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    ...30-min trailrun, CA



    No Joy.


    ................good running to the rest of ya



  your area

    is having West Nile Virus, take a Garlic Tablet (with food) turns out they contain Sulfites which are TOXIC to 'skeeters.

    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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      Believe me, I had good intentions.  Had laid out all my clothes and shoes last night, but this morning I just couldn't do it. Slept till 8 o'clock!  That sure felt good.  Going to the Y later today and stretch like crazy.  The Saint is not used to my being here on a Sunday morning.  Spareribs

        I'm forcing myself to take a day off so my streak ends at 75 days.  Once I ended the low heart rate running the usual aches and pains started appearing.  The heel on my right foot was getting sore after runs and it was pretty sore yesterday afternoon after the 10-miler.  So I am going to go back to running 5 days a week and do a couple days of cross training.  Save the streaking for the big boys & girls.

        And so it goes

        Back on Stride

          I'm forcing myself to take a day off so my streak ends at 75 days. 


          And you were within about 700 days of Perch's record. No time to quit now! Smile


          Well, nothing hurts today except a minor toe issue, but I'm taking the day off from running. We may go to the rec center this afternoon since they'll be closed all this week for their annual maintenance and cleaning. I'll take my swimming gear along in case the pool is available.

          Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

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            Good morning!


            Dave--I think you're smart to take the day off.


            I did about 4 miles, this morning, as I watched my DD in very first half marathon.  She had hoped to go under 2 hours, but the hills were just too much for her and she finished in 2:15.  I'm very proud of her.


            We got there at 5:45 this morning...



            Goofing around....



            Just after the start...


            Almost at Mile 2... 



            Mile 4....



            Mile 12....





            Okay--that's it!  I think I have to mow the lawn...


            Hmmm...some of the pictures look cut off...they weren't like that when I posted them...I wonder what I did wrong.


            I just checked her results.  She actually finished in 2:04:17.  I forgot they had differents starts for the different corrals.


              Great job with the neighborhood cleanup yesterday, Leslie! I thought they only did that kind of stuff on HGTV. The cookies were a nice touch.


              The Crim sounds like it made for a tough day for Dave and M. Derrick. I'm glad Roch did better than expected.


              Holly, I also hate P.I. And yes, the nighttime itches are the worst - they've woken me several times on this trip. Fortunately, I think the PI is s-l-o-w-l-y starting to fade away.


              Sorry about the joyless workout, Tom. Thanks for the tip on WNV. Fortunately, it isn't much of an issue here in NH - yet.


              I'm glad you got some extra sleep this morning, Ribs. Maybe those 66+ miles caught up to you. I hope the Saint found a way to deal with you being home this morning.


              Sounds like a smart move, Dave. You can start another streak, if you want to. How about a being healthy streak? Maybe not as sexy, but good for you.


              Have a good rest day, Roch!


              Mike, it looks like DD had a good time in her first half, even if she didn't meet her goal time. Thanks for the pics!


              I had another racewalking training session this morning. I got there a little early, and squeezed in 3.8 miles on the track before people started showing up. A newbie came down from Maine, and another woman who had come once before a few months ago decided to give it another shot. I worked with them a bit, and had the 'regulars' do quarter lap fartleks, starting each fast segment with about 20 strides of a "quick step" drill. Everyone was tired afterwards, but they did well. The newbie has a ways to go, but she made good progress today. I also videotaped everyone so they can see how they look, and so we can get critiques from an expert racewalking coach.


              I have some yard work to do in the middle of the day, and then DW and I are planning on going kayaking late this afternoon when the tide is on its way back in.

              Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

                Now I'm confused, did you make your goal Ribs?


                Congrats to your DD on her first HM Mike!!  May there be many more.


                I read Sunday Wok-Outs and Streaks as Steaks again.  Hmmm, and I already ate lunch.


                8 easy Garmin-less miles at the horse trails.  I was all alone (no cars in parking lot) for the first miles.  I was getting a bit spooked hearing noises in the forest, then suddenly a heavy green pine cone dropped like an anvil right in front of me.  Then after about 3 or 4 miles, other runners started to show up.  It was a nice run, I ended feeling like I could have done another mile or two but I didn't want to aggravate my foot.  30 miles for the week.  Smile

                "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

                  ...oh, is a link on the COOLEST Race ever,


                  I posted

                   it to piejones,

                  who ran it this year and knocked himself out on a rock at mile #73



                  the cameraman

                  who was filming the race

                  go lost for 5-hours/////






                  on the bottom ''Believer'' external link

                  for a play-by-play of one of the racers.


                  it's Legendary around here,


                  no one else ever heard of it.


                  Entry fee

                  is $1.60 and a LicensePlate from your state.

                  start time is 1-hour from WHENEVER he feels like  blowing the conch shell.


                  and there's no MarkedTrails.



                  so far

                  more men have Walked on the Moon than have Finished this race

                  ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                    PBJ, glad to hear about the "no restrictions.  Dave, nice seeing you at the Crim and knowing you got it done.  roch, great to hear your Crim was better than expected.  Twocat, nice race with 2nd in AG.  ribs, congratulations on your 66 mile week.  You deserve a day off.  evan, good job on your CC 5K with 1st in AG.  holly, congrats to your daughter and her team on their soccer win.  derrick, sorry to hear your Crim was so tough in the heat.  Kudos to you for gutting it out.  It was nice to see you about mile 1.5.  Dave, 75 days is quite a streak.  Mike, your daughter did well in her first half.  The pictures were nice and showed she finished with a smile.


                    Nice long runs for Twocat, Mike, holly, and shadow.


                    I was at the Crim but didn't feel I was up to the 10 miler so opted for the 5K.  It started at 10:00 (2 hours after the 10 miler).  I estimate the temp around 80°.  The 5K route is fairly flat so I didn't struggle like I have in the past with 10 hilly miles.  It was very crowded on the course.  I started at the back and did a lot of weaving around people. I passed lots of people and very few passed me.   My Garmin gave me a time of 31:36, a distance of 3.23, and a pace of 9:47.  That got me 407/2018 OA and 6/17 in my AG (65-69).  With the time I ran and the placement I got, it's obvious there were a whole lot of casual runners. I did a .5 mile warmup and .4 mile cool down to give me 4 miles for the day.


                    My daughter, Sandy, did the 10 miler with a co-worked from the Crim Foundation.  She was way undertrained, had been working long days for several days getting things ready for the race, had been feeling under the weather for several days, and then the day had to be warm.  They decided to do the race with a run/walk strategy at a 3min:2min ratio.  They finished in about 1:53 and never felt bad so I'd say they had the right plan.


                    A good day and good runs for all.



                      Those are great pictures, Mike E! Congrats to your DD. Today my son and I are walking around saying Ow after the Hood to Coast relay (we ran on my sister's team). He walked quite a bit on his 2nd & 3rd legs but loved the crazy spectacle of it all. My sister and her fiancé lost him at one exchange, but he asked some people to help him find van 91 and they managed to find it (thank you kind strangers!). They took turns running with him on his 2:30 am leg. I was in another van with a group of hilarious 20-somethings I hadnt met before. My only regret was not seeing Dovenator nor Labduck, who were somewhere there.

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                        Some hot racing at the Crim - good job surviving it, guys!  And a greta 1st HM for MikeE's DD!  And sounds like a fun relay for Econo and Ben!


                        I had a really nice visit with Tramps and Tribee, who stopped by at the end of their vacation on the way to the airport.  Unfortunately, not enough time to go for a trail run, or maybe Tramps just planned it that way because he was scared...   Wink


                        Yesterday morning I went rock climbing for the first time in probably a quarter century - it was fun!  My  DH loves climbing, and we're trying to  plan some weekend climbing trips this fall.    Then I did a 5.6 mile trail run yesterday afternoon, and we went to a friend's party in the evening. Does that count as a triathlon?


                        Today I was planning a 10-12 mile trail run.  The dogs were whining to go with me, but that's too far for them, so I decided to take them for a short run around the block before I left.  Well, I felt pretty low-energy during my 3 mile run with them, so I decided that was enough for today.   But that's okay -  I'm tapering, right?

                        I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                        The Goofinator

                          Great pics, Mike.  Congrats to your daughter!!


                          TomW - The Barkley is legendary among train runners.  I believe this last year they had more finishers (3?) than ever with one guy breaking the course record by 3 hours.  Did you see the before and after pics of the runners? Some looked like survivors of an epic war - which I guess Barkley is!


                          The young man I met at Mt. Hood ran with Karen and me today.  I'm a little bit faster than Karen and he's a little bit faster than  me, so it was an interesting trio.  She split off from us after 10 miles as she only had 12 to do and we had 14.  After the split, Chris had me pushing things a little more than I would have by myself, but it felt good.  Because of the difference in our speed, Karen isn't too keen on running with me anymore, unfortunately.  Hopefully, Chris will be interested in running together once in awhile.  I think his being a bit faster than me could help me increase my speed somewhat.  We'll see.


                          So 15 miles of trails on a stunningly beautiful day.  Now I get to do transcription ~

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                            ...fattozig//.....loved the pictures,



                             looked like he had been Mugged




                            ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

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                              Some hot racing at the Crim - good job surviving it, guys!  And a greta 1st HM for MikeE's DD!  And sounds like a fun relay for Econo and Ben!




                              Yes!  I agree!


                              TomWhite - a 60 mile "fun run?"  Hmmmm


                              Leslie - I agree about how cool it was that you did the neighborhood clean up.


                              I set out to do a 20-mile run this morning, but woke up too late and the heat was on me too soon into the run.  Plus, at about the 1-mile mark, I got stung in the back of the thigh by a bee or wasp.  It has been so long since I have been stung, I forgot how much it hurts.  Small red mark, but it has stung all day.  I thought about Tramps and felt like a wimp.  Anyway, I was just poopled out too soon..  Maybe it was the 13-miler on Friday.  Either way, I gave up at 17 miles, figured I would run 20 next weekend and do a 2-week taper instead of a 3-week taper.  It's not as if I will be setting any records at Equinox or anything.


                              3 miles more this afternoon while the hair coloring on my roots set, so 20 miles for the day after all.

                              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                                Still on the road. Typing this on my iPhone as the boys are playing a guessing game while we as driving. We sure had a great time on the Oregon Coast, but now we just crosses back to Washington. I ran 13 miles yesterday and 3 recovery miles on the beach today.

                                "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard