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    I thought for sure I had to be missing the daily somewhere. . .  Where are our eastie's?


    Ran 3.8 in the heat last night. Deep tissue leg massage today. A couple miles tomorrow, then 26 or more on Sunday. I have a feeling it's going to warmer than I typically like for a race. . .


    Anyone else around today or are you all recovering from MayDay celebrations?


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      I'm replying so you don't think you are here alone. I have nothing to add otherwise.  Smile

      The tangents are moot.




      Good Grief!

        This eastie was at work at 7:00 AM. Today's a scheduled rest day. Might go for a long walk this afternoon since it's supposed to get into the 70s.

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          Good morning!  I'm here...kind of.  The boys at work had a going away party for me yesterday..t went a little too long...and I had way too much to drink.  Tomorrow is my official going away party...boy, they must be happy to get rid of me with all the celebrating going on.  I really do not feel like I deserve any of this.  I've only been here for 10 months and I really don't feel that I have contributed a whole lot.  But...I rarely say no to free beer.

            6.24 miles for me this morning.


            A heads up to any fellow Bob Newhart fans.  Bob is going to be on the Big Bang Theory tonight as Professor Proton.  Don't miss it.  There will be a quiz tomorrow.

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              then 26 or more on Sunday. I have a feeling it's going to warmer than I typically like for a race. . .


              Anyone else around today or are you all recovering from MayDay celebrations?


              tammy - have a wonderful 26.2 miles through the impressive redwoods.  

              posie - have a bloomin' good wedding cake for your friend this weekend, . . . and anything else you might be doing.

              ps  tammy - be happy you moved out of Seattle while the gettin' was good.



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                Thanks Tet. i'm looking forward to it. I'm disappointed in my lack of training and am not seeing a PR for this one but it doesn't matter because it'll still be a beautiful course and what's not to love about being able to run 26.2 in Redwood Forest? it's almost magical.


                Since when did dancing around the may pole to celebrate May Day go to riots and mayhem?  those kids need more may poles and more dancing.


                mustang sally

                Bad faerie

                  Tammy, I think you're in a great mind-space for this marathon.  I hope it is a wonderful experience.


                  Spun a hard cadence workout on the ferry yesterday afternoon, will run :35 EZ some time today.  When that will fit is a bit of a mystery, but I'm sure I can find :35 not otherwise required by my employer, my children, my hairdresser, and my volunteer board some time between now and 10:00 tonight.


                  The dust-bunnies can spend another day unmolested.

                    Tammy, Tag wants to go with you Sunday.As much for the trees as anything else.


                    Hi Dallas


                    Mike, a lot of became fond of you right after you started posting here. Don't be surprised if your co workers are the same.


                    Thanks for the reminder Dave59


                    +1 for more poles and dancing. Those pictures are simply sad.


                    Tag and I went for either 41/4 miles or 4 1/2..My next 10k is on pavement, so we've been headed out the front door. No bye bye rides to trails. In order to reduce the fartleks, I've put a 4ft bungee cord on the leash. When he starts to bolt, he feels the tension before he hangs himself. It's saved my shoulders as well.


                      I called the Controller of our Company today and she mentioned that she's working on the 10K for the SEC.  I guess I've been running too much because my first thought was that she was working on a race for the South Eastern Conference.  Joking


                      No running for me today.  My left hip is acting up a little so i decided to sleep in and give it a rest.  I don't want that flaring up again....



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                        Have a great race this weekend, Tammy! I finished my packing yesterday, so I'm just sort of vegging today. Got out late this morning and literally ran my errands today, 4.5 easy miles' worth. Leaving early tomorrow morning, once I pick up my three dozen bagels at 6am (I was just finalizing the order today, Wildchild Wink ). Looking forward to a fun birthday weekend, regardless how my race goes!

                          ...Good Thinking Burger/////




                          100 min hike yesterday

                          42 min poolrun....


                          Claire (5) is Visiting,,,,,,,,,last night she said


                          ''I wish you were your Old Self''


                          ''what?????'' I sez


                          ''when your leg hurts you can't play when MiMi gives me a bath''


                          ...this morning we did FOUR SETS of


                          Declined Presses

                          Crunches with weight

                          and Lat Raises,,,,,,,,,,alternated with 3min-x-bike Standing...............not bad for 5-Years Old


                          I did pretty good too

                          .................good running guys........

                          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....



                            +1 for more pole dancing.



                            not what you originally typed, but this is what I saw. . . . skimming always gets me in trouble Roll eyes


                            You have a great marathon too, OM!!! I have a feeling I'll be figuring out how to dress to stay cool, while you might have to figure out how to stay warmer. didn't they just get dumped with a bunch of snow?


                            King of PhotoShop

                              I wonder if Dallas is from Dallas.  Report in here will you?


                              My penultimate day here in St. Louis and it's really coming together.  Should be home tomorrow for dinner.


                              Slept in this morning. No run.  Spareribs

                              Hoodoo Guru

                                Dallas is from Nashville. Dallas is a nickname going back to high school when I used to wear tube socks (remember those) with the Dallas Cowboy colors to soccer practice.

                                The tangents are moot.