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Molasses Spice Cookie Monday, 4-1-2013 (Read 51 times)

    I had to name it that since my DH made those wonderful cookies on Sunday. And his awesome banana bread. This is what he did when I went to run 13.1 miles in the early afternoon. I don't bake anymore. Why should I? He does an awesome job, and today (Sunday) he did all the dishes, too. Love it.


    I ran 13.1 miles (as I said earlier) on Sunday, in 40° temps and slushy/icy conditions. This is the longest I'd run since last September. It was hard at the end, partly because of Saturday's hilly 8+ miles on Saturday, and partly because of the icy/slushy conditions and getting dehydrated toward the end of the run. Too many stops to rest and "regroup," one of which prompted a passing driver to stop and ask if I was ok Confused  but overall, it was nice to be out in the mild temps and sunshine. I'm even wearing sunscreen on these runs lately!


    Does anyone else stop to ask if "are you ok?" on your runs? I get that more than I'd like. I frequently stop to take a break after a hill or just when I'm getting tired. I find it odd that people stop to ask if I'm ok.... whatever. Yes, I'm fine. Have you run hill repeats lately? You might stop and take a break, too!


    Holly, I gave up the whole Santa and Easter Bunny thing when the kids were little. We still label gifts as "from Santa," but the kids figured it out pretty quickly. And I'm too lazy to keep up that Easter Bunny thing.


    Happy Monday, everyone! Where are all our RW refugees, anyway? I miss BerthaSlaryer, among others. But I really hope Mary is ok....


      Mornin' Evanflein, and everyone to follow,


      Be wary of April Fools tricks - Google and Twitter are already on it!


      Those cookies sound great! Not too many guys like to, and have the skills to bake, so congrats to your DH and you, Evanflein. DW baked some cookies yesterday too - they've got bananas, applesauce, oats, dried cranberries, some nuts, and that is all, and they taste great! I didn't get to go out on a workout while she was baking. I was long-since done with that, so I got to do yard work. Why does it always seem that the more yard work I do, there more there is still to be done?


      I rarely get asked if I'm OK on a workout, but maybe that is because I almost never stop. Even when I get real tired, I just take a walking break (wait a minute - aren't I already walking??). As long as I'm moving, I guess there isn't much reason for concern. It may be a bit bothersome to have to respond to people who stop to see if you are OK, but I'd rather that they keep watching out for their fellow man/woman than put the blinders on and not care.


      SRD today, which is welcome after my longish workout yesterday and time spent trying to catch up with that yard work.


      Have a greta Monday!



      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

        We were in church yesterday morning for Easter services.  Our Pastor has a Grandson who is an adorable 18 month old toddler.  He was all decked out in his Easter finest - shorts, shirt, and little tie.  There he was toddling around with no shoes on.  I had to snicker as the only thing I thought about was that perhaps he was a Little Tet in Training.


        Still terribly disappointed that the Gators chose yesterday to play their worst game of the year.  They really never showed up.  I thought they had a real shot this year.  Then later I had to turn off the TV after that nasty injury that occurred during the Louisville game.



        "Some are the strong, silent type. You can't put your finger on exactly what it is they bring to the table until you run without them and then you realize that their steadiness fills a hole that leaks energy in their absence." - Kristin Armstrong


          heard this on NPR this morning - and I thought of Jay and all the morning runners


          Walking by flashlight
          at six in the morning,
          my circle of light on the gravel
          swinging side to side,
          coyote, raccoon, field mouse, sparrow,
          each watching from darkness
          this man with the moon on a leash.


          no runs today - back to maine for family seder -



            Quads pretty sore today...just 3 recovery miles with RP...

            Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

              Just a quick note to let everyone know I am fine and things are going well.  DW's mother has been placed into re-hab for now but it looks like she will either go to an assisted living facility or a dimentia / alzheimer's facility.  She is doing muych better as far as her health now however, the doctors have advised that she really needs 24/7 care now as she is at the stage where she simply doesn't remember to eat, drink or take her meds as necessary unless someone is right there to remind her.  We love her dearly and she has lived with us for the last 10 1/2 years so this has been tough for both my wife and I.  However, it is extemely difficult for my wife as she is so very close to her mother and always has been.  Luckily we have a great deal of support both from family and friends including some who have gone through or are going through the same thing with their parents.


              Our vacation was great, just too short and too busy what with looking at homes and all.  But on a very good note we did buy a home in a 55+ community in Ocala, FL.  It is in the "On Top of The World Community" which is a gated community with approximately 4,500 homes and still building.  We close on April 16th so no photos until then (DW thinks it would be bad luck to post any photos until after we close).  Everything is also on track for our April 12th closing on the sale of our apartment house.


              Running has been going pretty good, we did a nice 18 miler on Saturday at an 8:32 pace which is the best long run I've had in awhile.  Then of course there was yesterday's recovery run of 5 miles, my quads and hamstrings were a bit slow and easy for that one!  I'm looking forward to running Boston as a nice long training run for my Sugarloaf Marathon.


              Take care everyone and have a great day.

              King of PhotoShop

                I'm sorry about your MIL Maine.  Hope things improve.


                The Saint glued a very realistic fake spider to the back side of the roll of toilet paper in Riblet's bathroom, so when he finally wakes up today and pulls on the roll he'll see it. He is not fond of spiders.  What a horrible woman she is.


                Today on the DMN blog I posted anagrams of some well-known DFW area runners as a quiz.  You will not get any of them right unless you are a Marathon Maniac, in which case many of you will guess the first one, a good local friend of mine who seems to be in every city at once running a marathon or ultra.




                3.5 miles for me this morning with my RP, and now a day off from work to run some errands.  Spareribs

                  Hi Erika!  My DH likes to bake as well and make some awesome cookies and muffins.  Surprised me with a chocolate cream pie last night for Easter dessert!


                  {{{{{Maine and wife}}}}}


                  Ribs.... that's one good and nasty April fool's joke.  I think one of my co-workers is specifically avoiding us today, as we did something similar to her a couple of years ago with a fake mouse.  She still talks about it.


                  My foot was a bit achy from all the yard work yesterday, so held the run to only 2 continuous miles after 15 minutes of spinning for a warm up.


                  Several crocuses are now in full bloom (including some that the squirrels relocated to the lawn) as is the colt's foot in the ditch.  Pulmonaria is just starting.

                  .....Nancy The road to hell is paved....... run trails!

                  MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                    To make up for missing so many events and training runs this year, I ran up-and-down Mt. Rainier two times this morning, maybe I’ll do it again tonight too. 
                    Erika - once, in the early, early morning summer sun you get up there (3:30am), the police stopped me and asked “whaddya running from?”  They said I looked suspicious in gym trunks that time of morning but at least I wasn’t carrying a tv or something. Fortunately, it was still in the days when I thought you had to wear shoes when running.  The only time I wished someone would have asked if I was okay was walking up the back side of Queen Anne Hill after fizzling on some hill repeats for a notorious mountain ultra once <<<(WhiteRiver/WhiteRiver)>>> but all they wanted was directions, . . and drove off without giving me the lift I could have used.  Oh well.
                    Unfortunately, my dial-up doesn’t work for the google smell test.
                    New! What’s that smell? Find out with Google Nose


                    Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."

                    T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


                      Good Monday Morning.


                      No April Fools Jokes at our house. Hadn't even thought of it. But the day is still young. Maybe I'll come up with something for tonight.


                      Yesterday was hard and mostly continuous rain at our place (after a day of about 80 degrees on saturday! that was just cruel!). Did take the pups out for 2.6 miles on the trails though.  Probably no run today. Alot to do at work, and then a meeting at my sons school after work, so won't get home until about 7:30 or so.


                      We've never done the Easter Bunny at our house, but we've still done egg hunts for David. He still likes egg hunts but now we make it more challenging. It's a scavenger clue hunt, so he has to read a clue to figure out where the next egg is. My dad is pretty clever with coming up with good clues, so he gets to map out the hunt and make up the clues.


                      I ran almost 12 on my run on Saturday. At the end of my run, I was bent over from the waist, stretching out the backs of my legs and my low back. A truck driving by stopped and asked if I was okay. I get that occassionally if I have to stop on my run to stretch (common for me as my low back gets tight when running). I figure I must really look like death for people to stop if they are driving by. I don't mind though. I would rather someone stop and ask then to just drive by when perhaps someone really does need help.


                      Going to go check out Holly's April challenge thread now. Looking forward to get back into a challenge as I bowed out of the burpees after about 14 days or so.


                      MM #5615

                        Psst--hey, Holly--we're running a marathon this month...

                        King of PhotoShop

                          Here is this year's version of the Clue game for hiding the basket. Corny I know, but he still enjoys it:


                          Easter Bunny said to me, “Your kid is such a dope.

                          He’ll never find his very first clue. It’s underneath his _____.”


                          Now I’ll send you on a fun but easy caper.

                          Look beneath the can where you throw away old paper


                          You’ll find your clue where it’s nice and cold

                          So this is really a teaser

                          Look real hard and do what you’re told

                          The clue is in the ________


                          Sneak around and look real hard

                          And don’t make any noise

                          Easter Bunny hid your clue

                          Where Lucy keeps her toys.


                           This clue is all in black and white

                          So get down on your knees

                          And look around with all your might

                          And think about 88 keys.


                          This house has many places to hide

                          A basket like no other

                          But your hunt is over when you look inside

                          The room that belongs to your brother.

                            mainerunnah my best wishes to you and especially your DW as you go through what will likely be a rather rough period with your MIL.  I am glad to read you are still running and that happier days are ahead with the closing on your new digs!


                            evanflein the cookies sound great.  I hear they ship well too!  We should test that out.  Try shipping a box to Twocat . . .  I will let you know if the cookies arrive safe and sound!  Big grin


                            coastwalker nothing else?  What holds them together?  No flour for glue?


                            Spareribs I knew you were mean and evil I had no idea the Saint (if apparently somebody was ever misnamed!) was too!  Mean, mean, mean you two are!  Wink


                            Hemerocallus chocolate cream pie!  What a coincidence I like them too!  See note to evanflein on further directions. Smile


                            Went off for 10 miles this morning.  Great morning for a run too!  My first day this year running in shorts!!!  At long last! Heat!


                            Yesterday's dinner was a big hit.  Fortunately, the guests took quite a bit of the leftovers with them or by week's end there would have been quite a bit to throw away.  For the first time I made twice baked potatoes of various sorts.  They were really good and not too big a pain to make either.  I suspect they will enter my regular cooking rotation.

                            Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                            Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                              Belated congrats to Carolyn for her first 50K!  That’s great.

                              Erika—if I pass on the cookies can I get a double serving of the banana bread?  Yum, among my favorites.  And, no, no one’s ever asked if I’m okay…and I’m sure I’ve looked pretty rugged on occasion.

                              Holly you’re not the first parent to deal with skeptical kids at Easter.

                              Nice, Marj.

                              The situation with your MIL is tough, Maine---and all too common.


                              Last speed workout of the cycle.  6x1/w/400’s  The only problem was I accidentally started the wrong workout on my Garmin so when the warm up was over I glanced down and it was telling me to run 3 miles at tempo pace.  Huh?!  Came to a screeching halt while I figured out what was going on.  Then at the end of the workout I forgot to turn it off and drove a few miles home…at a very good pace.


                              I waited until lunch to get some warm-weather running done.  It’s low-70s out there and windy as heck.

                              Bushrat Runner

                                RunningAhead run alert...Mariposai tried to kill me today. Thanks twocats for the rescue call, it was a life or death moment.