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    No run planned today, I am doing long run Saturday, Crim coarse and then some.  I see alot of Flying Monkey's out there.  We used to live near Harpeth River when I was a kid, also Tom's area I believe.  Ran a nice 5 miles the other afternoon near Saginaw Mi It is a National wildlife refuge, flat , gravelroads and lots of wildlife saw 3 bald eagles together, 2 mature and an adolescent.  The DW  and I drove thru the othe rnight and saw over 100 deer, nice place to run and to visit.  Have a good weekend all

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      Hi MD.  Wow!  3 eagles.  That must have been some sight.  Today the Saint ran on the Campion Trail in Irving and she and her RP saw a wild boar. The boar was not the least intimidated and trotted along near them for a bit before going back into the woods.


      2.3 brisk miles for me, then a good brisk walk with the dog, who I vow to get into shape. It's a shame the way I run all these miles but can't make time to exercise the dog.


      So you can now see that some of these trivia questions are pretty tough as there are ten States that the Mississippi River either borders or flows through.  But some of the questions are pretty easy, and this next one should be one of those.  Fredericton is the capital of what Canadian province?  Spareribs


        New Brunswick, of course (still a Canadian at heart).

          New Brunswick, of course (still a Canadian at heart).




          Hi Derrick, Ribs and Henry!


          Am envious of all the wildlife sightings.  A boar would seriously intimidate me.

          Didn't see anything more dangerous than a chipmunk during the 8 hours in the woods last weekend, but the 100 mile winner did see the south end of a northbound bear during the night.Shocked


          No run today, but did a short gym workout before lunch. Got to keep those hip and core muscles up to snuff.

          .....Nancy The road to hell is paved....... run trails!

          Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

            I once ran across a small boar on our road when running home one day.   Seriously - it was a boar - but no one really believed me until there was a TV report about wild pigs in our area.    Since my husband went boar hunting once he had shared with me what to do if a boar ever charges you (of course I could not remember this at the time).   Stand still and let it run at you and then jump to the side because they cannot turn that fast.      I'd rather not have to test that theory......


            "My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
            It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."



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              It scared me anyway but, once, when hiking up Mt. Fuji (12,388') from the base at Fujiyoshida, I thought a sudden wild crashing through the thinning trees near the popular Kawaguchi-ko Fifth Station trailhead at 7,500' was a wild boar  ( inoshishi -  猪   )  but it just turned out to be an inept deer.   ( shika -   鹿  ).   I hope Holly sees the largest of the Cervidae family (over 1,800 pounds) along the 26.2 miles of the Equinox Marathon, if not in Erika's back yard.  Rhoon too (but in nobody's back yard).


              Alces alces 

              Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."

              T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


                (((clumsy, inept deer everywhere)))


                (((friendly boars who can't turn on a dime)))


                OK, who else can I hug today?

                Day off for me.  I saw some finches yesterday...that's about it.

                MM #6177

                  5 miles today, which included a preview of the 5k I'll be doing next weekend. Got back in the car and this song was playing on the radio... and I swear, I couldn't help dancing in my seat for the entire ride home, just like the little guy in the video. Such joy! Smile



                    If you run into a tyrannosaur, stay real still because they can't detect you if you aren't moving.


                    I'm back from my week of working in WV.  Had a good trip, got a lot done, and ran every day (twice on Sunday and Tuesday.)


                    Looking forward to hearing about the Equinox adventures.

                    And so it goes

                      If you run into a tyrannosaur, stay real still because they can't detect you if you aren't moving.




                      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                        No wildlife sightings here in MN today except for some birds on the lake being quite noisy. 


                        Happy anniversary to the Coastwalkers yesterday! 


                        No running for me today either but it would have been a perfect day for a long run.  I am off work today but DD and the grandkids still aren't here yet.  I expected them last night but plans changed.  I should be canning tomatoes too, Mariposai, but I've read that you're supposed to stay off your feet the day before a race.  I went to the apple orchard and bought some pretty sad looking apples.  The hail storm in May did a lot of damage to them.


                        The King Turkey Day parade is tomorrow afternoon and there were people setting out chairs out on Main Street yesterday morning!  Only in small town, America.  The Texan race team arrived today with their turkey, Ruby Begonia.  Our turkey is named Paycheck, because it goes so fast.  Both towns claim the title "Turkey Capital of the World" so the race is in two heats, one here and then in Cuero in October.


                        I'm looking forward to Erika & Holly's race reports.  Hope they have good weather.  We should be around 65° at race time tomorrow with a breezy 15mph wind.  I'm glad it's not cold and rainy.


                        Good running and have a great weekend everyone.

                          No wildlife experiences this week, so far.  Tomorrow, though, maybe I'll get lucky.


                          This morning, I spent an hour of cat napping, between 5:00 and 6:00, and telling myself to get up and workout.  I finally got up and did the hour of core/strength training I had scheduled for myself.


                          Brought the boss' dog into the office where I was doing bookkeeping work this morning.  Sweet, but still young.  Left her to her own devices for maybe 10 min, and when I got back, she'd pulled some of my paperwork off the table and had been in the process of shredding it.  Bad dog!  She needs to be on dog-shaming.  I looked at that web site for the first time yesterday and spent most of my lunch hour cracking up.  It's a hoot!


                          Okay - It's still lunch time, but I have a ton to do before I leave today, so no rest for the wicked.  Am working through my lunch hour.

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                            I think a boar encounter would scare me. Yikes!




                            We love that site Leslie!


                            Taggy had a rough day. His infection erupted at 5:30 AM. We cleaned it up and I took him with me to work. At eeach stop he got cleaned up and affection and treats. A stop at the vets on the way home earned him the cone of shame.


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                              Hello from Alaska!


                              Erika and I ran and walked a short bit of the steepest part of tomorrow's marathon so I could see what I am in for.  From far away, Esther Dome looks like a lovely round wooded hill, but when you get on top, you can see for miles and miles - it's much higher in elevation than it looks from a distance.  The trees are so lovely here right now, the aspens and birches bright yellow against the evergreens.  Weather looks like it will be very good tomorrow, 30's at the start, nearly 50 at the finish.  Should be beautiful.


                              DD called me at 3:15am this morning to ask me what the synonym of "disbelief" was, and could she wear my Flying Monkey shirt.....oh yes, it was 7:15 EST.....Big grin

                              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                                GOOD LUCK, Erica and Holly - - - AND HAVE FUN!!!

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