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Halloween Daily, 10.31.12 (Read 323 times)

    Gorgeous photos, Troy!  The water was like glass!


    4 miles this a.m. in very windy conditions.  Between the crap blowing in my face and pushing against the strong headwind, I'm sure I burned a couple of extra calories (wishful thinking, wishful thinking). 


    The rain is coming down pretty good right now, ensuring a wet Halloween.  Our church is holding a Halloween Carnival (it does every year), so The Hub and I are working one of the games.  Last year they had over 2500 kids/people walk through the doors.  The whole thing is free, including hotdogs, water, cotton candy, etc.  One of the biggest community outreach programs it has every year.  I'm looking forward to being a part of it.

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    Trail Runner Nation think the one I saw had fenders for water and mud.....

       I got a comfort bike this year with fenders.  (Haven't actually ridden in the rain yet. Roll eyes )


      And so it goes

      MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

        thanks for the Seattle update erika.

        bring raincoat for long run from downtown up/back to Discovery Park..

        I think that's where enke had her recent race.



        How are you doing enke?

        quads still sore but my first post-Carkeek

        day w/o any pain or hurting just to stand up 


        I hope mariposai doesn't have to drive across state like that though.


        The Seattle In Unity We Run Marathon that's been commemorating the famed NYC Marathon being held in 2001 against all odds has indicated that New York City has given the go-ahead for this year's NYC Marathon too that ilene has OM in too. .  

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           I got a comfort bike this year with fenders.  (Haven't actually ridden in the rain yet. Roll eyes )


          looks GOOD dave//.......what is it??



          can you ADD fenders to these things


          is it better to BUY one with fenders??



          I know Squat about bikes.

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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            Last track workout before the marathon. Of course, it's not 100% certain there will BE a marathon, but I got my workout in and it felt fabulous! Turns out 9:00 is MP for me, and the 800m and 1600m repeats I did at that pace felt really easy, almost too slow... I've also not run for the past two days, due to that bit of difficult weather here lately... Wink


            Still no power at home, nor water, but my mom's house is bright and warm and flushable, so we've been spending some hours here during the day. Mom is away in Israel for the month; wonder if Henry and Marj saw her??


            I have no clue what's been going on here lately, but I just wanted to pop in and say hi. Here's to running happy and healthy, all! Smile

              coastwalker safe but no power soon I fear!  I have heard others say a standup desk has a lot of advantages.  I hope it works out for you.  I am not sure how I would react to working upright all day.  Heck, when at home I mostly work lying on a couch!


              tomwhite well, hike or no hike I do hope the PT is helping.


              Slo_Hand uh yuck!


              buehrle never know on Halloween what (not who!) is following!


              henrun good luck getting back home.  They only opened JFK and Newark to limited flights this afternoon in NYC.  I imagine the flight networks are a total mess.


              Mtnchk1 what happened is pretty amazing.  The beach areas in my town were really clobbered.  Sand and debris everywhere.


              Mariposai man you have to talk to whoever is in charge of your weather!  No rain an fires for weeks on end then rain, rain, rain.  The person in charge needs to get the rain and sun mixed up from day to day not all concentrated like that!


              rochrunner I do admire swimmers.  I cannot bring myself to do laps day in an day out like some can.  Maybe if they displayed a movie along the bottom of the pool . . . hmm I wonder if there is a market for that . . . 


              Dave59 if you get around to it just hire somebody.


              rhoon phast as always the pictures are just amazing!


              Holly S. what do you mean only two more years!  There are Halloween parties for the big kids!


              fatozzig the carnival sounds like great fun!  So, do you dress up for it?


              tetsujin209 yep the NYC marathon is on.  Now if they can only figure out how to get people into NYC with the airports and tunnels closed and then to the start with the subways out and then . . .  This is not going to be easy.


              OrangeMat well I hope you get your power on soon.  Heck, I hope I get mine back soon too!  Looking at the outage maps though it seems like this is going to be a long, long haul.


              Until my power returns my plan is to more or less live at my office.  Here there is heat and electricity at least.  Back home I guess I will continue to shower at my physical therapist's facility.  Tomorrow I see a doctor about my ankle to find out why it is not 100% already!  Angry  My guess is that he will just tell me to give it some more time seeing as it is healing, if healing awfully slowly.

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              Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                No dressing up for the workers.  We all have to wear white T-shirts so we know who the workers are.


                Twocat - Has the issue with your ankle ever been diagnosed?  If you told us already, sorry for not remembering.  I hope you get some more definitive answers from your PT.


                What's a comfort bike?

                Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


                Trail Runner Nation

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                  What's a comfort bike?


                  It's a lie......


                  Twocat - love your avatar!  Sorry you still have no power, though.


                  OM - I heard a little about the trouble with NY Marathon on the news.  Hopefully it will all go smoothly.  I'm glad you're okay.


                  Okay, let's talk about the Kentucky Derby Marathon 2013 - April 27, 2013.  Anyone running it?  I've been invited to join 3 other women for the weekend and run that.  Sounds like a seriously good time.  Probably not much sleep involved.....

                  Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                    5 miles in the wind and rain this morning, sorry I haven't posted in a couple of days....busy,busy,busy...

                    Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip



                      What's a comfort bike?


                      ..I'm not really sure, but millbott likes 'em,,,,,and they look Solid



                      they're easy on the Tuckus.

                      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                      aka FlyingFinn

                        Hi, all.


                        ~50 minutes running, 36F, light drizzle and breezy.


                        It’s great to hear the East Coasters are safe and sound.


                        Awesome pictures, rhoon.


                        tw, cool. If it ends up not being comfortable you can always blame millbot.


                        Leslie, your carnival sounds like fun. And your uniform white shirt reminded me, for some reason, of this blue shirt  prank.


                        I just got home from trick or treating with the boyz. The older one, 7, kept track of how many pieces of candy he had. “I have…21….36….40!” The younger one, 4, said “I have lots.” The older one wanted to get up to 40 and go home. The younger one said “One more house. Just one more.”

                        When they got home and counted Brian had 46 pieces, not 40, and was happy until he found out Donovan had over 50. We think Donovan might have taken more than a single serving when invited to help himself at a couple of the houses. Roll eyes  They sounded a little like runners...counting candy and houses instead of miles.

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                          tc  and om - glad your safe and as an ex-electric guy, I know they are hustling. We sent over 20 crews from Indiana plus other areas did the same. Hopefully they can get the power back in the next day or so.


                          Stand up desk Jay. I've a friend who swears by them. He also has a chair with no back. Sort of kneeling thing and he loves that too.


                          Troy - those are breath taking photos. Just to even things up, I will find some corn field or soybean field pics so you can enjoy Indiana.


                          Comfort bike. When compared to running, any bike is a comfort bike. Big grin


                          Continued the weight machine trend today. 40 minutes of upper body and then 5 miles. I will feel that tomorrow.

                          Treating went well for the kids. Between the three of them, they scored over 40 lbs of candy. Too bad I'm on a diet. Good thing is it will last them for the next six months. They enjoy sweets in moderation. Must have gotten that from their mom.


                          Have a great evening all.

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                            We're home- no trouble with our flights and minimal damage in Boston- we didn't lose any power. 

                            OM- we didn't see your mother. I'm sure she's enjoying the great weather there.

                            Marathon Maniac #3309

                               Any good looking shirtless men running it?  I've been invited to join 3 other women.  Sounds like a seriously good time.  Probably not much sleep involved.....

                               I have not been here in a while....lurk sometimes. But I couldn't resist.....


                              I'm planning a spring marathon....sleep is over rated



                              Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

                                Sorry that I haven't been keeping up here but it's been a crazy week for me. I did get in a few runs including 5.25 on a new route tonight before we left the house to escape Halloween. 


                                Last Wednesday I left for a quilting retreat (sounds kind of dumb, I know!).  When I stopped at mom's to remind her I'd be gone till Sunday, she was in bed with her P.J.'s on at 2:30 in the afternoon.  She was quite confused and thought it was bedtime.  She must have asked me 6 times what time it was. I helped her get dressed and went downstairs with her where she sits to read the paper.  The RA’s are supposed to escort her to meals and back so I felt comfortable leaving her.
                                All weekend long I was worried about her. On Friday I found out that she had been in the lobby all day on Thursday.  They called MrStarr and said that they had an opening in the Memory Care wing and wanted to talk to me ASAP.  We met with the nurse and staff on Monday and decided to move her.  The movers could come on Tuesday (yesterday) or Nov. 19th!  So, yesterday was moving day.  We moved the extra stuff to our extra house and will have an auction along with our extra stuff at a later date.
                                I’ve been there twice today and she seems to be getting along quite well.  She has trouble remembering how to use the phone or the remote control, but that confuses me sometime too!


                                I don’t know where I’d be right now without having sobriety and my faith to cling to.  Running has given me something else to focus on and provides that needed stress relief.  Bubble baths are nice too!  


                                p.s. I cancelled mom's appt. with the endocrinologist to discuss her options for hyperthyroidism.  My endocr. that I saw last Tuesday said he'd probably not do anything because it would cause her to go hyper, then hypo and then back again.  I think staying on Tapazole is best for her right now.  Thanks for all the helpful advice and info.