Masters Running


Halloween Daily, 10.31.12 (Read 323 times)

MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

     Any good looking shirtless men running it in tights, if not capris?  I've been invited to join 3 women. Sounds like a seriously good time.  Probably not much sleep involved.....

     hope it works out for you tim.

    just seein' if being in shape from winter ski racing in those days was good enough to run annual marathons

    since 1977 and triathlons of all distances to IM since 1978 without that much, if any, training. Yippee, it was. 

      I got a laugh out of Holly's "it's a lie" response to the question, "What is a comfort bike?"  (If I knew how to double quote like some of you I would have done that here.)


      Comfort bike is somewhat of an oxymoron.  Especially if you ride infrequently as I do.


      I know nothing about bikes.  I wanted one with a nice seat and one where I didn't have to be bent over to reach the handle bars.  I went to the bike shop here in town and tried out a few models.  The one I ended up with is a "Specialized" and the model is "Crossroads".  I saw a bike with fenders and thought that would be a good idea so I had them put some on the bike I picked.  If I was even slightly mechanically inclined I probably could have done that myself.


      I got a couple bags that clip on the back rack and I ride down to the corner store for supplies now and then.  At the rate I am using the bike, it will pay for itself in saved gasoline in just 875 years.

      And so it goes