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Marathon Maniac #957

    Good Morning!


    My friend sent me a message that the website for Sunday's race is using a photo of me on the front page.  Actually, they are scrolling between several photos, and if you wait you will see one of them is me sprinting in to the finish.  Maybe the olnly race photo I have seen of me with both feet off the ground.  I was really cooking, though. That guy I'm passing had been just ahead of me most of the race, and at the last minute I flew by him, made him laugh.



    I know, I wear that same pink shirt to a lot of races...I should go shopping....


    6 miles for me this morning, slow and with lots of hills.

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

      Morning, Ran three miles last night, feel good today , I am going to register for CRIM today.  I think 3 miles of training is enough for a 10 miler.


      DS2 and wife have seperated, outlook not promising, at all.  Son has drinking issues, she has ghangi issues.  How kids who come from families who do not drink or smoke can get so screwed up I do not know.  I do put most of the blame on DS2, they are seeing counselors but .....


      We have told them both howwe  feel about their behavior, they say they are working on it.  DW's grandfather killed her grandmother and himself in drunken rage,  my brother was killed in car accident while drinking, and my dad was a heavy drinker most of his life, DS2 should know better....


      pray for them


      House is almost done I'll post pictures soon.

      MM #6177

        {{{Derrick's DS2 and wife and family}}}


        Holly, here's your picture without having to wait for the slideshow (I just clicked a bunch and got it):

        You really were flying, congrats again!


        4 easy recovery miles for me yesterday, then yoga class in the evening. I was really in the mood to do a headstand, and I've found if I really think hard about the pose I want to do, the teacher will pick up on my vibe and teach it. Life's funny like that, isn't it?


        Track session with my coach later this morning. Now if only I can psyche him up not to reprimand me for being me!


          Lots of early risers this morning - that's great!


          Holly, that's a great photo of you. I also like the guy behind you who is enjoying watching you pass him.


          Derrick, I'm very sorry about DS2 and his wife. I hope they can get their lives retracked and move forward in a more positive way.


          OM, who could every reprimand you for being you? Who else would you be?


          5.9 racewalking miles at 4 this morning. It was 63F, breezeless, moderately muggy, and dark as night. Well, it was night: Sunrise doesn't officially occur until 5:59am, by which time I was home, banana'd, stretched, showered and dressed and getting coffee'd. I was passed by 3 cars and a plane this morning - the plane was some large something or other flying low up the coast on it's approach to Pease in Portsmouth (former AFB, still used by the Air National Guard and infrequently by other military aircraft). I did some quick step drills this morning as a reminder of what my turnover rate should be - I need to do more of that. Nice workout. Now I have what promises to be a confrontational meeting at 9:30 to get ready for. Never a dull moment...


          Enjoy!  -  Jay

          Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

          Trails are hard!

            That guy has the proper response for being chicked.  Great shot, Holly.  And nice sprint, too!!


            Just under 4 miles this morning.  I agree with Jay--rather muggy, and I was rather drippy at the end.  After being away from home over that last week, the difference in the amount of light was surprising this morning.  Pretty dark when the alarm went off.


            Derrick--Good thoughts to you and your family--tough things to deal with.

            Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


              Holly, nice picture!  The guy let you pass him.  He wanted the view and he's smiling at the same.


              Derrick, best of luck to your family.  Alcohol is a bear if you let it become so.  My family is dealing with this as well with DD1.  it's been 45 days sober for her. So far, so good, but a long road still to travel.


              OM, you have telepathic powers too?  Impressive.


              This morning was a running day, with Tempo repeats on the agenda.  2 miles warm up, then 5 x (3 minutes at 10K pace, 3 minutes rest).  And a 2 mile cool down.








              Glad with this.  Also glad they're done!  Hot one out there.  We're definitely in the dregs of our summer.



              "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong

                That was a very good race you ran on Sunday Holly.  Popping out the sub-2 hour time without much of a specific plan leading up to it.


                Just a real easy day for me.  Took the shortest route to the gym (2-mile round trip) and did a short workout while there.


                Started smelling water yesterday.  Couldn't figure out where it was.  Finally around 4:00pm I was in the dining room and looked up.  Holy crap, the ceiling is full of water.  Got a plumber in after hours last night.  Turns out something is wrong with the shower in the master bathroom.  I have a claim filed with State Farm, a call in to a water restoration company to help clean-up and inspect for mold, and a call into our regular contractor to see if he has room on his schedule to redo the master bathroom.  As long as we have to rip things up, we may as well do it back up in style.

                And so it goes

                Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

                  Awesome picture Holly, and I love how that guy is clapping and grinning behind you!


                  {{{Derrick}}}  Looking forward to the house pictures.


                  It was a wonderfully cool and clear morning for a run.   The stars were so bright, and since Brinkley kept wanting to stop that first mile, it gave me more time for star gazing.    We rounded one corner and most likely startled a lady walking her agressive dog.   I could only here her telling him to "shush".  


                  Enjoy the day!


                  "My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
                  It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."



                  King of PhotoShop

                    If I had scrolled down I would have seen OM's posting of the pic, but I clicked on the link first.  It is a great photo, and I love that guy smiling to see you kick it in. 


                    Derrick, I'm sure sorry.  Hope things work out.


                    Well, I got in my first workout of the day, 6 miles, and now have just 3 more this afternoon.  Still on track but this morning was a bit sloggier.


                    What U.S. President signed into law the bill named for James Brady?   Spareribs

                      Good morning good people. Derrick - your family is in my thoughts and prayers today.  Good luck to DS2, and to all of you.


                      Great picture Holly - you look like you were flying. And the expression on the guy you "chicked"? Priceless!


                      Good luck with the repairs Dave. I hope there aren't any mold issues. That's nasty stuff, and hard to get rid of.


                      Nice tempo workout this morning Bill.


                      OM - can we have a picture of you doing a handstand?


                      We just got back from 5 days in Idaho. Went out there for my good friend's son who got married last Saturday. She has terminal brain cancer and her prognosis is 2-3 more months at best. She lives in Florida and it was so good to spend time with her. Our hotel was right on the Centennial Trail so every morning I got up early and ran 5 or 6 miles. I don't know if anyone lives in the Spokane/Coeur 'dLaine (spelling??) area, but that sure is beautiful country. Anyway, back to the normal daily grind. 6 miles on the eliptical this morning followed with 45 minutes of weights and core work. The kids started back to school this week. It's going to get into the upper 80's and the school has no AC. Should be interesting....

                        ...That Smile says it all holly//...........great picture




                        24min poolrun


                        came out of the Y with another Runner who swims sometimes.


                        ''Good Work-Out'' he says

                        ''Yeah, well I've been doing it since I can't run'' says I

                        ''Oh, you'll bounce back''

                        ''It'll be four-years in December,

                         I'm really

                         Looking Forward to that Bounce''


                        FOUR YEARS!!!!????


                        good grief........I didn't realize it had been that long



                        ...........good running guys................I'm really going to Enjoy that BouncePart.......

                        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                          It's a mixed bag of news today.


                          Great Photo Holly!


                          Derrick...I ask myself the same question. I can see trouble in my DD's future.


                          Dave, Great attitude.


                          Jlynne, My Dad died of brain cancer. Not only did he teach me how to live, he set an example of how to handle news of terminal cancer.


                          A gorgeous star studded sky this morning. My morning run kinda mirrors the daily. A mixed bag.

                            What U.S. President signed into law the bill named for James Brady?   Spareribs

                             Ribs - If you have access to comics, Pearls Before Swine has a trivial pursuit related strip today.  Not all that funny but maybe the strip is starting a new thread.  It regards playing against a jelly fish.

                            And so it goes



                              Holly, wow, to have a guy clapping for you while being chicked!  Then again, you are speedy and gorgeous, so it stands to reason.


                              Derrick, that is tough.  I hope they can turn themselves around.


                              I had a pleasant 4.2 miles again this morning.  I have given up on using an alarm clock in the mornings, as it just stresses me out.  So I get up whenever I wake up, which is usually only maybe 30 minutes after I would have set the thing for.  If I don't have time for a longer run, so be it.  Maybe I will have to set it once a week for a MLR, but the rest of the days, forget.

                              "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                              Mr. Chip & Mizz Rizzo

                                Ronald Regan?


                                Enke - I like your "no alarmclock" rule.....however, I know for a fact it doesn't work for me.


                                "My sunshine doesn't come from the skies,
                                It comes from the love in my dog's eyes."