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Saturday 5/4 or cinco de mayo - 1 (Read 39 times)


    Can't believe I'm first in line today. Lots of racers I guess.


    Ran Indy mini today with 35000 of my closest friends. Perfect weather with a slight headwind for the last 4 miles. Didn't get my goal but ran hard. I need to train more.boys  have another soccer match today. They played 14 year olds last night in a developmental league (our team is 11 and 12 yo) and the ref came over to the bench and mentioned how tough and skilled our kids play. Made me very proud.


    Ok off to he floor project in the bathroom now that I have some miles in the bank. Have a great one everybody.

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      Nice running C-R.  My half-marathon in a couple weeks will be about 3 minutes per mile slower.


      At the risk of causing laughter among the intense runners around here, I did my last "long" run before the Green Bay Half in 2 weeks.  Next week will be medium long 8-9 or so miles.  Today was 12.5.  It took 2 seconds longer than last week's 12.0.  This was the 6th day in a row of running and/or working out and my legs were tired by about mile 7.  I kept telling myself that was a good thing and pushed myself to the end.

      I took an over and back across a highway overpass, and a loop around a tiny lake (more like a pond really.)  No major aches or pains except my lower back which has been sore lately.  All in all, a good run.

      Feeling real tired now.


      For those who skipped Professor Proton (Bob Newhart on the Big Bang Theory), here are a couple clips:

      Humanity runs on coffee.

        Great racing C-R! And kudos to your team of boys!

        Look at Dave59 gear up for his HM! Enjoy the taper time.

        Mariposa hugs to Star and her family.

        Twocat, wild asparagus grows, well wild, around here and you can find them in any abandoned orchard. I have a friend who does not live here anymore and she allows me to pick as much as I want them from her land.


        Dear son #1 came last night for his friend's wedding today, which is this afternoon. This afternoon is the Cinco de Mayo Mexican Folkloric celebration which my Latino group is organizing. Busy day, but all for fun.


        No running today since the Mariposai family is running Bloomsday tomorrow, a 12k race in Spokane WA.

        "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

          Good Morning!


          just a few minutes to pop in before I head over to the High School to watch David in Districts. I'll have to leave there about 2:00 to head home, grab my bags, and go down to the Redwoods so I can try and be there at a decent time to eat dinner and get my stuff ready for tomorrow. Hot day here, but fortunately, David's main event, 300m, is first thing. He starts in 1/2 hr and it's already low 60's. He's about 12 sec off school record for 3000m and his relay team was only 1 sec off school record at prelims on Thursday. He's hoping to break a couple records today, but I hope the heat doesn't sideline that goal and that he's happy no matter how he does.


          Off line til Sunday night when I get home, so have a great weekend everyone. Good Luck to all the racers!


            ...Enjoy DS1's visit mari///////.......Go Get 'Em CR and dave59.......


            ................28min poolrun.........




            just showed Claire

            the Bugs Bunny WWII ''Gremlins from The Kremlin'' cartoon on U-Tube


            she howled///////




            good running guys

            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

              Happy howling TW? I love the Claire tales and somehow I think she gives you and yours a perma-grin.


              Nice running C-R, Dave and all. Here's hoping Your boy breaks those records and more than anything has fun.


              I dropped my kiddo off at the HS at 7:30 am so he could take the SAT subject test in US History (he has the AP US History test in two weeks and then SATs in two weeks after that---testing madness!). I then headed off to the trails behind my alma mater and ran for a blissful hour as the sun climbed and the birds got rowdy. What a gorgeous day. Canada J and Spicy J joined me for about the last 30 minutes and then I headed back to the HS to pick up said kiddo. Dropped him home and I headed next to a free Cross-Fit Clinic. Yowsa.....I have some work to do! Pooped now, but in a good way.


              Happy weekend all.

                ...thanks CNY//...........Perma-Grin is a Perfect Description...


                ........ may have to steal than Line Smile

                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                King of PhotoShop

                  I'm home from St. Louis as of last night, got a good night's sleep and headed over to the park to run this morning.  They were having a 5K there, so not wanting to bandit the race I waited until they started, then tucked in behind everyone just to see where the course went.  Caught up to a guy who looked to be in about my age group and told him I'd pace him in to win his age group.  He did, and that made my day!


                  Gorgeous weather here today. High 40's this morning and not a cloud in the sky.  I fly out again on Monday, this time to Springfield, MO.


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                    Hello everybody!


                    First of all--great run, yesterday, Tom.  You know I want to be just like you when I grow up.


                    Yeah--there are so many cool things going on here...lots of good racing...lots of good runs....lots of nice things that people do for's no wonder I like hanging out in here.


                    I just went for a 12 mile run...1:31:22...the legs are coming back.


                    I start my new job on Monday!  I don't think I've ever been so nervous about starting a new job.  I called the owner, yesterday, just to make sure everything was still a go and he said he felt sorry for me because there is a ton of work to do.  Yep...I'm nervous.


                    Okay--I'd better get going...see ya.

                      Mike E, you will do fine.

                      Tammy, hope the heat doesn't hurt David, and I hope your race tomorrow stays cool.

                      I was in bed by 8pm last night, exciting times.  Just felt like I'd been hit by a truck.

                      Still feel that way, sore shoulder, hard to lift my arm.  This is all from the fall I took yesterday.

                      I did go for 4 lovely trail miles this morning, in 61F.  Just woke up from a nap, not sure why I'm so pooped.


                      It is an exceptionally sunny warm day.  So I plan to do nothing the rest of the day!

                      "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                        I didn't have to worry about overheating for my race today. 25° and icy when I left the house. Got in a 1 mile warm up and then headed to the start, but found they'd moved it! Apparently the original course was flooded by the first turn so they re-routed around the other side of the neighborhood. Still several puddles and many runners went right through them. Not me, I have new shoes and didn't want to get them wet! Also, I was going to run more after the race and didn't want wet feet. Just before mile 1 was a real icy stretch they'd spread sand on a narrow portion and we all had to mince our way through that. Then along a bike path with new snow over rutted ice. Yowza, several slips there. After that it was pretty good, but did see a guy in front a ways slip and fall at the corner by mile 2 so took it easy there. Finished in 23:03 by my Garmin, which is pretty amazing considering my fitness level now (or lack thereof) and the conditions on the course. My PR on this course is 22:20 from 2010, and last year after Boston I ran it in 22:49, both in just about perfect conditions. So... this was a good day! Then I ran another 4 miles and change to get me a little over 8 for the day, right as planned.


                        I haven't had a run go as well as I'd hoped in a long time, so today was good even with the cold and ice!


                        Hope David does well today. We all seem to follow his progress like he was our own kid! You've got a lot to be proud of there, Tammy.


                        tomwhite, too funny about the choice of cartoons. Those weren't exactly "politically correct" or even very nice, really. But yeah, funny as hell.

                        mustang sally

                        Bad faerie

                          Just 5km paper-baggish.


                          That is all.

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                            Busy day here, which started with a 5-mile run, then 3 very satisfying hours digging in my garden, moving a big patch of daylilies and digging out a fencepost to enlarge my little patch.  Then after cleanup and lunch, off to watch DD's softball game (won 9-1).


                            DH and I have a wedding to go to this evening.  I just got back from buying the gift and card (we both thought the other had taken care of that).  Roll eyes


                            Got to scoot...Happy Saturday!

                            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                              I just want everybody to know Holly S. is my heroine!  Thanks to her efforts I have a bottle of Wyoming Whiskey on its way into my hot little hands!  Wahoo!  Big grin


                              Ran 10 miles with my local Joggers Club.  For once I did not get dropped.  Roll eyes  I am not sure what happened.  Slow day for the others is all I guess.


                              The weather here is really nice and that made me think it is time to start smoking meats again!  I have a rib rack out right now.  To go with it I have a celery root slaw (an amazingly good recipe you can find on my Allrecipes page and I highly recommend trying it) plus a pear and pomegranate salad.  No starches since tomorrow will be a major potato day!  The two students who were my teaching assistants for the student trip to Ireland that I lead in March are coming over for dinner along with their spouses for a farewell dinner tomorrow.  I am doing an Irish themed dinner for them and that means potatoes!  The only question is whether or not I go totally authentic and have two potato dishes or just one.  Right now I am going with one but we will see.  The main dish will be a beef and Guinness stew that I am making with Murphy's stout instead.  I am making the swap since one of the businesses we visited on the trip was the Murphy's distillery.  If you have never tried it I recommend doing so, it is quite good.

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                              Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                                Using the Vancouver Half tomorrow as a training run...secret goal is to break 2 hours....hoping it's not too hot....super secret goal would be in the 1:40s...but that's just crazy!!!



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