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Sunday 12/23 daily (Read 349 times)

    Hi runners!

    Ahhh,5 days in a row off of work.  I usually wake at between 4-5 AM on my days off,so I may be starting up the daily thread a few times here.

    I'm going to down my cup of coffee,eat a banana,then hit the road. I have a few hours till the family wakes,then we'll go off to church. So I have time to get a long run in.

    I think I'll just get out there and see how I feel. If I'm a hair tight from yesterdays speed work (well it was fast for ME!) I'll just do a easy 5 or 6. If I feel good after warm up I'd like to run the a park I found last week that's maybe 4.5 miles south of me. It has many grass and dirt trails through the woods,hills,creeks,ridges,ect,a little more exciting than the paved roads and bike paths I usually run 99% of the time. If I run there,run all the trails,then run back home it would be about 14 miles. So I can tailor the run distance to my abilities that day depending on how many paths I hit in this park. Just running to the park and back is about 9 miles.

    I see many of you try to follow a pretty much set plan each week. I'm not really training for a race right now,though I do race from time to time as they come up locally. I pretty much try to do about 80-90% of my running easy miles,and throw some intervals and fartleks in every week or two. I try to get as MANY miles in as I can. With my schedule it's just to hard to plan anything ahead of time. MAYBE in the spring when the kids get out of school,and I have more free time, I can come up with a "plan"

    I hope all your runs,walks,and rests are a "great success" today.

      Only did 10.3 miles. Holy Chaffing batman! I would have tacked on another mile or so,but some "areas" were not feeling well. I'm going to have to look for my hydrocortisone cream.

      Otherwise a nice run today. No moon,clear sky,no wind. I think I only saw 3 people the whole run,and that was in the last 2 miles or so. I still love running before the sun comes up!

        Were you ever so lazy you didn't feel like reading?  If I gave my phone number, could someone call me and read the last couple of days threads to me?  Or as a service, maybe someone could could create an MP3 of the threads and start a "Masters Running Podcast?" Roll eyes


        Yesterday I went xc skiing.  I missed all of last winter because of work, family, lack of snow, and laziness.  It sure felt good (up to a point) to be out there again.  I had to buy new boots because the cats chewed up my old pair.  (Why chew those shoes and nothing else????)


        Today I ran 6.  I was afraid I'd be too sore from skiing to even walk down the stairs but I was actually in pretty good shape considering my age, poor diet and poor workout habits.


        Have a greta day!

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          Good morning everybody!


          Nice runs Dave and Drake!  Dave--I am with you on the lazy thing!


          Drake--you have probably already told us, but what are the ages of your kids, again?  I raised a bunch of kids too so I know how hard it is to fit in a run sometimes.


          I have to run around and finish my Christmas shopping after church today, then fit in that 15 miler I skipped yesterday.  Oh--I should post my Christmas letter.  Yeah--I think I'll do that.



            Drake--you have probably already told us, but what are the ages of your kids, again?  I raised a bunch of kids too so I know how hard it is to fit in a run sometimes.




            13 months to 19 years old. 7 of them.

              Morning Masters!  A nice easy 8 miler for me today.  My legs were very tired so an easy run felt great, of course some of the group really wanted to push the last mile which is a nice uphill climb.  I always said that hills make you stronger.


              A very busy day ahead busy ahead for us today.  Have a greta day and happy running! Cool

              Petco Run/Walk/Wag 5k

                Were you ever so lazy you didn't feel like reading?  If I gave my phone number, could someone call me and read the last couple of days threads to me?  Or as a service, maybe someone could could create an MP3 of the threads and start a "Masters Running Podcast?" Roll eyes


                my problem is lack of keyboard time to read and keep up with this forum (without abandoning the Pre-Dawn Patrol forum that has helped and supported me for a number of years). Hard to believe that being retired reduced my keyboard time, but it did.


                Drake - Nice job on the 10+ mi run, what was the temp? I'm not using a set plan now that the group I was training with ran its race. Basically focusing on long runs on weekend - whichever day has coolest pre-dawns and getting some 5k runs in with my dog during the week. My next half is on 1/13, so maintaining endurance is important for me.

                Dave I used to love downhill skiing and did a ton when we lived in Nashua, NH back in 70's/80's. Not possible these days living in Austin, TX and at my brittle 66 not easy to do. Glad to hear your XC skiing didn't impact your run

                MikE: Hope you get your 15miler in. Nice letter.


                Got a 1/2mi recovery walk in with Baxter this am. DW got email that Petsmart has 50% off pet clothing so we're heading there to be sure that Bax continues being the best dressed Yorkie in town (He's a rescue that lost most of his top hair to chemical burns and has become my therapy/PTDS service dog). Then to Sam's club for some last minute pickups. Parking get to be a problem so thank goodness for my disabled vet plates. DW doesn't like it when I park to far from store entrances on purpose.... and now I have no excuses for forcing the issue! LOL

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                Break the 1000 mi barrier!

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                  Mornin' everyone.


                  Excellent run this morning, Drake! 7 kids - yikes! But DW would tell you that is half a family - she is one of 14 (7 boys, 7 girls).


                  Dave, sometimes it seems that keeping up with the Daily is a full-time job - but what a delightful one! I'm jealous of your xc-skiing yesterday - here in southeast NH, we had almost no snow last winter, and still haven't seen more than a dozen or so flakes this year. It's just not right!


                  Good luck with your 15-miler today, Mike!


                  Sounds like a good group run for you, Mainerunnah. Hope you make it through today's business.


                  Bobe - no one said retirement would be easy!  Smile


                  We got great root veggies at the farmer's market yesterday, some nice wines, and some horseradish cheddah, smooth blue cheese, and a brie with mushrooms at the cheese shop. Yum! We managed to avoid the malls, and so had a relatively easy time of it.


                  5.9 racewalking miles at 4:45 this morning. Like Drake, I had no moon and clear skies. However we had an appreciable wind from the SW that made the 26F temps feel chillier at times. I kept up a nice even tempo, and really enjoyed being out and pushing myself a bit. Afterwards, DW and I went to our favorite dive for breakfast, and we're now packing to head for a B&B for a Christmas get-away with a very good friend. So I gotta get going...!


                  Enjoy the day!  -  Jay

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                    .....yeah dave//.....we need an Audio Version.......






                    50min bike ride...30's



                    my First Dog Attack,,,,,,,,,,,one of 'em was named ''Buster'',

                    his owner

                    kept trying to call him back

                    I pulled down my face mask and said ''Easy Buster'' to the dog and ''Sorry'' to the owner


                    going up a hill

                    I also picked up an Asthmatic Scottie,

                    but he was Wheezing so bad I just felt sorry for him.


                    ................good running guys................have a DogFree Day

                    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                      ................good running guys................have a DogFree Day


                      Tazzie and Ladybug really hope you didn't mean that...


                      Also I bet Brinkley and Hailey and B'Nellie and Tory and Sadie and Hudson and Tag and Honey and Dexter and Daisy and Mairead hope you didn't mean that either!  You could have a whole pack of dogs mad at you!

                      I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                        Early morning 11 miler for me today. Still a very slow pace, but adding a mile to my LR every week.

                        Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip
                          (((wheezing Scottie dogs))) (((owners who keep their pups on leashes, out of trouble))) A peppy 4-miler this morning on a rainy, dark day. First time in a very long time tat I had my foot on the accelerator; yay me. Untimed.

                          Back on Stride

                            Good run, Econo, but you really need to start using a Garmin again. Smile


                            Had a great morning, as one of the local crew invited us to his place for a run-and-brunch. The weather cooperated, as it was upper 20s but sunny and no wind -- perfect for a winter, pre-Christmas outing. There were 15 of us, and by the time we got back from our 6-mile run there was a nice spread with scrambled eggs, sausage, and all the goodies that the rest of us had contributed. And I discovered that orange juice mixed with champagne is a good post-run drink!


                            Afterwards, we had one of those blind gift-exchange activities, but it was an "ugly event shirt" theme. A great idea if any of you have Christmas runners get-togethers.


                            Have a greta Christmas with your loved ones, everybody!

                            Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

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                              Howdy folks!


                              Not much time as I have to log in some work time before the end of the pay period - brought some paperwork home to accomplish this.


                              3.2 recovery miles for me this morning.

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                                Sometimes you just have to laugh.  I've got to start real long distance training for Boston in April, so I was determined to run 16 today to at least get the process started.  But I only ran 14 and they were so slow I couldn't believe it. So I guess I'm "easing" into it!  Spareribs