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Tuesday again (didn't we have one just last week?) 1.15.13 (Read 340 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    Welcome back, Henry - it's good to see you running again!


    Interesting report (Darwin...Dating), Twocat. I was trying to find a way to poke some holes in it, but ultimately decided not to go there...


    Congrats on the Honor Guard selection, Lundenrunner!


    Looking forward to your return, Karin. Stay well until then.


    Sorry about all the technology issues and extra time required to deal with them, Mainrunnah.


    Nice column on pacing, Ribs. There is always something to be learned...


    I learned a few days ago that the job my group has been doing at Boston, checking splits and bib numbers for all the leaders at the 10-mile mark, is being eliminated. They finally have enough faith in the reliability of all the electronic timing devices along the course than we mere humans are expendable. Fortunately, the head volunteer coordinator is trying to find another assignment that will enable our group to stay together. It is beginning to look like we might be reassigned to the corrals in Hopkinton.


    I slept too late this morning, and missed my workout window. So I stayed in and did a lot of core work (including my planks) instead. Tomorrow's another day.


    Have a great day!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      ..mornin' jay//.............there'll always be a place for Good Help.......


      Congratulations lyndenrunner/////




      30's here but no icing, some sleet expected later in the day


      32min poolrun,

      only the HardCore showed up,,,,,,,,it was nice to have the place to ourselves..


      double wgt sessions



      ................good running guys

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

        Good morning Jay and Pirate and all who follow.


        Henry, great to see running again! It sure must feel good to be on the road again.

        Once again a huge congrats to Gordon!

        Econo, great to see you back here. Any Ben update?


        No running for me just yet. I was up early enough to fit in a run, but I was communicating with my son #2 who is stuck in London with a delay of his plane. We are scheduled to drive to Spokane to pick him up later this afternoon, now we are debating if we shouldn't get a hotel there tonight just in case he does not make it tonight. Ohh I tell you, sometimes it is a drag to be a hillbilly Joking. The good news is that I have taken the afternoon off, which will allow me to fit in a run and catch up with homecaring.


        Ok folks, I long to hear some good jazz today. Share your favorite youtube links, would ya!

        "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

        King of PhotoShop

          My experience has always been that people are not given honors by accident.  They get honored because they have deserved it. Well done Gordon.  We're all happy for you.


          OM and Holly, I think the real answer lies in what is meant by "pacing."  For example, if you are helping someone break 50 in the 8K, or about ten minute miles, if what she needs is your encouragement and side by side companionship, then I suppose running alongside her and relying on her to maintain the pace is just fine.  But if she thinks that because you are a more experienced runner and can feel the ten minute pace and wants you to maintain it, then you must do so, and if that means that you keep it up while she lags behind, you have to give her that target.


          I remember when I was trying to break 20 minutes in the 5K, I kept missing it by just a few seconds.  If my pacer had kept the desired pace, I may have done a better job of forcing myself to stay with him, but he just ran alongside me.


          In Saturday's race my friend Suann ran the pace she thought I should be running, as I told her early in the race that I was trying to hold 8:30's.  Of course in the last mile I was dying. Didn't bother her. She just kept up that pace and kept yelling encouragement to me.  I worked very hard to stay with her, much more than I would have done if she had simply run alongside me.  Then I would have slowed.  First time I ever puked after a race.


          Snow today and what we call "Thunder Snow" but my RP and I got out in it and did 6.  Now I'm off to Springfield, MO.  Be back Thursday.  Spareribs

          Trails are hard!

            Was able to sleep in a little this morning as my jury pool of yesterday got held over another day becasue they hadn't filled the jury by 4:30 yesterday.  I got in for my interview about 9:30 this morning and my tale of woe was apparently enough for the judge to dismiss me.  i was very happy as it was for a murder trial for a murder that happened in 1969 and was schduled to last almost 2 weeks.  If I remember properly, it came about last year when one of the three alleged pariticpants couldn't bear the guilt and confessed.  it was a bunch of teenagers arguing over a girlfriend.  Shocked  the fact that I remember even that much from the newpaper article may have been a bigger reason why I got excused than I'll miss two important business trips.  glad to do my civic duty, but even more so to be excused.


            Before hand, I did get out for 3.25 miles on a nice 37° morning.  Now off to Memphis for a couple of days, where it appears that it will be colder than around here.

            Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


              Wow - it's a slow day here. Usually a lot more visitors by now.


              Welcome back Mariposai. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your family. Will you be posting some pictures of your vacation?


              Good for getting out of jury duty Kevin. My DH is a part time baliff for the county court system here. He comes home with some pretty interesting stories.


              I did a really stupid thing this morning. Had a great run - 6 miles at a 9:15 pace which is fast for me these days. I came home and was feeling pretty good. While brewing a pot of coffee, I decided to channel my inner Olga Corbet by grabbing hold of the kitchen counter with one hand and our island with the other, then swing my legs out to stretch them. Well, I lost my grip and landed on our hardwood floor right on my tailbone. I'm a hurtin' dog right now and I'm a little freaked that I did something to my back again. I tried stretching out on a foam roller but there's something definitely going on and it's too painful. I took some Aleve. Do I wait it out and hope it's just muscle bruises or call the doc?

                Steve, I'm glad your daughter is ok after her driving scare.  henrun, how great that you are able to run again.  lynden, congrats on being selected for the Honor Guard.  jlynne, I hope the fall induced back issues are nothing serious.


                Nice long runs for ribs, lynden, Mike, and mari.


                This morning, my wife had an appointment with a pain doctor in Saginaw.  He gave her some sort of shot in her back in hopes of alleviating the sciatica pain she's been having for a while.  Since they said she'd be under anesthesia for an hour or two, I wore  my running duds and got in 7 miles while she was being treated.  The temp was in the mid teens, it was almost calm, and I found roads and sidewalks that were clear of ice.  My pace was 10:23.  I got back to the pain clinic well before my wife came out of the procedure so that timing was good.  Now we have to wait a bit to see if the shot does what it's supposed to.  She's scheduled for two more shots at two week intervals.  She was told that some people find relief after one and that's all they get.  Some take two, some all three, and some, unfotunately, don't get relief from the shots.  We've got out fingers crossed.


                A good day and good runs for all.



                  Here's hoping for the best for your wife Tom.


                  Jlynne - sorry about the fall. Sometimes the anxiety of the event can cause some issues too. Hope you get well soon.


                  Posia is back. Hope your son gets home safe and soon.


                  Gordon - well done. As Ribs said. Those are earned and not given.


                  Ribs - funny story on pacing. I paced a friend to a sub 2 in a HM. I stayed about two feet in front of him and kept up the chatter. At one point in mile 12 he mentioned throwing me a beating. When we crossed the line in 1:58 he actually gave me a hug. Of course at the time I wasn't quite sure what was coming. In Nov I paced another friend to a sub 2 but we ran alongside the whole time for a 1:56. Both were a blast.


                  Sounds like a nasty case Stumpy. I've been called a couple of times but when they learn I'm an engineer, I get excused pretty quick. DW says attorneys hate engineers if its non-technical. Glad you can make your business trip.


                  I actually ran a workout today. Left achilles has been bothering me but I pushed through. 7 miles total in just over 50 min with 3 miles at 10k pace. I need a nap but have too much works.



                  "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                  "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                    5.1 miles at lunch time today. sunny, but oh so cold!


                    MM #6177

                      Ouch Jlynne! It's been a couple hours since your post, so I'm hoping the Aleve helped and that you're doing better now.


                      Thanks for the clarification Ribs, that does make sense. Now that I think of it, for someone to pace me, I'd want them just a step or so ahead of me. For my friend, being next to her and urging her forward at her best ability was appropriate for her. Turns out she needed a tiny walk break (about 15-20 seconds) after a rather short and steep hill in the last mile. It would've been wrong to not allow her the break, since she's still a beginner. But for stronger and more experienced runners, the rules are different. Good to know.


                      4 miles today, easy fartlek run. Then my one hour swim class this afternoon. Got tired in the pool but still made progress with my skills and technique. I can still only swim one length at a time but my efforts are becoming more efficient. Progress!

                        Hi people.

                        I took about a week off,busy life and a sore left leg. I did 3 miles on the TM today,and it feels OK so far.


                        My wife received a gift certificate for a massage at a local "spa" for Christmas. Her having fibromyalgia she hates massages so I went in her place yesterday. I tried not to drool too much. Boy if I could afford to have this done every week,I would. I told the therapist of my left leg pain the last few weeks so she concentrated on my legs. Man when she was doing my IT band I thought I was in heaven.

                          Mariposai not quite jazz, but close, my vote for the best blues song recorded in the last few years goes to Slow Down Blues by Joe Satriani.


                          stumpy77 a two week murder trial sounds awful, congratulations on getting off.


                          Jlynne I hope a few temporary aches and pains are all you have.  Feel better fast.


                          tselbs best of luck with the shots for your DW.  I hope the first one does the trick.


                          Drake lol!  Great post!


                          C-R professor works just as well as engineer!  One lawyer or another generally figures somebody like me is somebody they would rather see go home.


                          Yesterday I saw my podiatrist.  He did another sonogram (?) of my ankle and told me all of the inflammation appeared to be gone!  Yahoo!  Tomorrow I have 5 miles scheduled.  Alas, nature has a freezing rain storm scheduled tomorrow as well.  Plan B is a TM but that looks like what it will be.  Still, I am just happy to be able to run again TM or not.

                          Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

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                            Tomorrow's another day.

                            But...not another it?


                            Yes--congratulations, lyndenrunner--so...what does it mean to be the Honor Guard for the Sheriff's Office?


                            tw--you really are hardcore--seriously--you are.


                            Hey Posie!  Welcome back...did you get your jazz fix, today?


                            Have fun in Muzera, Ribs...that's how they say it there, you know...


                            Congratulations on getting out of jury duty, stumpy.  I have never been called in for jury duty...why does everybody hate me?


                            I sure hope you're okay, Jlynne!  I could see myself doing something like that...but I'd come up with a much better story.


                            Tom--I think it's hilarious that you went running while your wife was having a medical procedure.  There is no way I could away with that.


                            You've had achilles problems before, haven't you, C-R?  Man, they are a nuisance!


                            Nice running, lately, Tammy!  It's amazing how quickly we forget what cold really is, ain't it?  So...just so a few us can have a good cold was it?


                            OM--once again, you really impress me.  I can remember trying to swim.  I would get half way and stop--right where it starts to get deep--catch my breath--then go like crazy to the end of the pool where I'd cling to it for dear life.  I'd catch my breath and go back to that spot where I could stand up again--then I'd, some how, get to the other end, where's I'd bend over and gasp for air for a couple minutes.  And I was suppose to be in such good shape.  Anyway--stick with it!  I know you will.


                            I'm with you on the messages, Drake.  I'd have one every week if I could.


                            That is really good news about your ankle,Twocat.  I wouldn't change your avatar, though...seems to bring you bad luck...


                            I went 10.3 miles in 1:19:48, tonight.  It was 29o and felt great!  Well, until I turned and ran into a 13 mph headwind.  But--it wasn't too bad.


                            Okay--that's it--time for bed!  See ya!


                            Oh, hey, you think it's too early to start talking about what the weather will be like in Kentucky on April 27th?

                              Mike - it was only the upper 30's at noon!! brrr.  I'm surprised my fingers didn't turn blue Roll eyes


                                Oh, hey, you think it's too early to start talking about what the weather will be like in Kentucky on April 27th?


                                Yes, MikeE, it's too early. Roll eyes


                                Yowzy, Jlynne, I hope you're ok!


                                Yay Henry! But take it easy, fren.


                                Ok, I'm sick and I'm a whiny baby when I'm sick because it rarely happens and I just can't deal with it, ok? So I went to work yesterday with grand plans of taking advantage of the freaky warm weather and running outside after work, but we had freezing rain and then snow... and I felt like crap, so DH came to take me home around 5:30 and I figured, ok, I'll run on the treadmill. Got home, and went to bed. I was out by 6:15 and got up at 8:40 when DH came home with DS1 and groceries.


                                Tonight was a little better, and I ran 5.3 on the TM even though it was around 10°F outside and we've got some really cold temps forecast for the next few days. I just couldn't see taking my sneezing, runny nose self outside for a run, so stayed inside. Oh well, at least I got a run in , right?