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The Book Club - Name Your Favorites or Latest Recommendations (Read 1500 times)

    I read quite a bit.  I like a bit of adventure and action.  Most of my books come from the local library.  Some of the authors I like who come to mind are: Clive Cussler, James Lee Burke, W.E.B. Griffon, Stuart Woods, Robert Parker, Sara Paretsky, Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, John Grisham, Robert Ludlum, Tammy Hoig, and Nevada Barr.  Usually, I read without putting too much thought into what I'm reading and then forget what I've read quite quickly.  It's neat seeing a lot of my favorites mentioned by others.



      Love threads like this. One can get great suggestions.

      My favorites of all time are (includes when I was young):


      --The Hardy Boys books

      - Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

      --Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy Trilogy by Douglas Adams

      --Lord of The RIngs  by JRR Tolkien

      --The Stand by Stephen King

      --Gone Baby Gone (and anything else by Dennis Lehane)

      --Ultramarathon Man: Confessions of an all night runner  by Dean Karnazes

      --The Vampire Chronicles (with the best being Vampire Lestat/Queen of The Damned/Tale Of The Body Thief trio) by Anne Rice 

      --The Exorcist by WIlliam Peter Blatty (first scary book I ever read, when I was 13)

      --Running With The Buffaloes by Chris Lear

      --No One Here Gets Out Alive by Jerry Hopkins and Danny Sugerman (biography of Jim Morrison and The Doors)

      --Illusions by Richard Bach

      --One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest  by Ken Kesey

      --Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger

      --I enjoyed these when I was 9 :>Wink



        by tomwhite........60-days after I got one



        .......goto account


        find ''manage my kindle''


        click on it and use ''delete'' keys to dump books


        my DD2 had

        to show me




        currently reading Free Kindle Book ''OpenSeason'' by archer mayer.........quite well written


        the trick

        is to find ONE free book,

         scroll down and click on SuggestedBooks to get some other about 12 downloaded so I'm set for the winter

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          TomWhite - I haven't looked over the free books - I'll have to check that out.  Thanks!

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            I LOVED Glass Castle (I read that awhile ago).  I just finished Cutting for Stone by...hmmm don;'t remember but it was a great read.  I am curren tly reading The Traiter's WIfe by Kathlene Kent which is a bit slow going right now but I am told it will pick up.  Another recent favorite was Alice but I can't remember that author either

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              Mike Sharra--A Killer Angel

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              I am now just reading the Harry Potter series, I know I am little late.


                I am now just reading the Harry Potter series, I know I am little late.

                 It is never late to read a good series. I read them all in three different languages...what can I say...

                I had to check the accuracy of the translation

                Big grin

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                  11/22/63 by Stephen King was EXCELLENT, albeit a touch long. Next up, Replay by Ken Grimwood.

                    Have all of you read "Bowerman And The Men of Oregon" by Kenny Moore?   If you like running, biographies, Oregon history, history of Nike, or racing, you will like this book.  Can't put it down. 

                      I read Men of Oregon, good read.  My family has all the Harry Potter books, each has their on copies of , US version, British version, and one son has several in German, and the other son several in French, as well as audio book versions and Kindle.  Rowling made a lot of money off Marathon's family. 


                      Side note I believe it was when the 5 th book came out  we were in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We got in line to buy our 4 copies, British version, at 10pm, found out that if we had preordered from that store she was signing your copies while you waited upstairs, no luck!!!


                      We were able to have coffee and tea in the Elephant House, a little tea shop Rowling's brother-inlaw owned in Edinburgh, were the first book was mostly written, of course this is not the original location, it moved to a larger place after the books got popular.

                         It is never late to read a good series. I read them all in three different languages...what can I say...

                        I had to check the accuracy of the translation

                        Big grin



                        I LOVE YOU!!  Big grin  and I love this thread!! 


                        Sorry I havent added anything, but I just havent been able to organize my thoughts -- love seeing so many books on here that I have thoroughly enjoyed as well!!   Don't think I saw Born to Run by Christopher McDougall here yet .... awesome book for those of us who love to run!!



                          Holly, I'm so glad you started this thread!       One of the first threads I remember on Cool Running was a book suggestion thread... I think I even printed it.   I ended up finding several authors I liked from that.


                          Thanks for all of the suggestions, it's always great to find new authors.   When I find one I like I tend to inhale their books & then am all deflated when they're all gone.    ; )  


                          Just a couple from me for now...anybody who likes Sue Grafton would probably like S. J. Rozan's books... especially her series about a detective named Lydia Chin.            A little along the line of Lee Child (I really like his writing, but his books are a little too violent for me, I finally gave up on him) is David Baldacci.   He has a few different casts of characters.. One set is in Simple Genius (really like that one) & a few others.  I forget the names.   Another I really liked .. I think a series of 4, starts with The Camel Club.   May have to read that one again.  : ).


                          I'm in a non-fiction mode right now.. I'm reading (again) In Search of Schrodinger's Cat by John Gribbin.   I like it a lot.  I just ordered the next version.. Schrodinger's Kittens & the Search for Reality.    Also in the mix right now are The Day We Found the Universe. by Marcia Bartusiak, & A Grand and Bold Thing, by Ann  Finkbeiner.   All really good authors, at least I think so.   Sort of all in the physics or astronomy arena.


                          I loved Born to Run, of course!

                            I loved Born to Run too.  In fact, my non-runner, non-bibliophile husband picked it up after I was finished and read the whole thing.....Whoa!


                            Now I just saw a new store in our town called "Born to Run" - they sell only "minimalist" shoes.


                            Anyone read Malcolm Gladwell's "Tipping Point"?  That is what came to mind when I saw the Born to Run store.

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                              William James

                              ''The Varieties of Religious Experience''..............fascinating.

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                                Just finished listening to Unbroken on audiobooks yesterday as I was driving to and from my race.   Several of you recommended it, and I was happy to find it at the library.  Amazing story, but I agree with Skip that it might give you nightmares.  Today I saw on the news that it's Remembrance Day, the 70th anniversary of the executive order sending thousands of Japanese Americans to internment camps during WWII.  Kind of the other side of the coin.  Human nature can be pretty appalling.

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