” like I see advertised in those infomercials.  Wink

            MS—hell, Wednesday night racing at anything is tough.

            Stumpy—you’ve hit some nice VA weather between the heat spells.


            A big red-tailed hawk was way in the backyard yesterday strutting back and forth, pecking at the ground, and acting more like a chicken than a hawk.  It was feasting on cicadas.


            I realized that I probably wouldn’t have time to get my scheduled 10-miler in tomorrow morning, so I decided to do it today…..ignoring the fact that I did 10 yesterday including  a few tempo miles.  I was quickly reminded of the wisdom of the hard-easy principle.  My legs were dead halfway through and I even took a walk break ... but I got it done.

              Very cool link, Mustang Sally! Thanks for posting it. BTW, I always enjoy reading your biking adventures.


              Tramps, good job at finishing your 10 miler today, specially after your tempo run yesterday.


              My DH woke me up today and invited me to go for a run with him. 4 easy miles that felt harder than it should have, but legs are feeling good, which makes me happy. Hot and humid already around here. 81% humidity.

              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                Good morning good people. I always enjoy reading Jay's "recap" of yesterday's posts. Thank you! And isn't it something how skipping a run/workout can make you feel guilty the rest of the day? I'm sure once you swung your legs over the side of the bed you felt great.


                Hey Dave - get thyself to a clinic! Especially if it's getting worse.


                MS - pats on the back for giving that race everything you had. I take a spin class for 45 minutes once a week and that kicks my butt!


                Kevin - good luck with the last two weeks of training. Sounds like you're going into your first marathon with a great attitude.


                Tramps - no camera? A picture of that hawk would have been awesome.


                {{{Enke}}} It's going to get better.


                Mariposai? Thank you!


                On the DL once again but just wanted to pop in to say "hi" to my virtual friends. Have a great day, people.

                  Hey All


                  Rained out this morning. Geez, Imagine that. I haven't seen the flash flood warning leave the weather alert on my phone since April.


                  Punchy is a good way of putting it Mustang distance runners we really don't like that feeling of lactate acid flooding our legs. As a cyclist you learn to flood, recover, flood, recover.

                    Saw this out my office window yesterday.  I went out to take a picture but the big turkey wasn't too happy to see me so I snapped this quick and got out of the way.  If you look close you can see a number of little chicks (if that is what you call baby turkeys).  All the white is from the Cottonwood trees.  It's like blizzard out there at times.



                    Humanity runs on coffee.

                      breger, those heart episodes sound scary.  It would be nice to know what's causing them.  I hope you recover quickly.  Also, happy birthday to your son.  Dave, it does sound like you're reacting to something in the environment.  I hope it's season passes quickly.  Seeing a doctor is probably not a bad idea.


                      Nice long runs for Slo, deez, and Tramps.


                      This morning, it was in the low 50s and there was a light breeze.  I did 3 miles at a 10:35 pace.


                      Tomorrow, we are heading to Ludington where my son and daughter are pre-registered for a half marathon.  Neither feels ready even though my daughter did a 2:14 half two weeks ago.  Tomorrow evening, I will register.  I guess I need to make up my mind whether to do the half with the kids or wimp out and do the 5K or 10K.


                      A good day and good runs for all.


                        Dave, would you mind posting about every 3rd or 4th entry, please? Thank you.


                        for some reason, the turkeys don't come around our place as often as they used to. I think Bailey and Bella might have something to do with that. Deer don't come around much either, but I don't mind that. They only try to eat the leaves off my fruit trees.


                        got in a 4 mi run last night when it cooled off to about 85 or so. that still felt too warm for me and even on just 4 miles I drank a lot of water. I guess I better acclimate to this quickly though as my first leg of the relay is 8.8 miles and it'll probably be in the middle of the afternoon.  Just what I'm looking forward to - starting the relay out all nice and sweaty Roll eyes .


                        oh and Jay - I actually woke up around 5 a.m. this morning and was thinking "this would be a great time of the day to get in a run".  But my motivation didn't move past the thinking part of it. . . Wink


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                          Thanks for the D-DAy start dave, or whoever you are..


                          Oh Selbs, half mary for sure to get the maximum benefit of running

                          along-and-over those beautiful Ludington white dunes by opal lake. 
                          ps - forget about your time; just get lots of photos.
                          Great cycling ride MS but whaddya training for with rides like that?   My best training ride for something once was when I bravely joined up on a 30-mile weekend ride called “Giant Hills of Seattle.”  I only made it half-way but had no problem in the 112 mile event ride a couple of weeks later.
                          TAMMY! - please check Dave’s age or tell him to post the photo with his face all swollen and rashed. .  Thank you.

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                          ultras since 1986,  running barefoot since 1990

                            I'm only 2 years older than Clooney.  Roll eyes


                            My eye started hurting a little so I called the doctor.  They can see me at 5:00.  That means I can put in a full day of work, yipee. Roll eyes Roll eyes

                            Humanity runs on coffee.

                            MM #5616

                              Stumpy, are you getting excited about your marathon?  Checking the long range forecast yet?  Smile


                              Here's a picture from the Deadwood Mickelson Trail marathon on Sunday.


                              I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                                ...MS//........interesting link




                                I put in my symptoms,


                                I've never had a search engine give me the impression I was wasting it's time before.......




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