Masters Running


Did we cancel Sunday?????? (Read 23 times)

    ok, I've waited for someone who actually RAN to post something



    fell off bike,

    hurt leg,

    rode for 20-minutes just out of spite





    apparently I'm the Grand Mileage Winner for the day

    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

      Hi tomwhite! Watch out for those bikes, man, they can be dangerous! Glad you showed it who the real boss is...


      And you've got more mileage than me, so far at least.


      Equinox #9 is in the books! Not a bad time (as LaTortuga shared, 4:16:24), but only 2nd in my age group because some gal came up from Anchorage to spoil my placing. (heh, I'm sure that's the only reason she did it...) But she ran 4:07:30 and there's no chance I'd have done that, so it's not like I can berate myself for being lazy. I did as well as I could've for the day given the conditions on the out-and-back (packed snow and icy spots) and on the return trip where I like to go really fast. Didn't want to risk a fall in shoes with worn tread so just kept it steady and relaxed. Still got some pretty bad cramps in mile 20 and 21, but DH was there with my Nuun and that seemed to really help. Finished pretty strong, so I'm good with it.


      This was my only less-than-first-place age group finish in our local series, just like last year. So hard to get a "perfect score" when you don't know who is going to show up!


      Today will be house and yard work. Gotta finish pulling stuff out of the garden and putting hoses away. It's lightly snowing right now, but nothing that'll stick around long (I hope).


      Carolyn, my Garmin does that every now and then. I'm having enough little niggly problems with it that I'm starting to look at replacing it. I will check out UnionBlue's thread on Garmins... (mine is three years old now, I think).