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Feb. 1 Master/Boomer Runs and whatever (Read 526 times)

    6.1 recovery paced miles (9:14) for me under a beautiful, clear, cloudless morning. Enchanted! Everyone enjoy your day and your runs/workouts. Bill

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      How do you post to the daily when you don't run? Well, I finished last Sunday's NY Times crossword in less than an hour, and was sure I caught Will Shortz in a mistake. So I emailed him with a "Gotcha!". But it turns out I misread the clue and I was wrong. He was very gracious about it though. Wrote me back a nice note. Still in icy cold Sioux City. No exercise this morning, but tonight I will do the acrostic while I eat my dinner. "City where Byzantium used to be", 8 letters. Hmmm. Dark Horse? Roch? Help here. Spareribs

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        Sound like a wonderful run this morning Bill! Spareribs - we are always happy to read your posts - even if you don't have any workouts to report. This morning I thought I'd to out for an easy 3 miles - simply because I had skipped Wednesday due to weather conditions. We are under a heavy snow warning and it is coming down pretty steady - but it looked doable. It was a "find tire tracks" kind of run - snow falling heavy but very pretty. I decided it was so enjoyable that I'd push my "easy" 3 into an "easy" 4. HA! I turned around at the half way point and found out why the 1st 1/2 was so enjoyable - the wind was at my back! Getting home was nothing but work in blizzard like conditions. Find tire tracks? Good luck with that . . . . my mind wandered to those that have actually been lost out in weather like this and how awful it must be. Thoughts of calling MrHopeful for a ride danced through my head - but I pushed through. All in all 2 easy miles and 2 tough miles - 44:06 - happy to be home and feel good having done it! Wink Cheers and Happy Friday! ~Mary


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            Hopeful..glad you didn't get a whiteout! Hi Ribs! Tory and I trudged through 6 Magical Healing Miles in 37F rain. Not bad, time flew concentrating on missing puddles on the dark streets. Almost.. then that dreadful sound..splooosh. One drenched ice bathed foot. Oh well only 2 miles back. Better than a blizzard! Have great runs 6 mi in 59:15, 9:52, AHR 140

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              Iron Mt. Trail Runners blogsite .... JJJessee blogsite ....Spring is here. Go outside and play.

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                Good Morning! Bill - thanks for starting us out. Spareribs – post as much as you want, regardless of whether you are running or not. Mary - tough but lovely run. Now for that 30-minute hot shower… Smile JJJessee - that was fast! Perch - you're supposed to do the ice bath on both sides, I think... Smile Ahhhh. Slept in till 5:25am this morning. You know, the early morning vs. afternoon running debate has often popped up here. I think it’s all in what you get used to. I didn’t used to be an early morning person. It’s all DD’s fault. She has been getting me up at 5am since she was born. When she was old enough to be entertained by Barney, I began making use of that extra time running on the treadmill in the garage. Eventually DH started getting up early, too, and I began running outside. Now I find something incredibly freeing about having my run done and over with first thing. It was always so hard before to find the time later in the day to work out. No run today, and this time I really feel like I need a rest. My legs feel tired, and I need to be rested for Sunday's 20-miler. X-training instead: flies, lying hammer curls, dumbbell presses, superman lifts, lunges, leg lifts w/ankle weights, face-up and face-down, and a 12-minute ab/workout video. Happy Friday!

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                  Morning all Smile 8 miles last night in 1:15 - 132 hr ave - trying to beat another winter storm in my neck of the woods in Central Indiana....made it home just in time. I was planning on 10 miles, but I worked 14 hours yesterday and I was sorta stressed and tired, and had a hard time lacing them up. But felt soooo much better after my run.....isn't that just the greatest thing about running???? Nine recovery run Bill, on such a beautiful morning. Decent pace for a recovery run too!!! Always good to hear from your Ribs - I don't have the patience for crosswords, puzzles and such. Way to tough it out Mary...those winds can be brutal. Nice to get it out of the way....does make a person feel better the rest of the day, huh? TGIF Boom/Masters Tim Edited to say good morning to Perch, Jessee, and Holly guys beat me to the button

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                    Went out last night for a little over 3 miles avg......12 m/m whoo hoo....foot is not as cranky this morning as I expected it to be. Felt so good. It was a great night for a run...mid 30's clear skies, light wind. Running in the dark of night. Exciting... Mr. Ribs: it is good to have you hanging around, running or not. Good runs to everyone....enjoy the gift.

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                        Morning all, Not much time right now, but it looks like I should come back and read a couple days worth of good threads. 10.3 miles this morning at 5:30 AM. 23F, cloudy, no wind.....wintry mix later. This was supposed to be a 6x8 speed-ups with rest interval workout and I attacked it. Part of the route is pretty hilly, but it felt great today. I ran the speed-ups at 7:18-7:21 pace with the last one at 7:09 just to blast for a bit. Coach wants me to run next week's half-marathon (2/10) without a watch to run by feel and set that pace into my head and legs. We'll see! Off now to visit family in Boston----no school today for the kid. Good runs and workouts and puzzling to all, CNY
                          I was in the same boat as CNYrunner - storm coming and had to get out early to beat it. Fortunately today was supposed to be a recovery run so it was just a matter of getting out and going: 5.35mi@8:45. A note to Spareribs and all others that want to post to the daily without actually having run. It is easy just send a check for $10.00 to Twocat at . . . After that you clear to post. Clowning around

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                            good morning everybody -), Mary, speaking as someone sharing your weather today... good job! Liz, i'm glad your foot was 'not as cranky'... i've been a little nervous for you. perch, that sounds cold! not much time to catch up this morning, i'll be a bit out of commission for at least a couple of days & am trying to get things done ahead. (e.g., blender food) I keep thinking of one more thing to do, & so have a million things half done, but still need to get to work. enkephalin, (do you mind 'enke'?) thanks for asking! first... i'm so glad you're mending quickly. I made some progress at first, but then several things -- including PT, but that's too long to explain right now, the elliptical they have at my gym, & my own impatience & stooopidity, set me back. I'm embarrassed to say that the last time I tried to run I had to stop just shy of 1/2 mile. I'd had high hopes for that time because otherwise there's been some progress. It will be 4 months tomorrow. It's been really hard for me to post too... so SR, & others in the same situation, I like reading your posts! gotta run. (heh) will add a global wtg for each of you.
                              Morning, all! Bill - good kickoff - thanks! I'll have to agree with Holly about the early morning running. I tried running after work a few years ago about the time I started doing distance running, and I absolutely hated it. I felt so drained by the time I started running in the evening - it just wasn't any fun. Another easy 6 miles on the treadmill this morning. I thought the shoulder was better, but it started aching almost as soon as I started running. The planks we did in Yoga yesterday didn't help it any either. I'm scheduled for weights again today at noon, but I may just concentate on core and forget the free weights. Good runs and a good weekend to all!

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                                {{{DG_}}} Debbie - good luck with your dental procedure today. I hope you have a pain-free appointment (and aftermath) and a restful afternoon. I'm sending you all my extra {{{healing and calming}}} vibes. Smile

                                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."