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Monday, 23 July 2012 (Read 460 times)

    I told myself that I would start the daily thread if there still wasn't one here after I took a shower....  So here it is.


    I was up early and got my daughter and granddaughter to the airport by 5am for a 6am flight.  They are headed to Jackson, MS for the week.  My daughter's best friend lives there.


    Then I got in a 4 mile run while it was still only 72°.  Supposed to hit 100+ today.  Rest of the week is looking good weather wise if I can make it through today.


    Now I am sitting here working and worrying about the pair traveling.  The flight from Detroit to Atlanta is delayed and they will most likely miss their connection.  Fun times with a tired 4 year old.

    And so it goes

      Thanks for starting us Dave59. Wishing safe travel to Annabel and her mama.


      No running here, I plan to RAW, but I am here to say...

      ....pass that Nutella Econo Smiley cool09.gif.


      Great job on your 20 miler EquinoxHolly


      and Smiley bowing 036.gif to Francesca.for her 100 miler! I want to see a picture of the belt Smile

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        That Francesca is amazing. 


        Holly, when people run a 20 in the winter I think nothing of it, but in these conditions that is awesome.  Yesterday at our club I did 8 and was amazed at two of the ladies who ran 12.  It's always hot here in the summer but right now we're going through a stretch where even we say it's hot!  2.4 miles slow for me today, then a stretch at the Y.


        Always some anxiety when you put kids on a plane and hope they can get to their destination.  I would be nervous too.  Spareribs

        King of PhotoShop

          BTW, here are the answers to the first 3 quiz questions. I'll do the rest of them on Thursday:


            Great job Francesca!  


            (The friend I was tracking in Tahoe missed the cutoff at 80 miles.)

            And so it goes

              Wow - the temps must REALLY be up there for Ribs to say it's hot! Thanks for the answers to the quiz - I didn't do very well.


              Hope your DD and Annabelle make all their connections Dave. Looks like you're going to have a pretty quiet week - any plans?


              Congrats to Francesca for her fantastic 100 miler! Lots of great racing last weekend. You guys make me proud to be part of this wonderful group.


              Carolyn always posts the best pictures. Of course, it's easy when you live in such a beautiful state.


              Like Dave, it was already 78° with high humidity here at 5:00 AM this morning. After running 6 miles yesterday, I decided to treat myself to air conditioning and go to the Y today. 5 miles on the eliptical, 4 miles on the bike and 45 minutes of weights and core work. I know this is a running forum, but DH and I played in our club's annual husband/wife golf tournament. We tied for 1st place with a round of 15 under par! The format was best ball of 2 and we seemed to bail each other out when one of us was having a bad hole. Also won $160 on some side bets. I think my DH will keep me until next year Smile

                Francesca.  Wow!

                Excellent run, Holly....with some BQ miles, too!

                Beautiful pics, Carolyn.

                Nice trail race, Erika.  AG hardware!

                And I just realized, Econo's running in Germany.  Sweet.


                Late start, short run for me.  Just a humid 4 miler.

                  Back to work today after one week off. Could not even begin to try and catch up here. It'll take all my effort just to catch up at work!  I'm a one-woman show with my job duties so no one to cover my work load when I'm gone.


                  Had a nice week off, but timing wasn't great as it was our one week of the entire summer when our weather wasn't all that great. Even got some rain and thunder storms, which rarely happens here. But the cooler weather made for nicer conditions to get some landscaping work done. Had a few days where we went and did some fun stuff, but for the most part it was a "work at home" vacation. And since the weather didn't cooperate for our rafting trip with our french foreign exchange student, I'm taking this Wed off so we can still do that before he leaves this next wknd.


                    This is my first post since I took off to work the running store sidewalk sales in Lansing. I've skimmed the dailies and saw lots of good racing, good running, and general updates. Good job all. However, there's so much I think I will pass on trying to recap.

                    As for the January sidewalk sales, it was a fun and unbelieveable experience. The first day, Thursday, the doors opened at 6:00 am. There was a line outside and 204 customers came through the door in the first 5 min. There were 93 employees on the floor to meet them. It was expected to get busier as the morning progressed and the schedule had over 120 employees working by 10:00 am. I hardly got a chance to catch my breath my entire 8 hour shift and had a big smile the whole time. We were all busy for the rest of the sale but it wasn't quite as hectic as the first day.

                    I got in a 2 mile run the morning of my second day and a 4 miler the day after I came home.

                    I haven't been able to get on the compter today until just now as the carpet installers are here (finally) and I have had to have the router disconnected. Hopefully, we will get the furniture moved back in in a couple of days. New entertainment center is to be delivered Thursday. I expect I will be dragged out to look at new drapes any day now.

                    A good day and good runs for all.


                    Back on Stride

                      I always hate it when I wimp out on a scheduled run, but what I heard on the radio when I woke up this morning was discouraging, so I bailed. I can do a run in this weather, but lately it seems that it affects me for the rest of the day, and I'd rather be prudent than tired. Anyway, I drove over to the rec center, did a couple miles on the TM followed by a short round of weight machines and then a session in the pool. So not all was lost!


                      Now I have to pack for a short trip in a couple of days, which happens to fall on our anniversary. Our destination is the Sleeping Bear Dunes area, which was named "Most Beautiful Spot" by Good Morning America last year. That's all well and good, but it also means that it's not our local secret any more and I guess tourism is up by almost 50% this year. The small resort towns in the area must be booming!


                      Have a good week, everyone. I'll be climbing dunes in a couple of days instead of running this week.

                      Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

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                        I did run a couple of times over the weekend, but finding the time to do that is precious, let alone be able to get on line to read about everyone's adventures.     Congrats Holly on a 20 miler though - you are one tough cookie!!


                        We'll one of my biggest fears came true Saturday afternoon when I was almost done cleaning the pond with my new long handle clippers, so I dont' have to get into the water.  I was just finishing up the last Lily when I stepped on a rock that wasn't all that secure and in I went, screaching as I went and thinking OH SHIT .... please do not let my head go underwater.   Thankfully it didn't and I scampered out of that pond so DH was right there with his hand out and didn't start laughing until he knew I was okay.   Oh was pretty darn funny and I'm thinking the fish were probably as traumatized as I was.     My lower back is pretty sore though, so I must have twisted it while floudering around in only 3 or 4 feet of water.    This guy enjoyed the show from ontop the waterfall.....




                        Today is a rest day.   I'll be on the road tomorrow for stress relief.... the big Mom move is Wednesday. 


                        Have fun Doug, that is one of my favorite spots!!




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                          Hi All.....


                          I had a wonderful weekend with some some pretty good runs. It's been so hot that long runs have been nearly unbearable, and I have about given up on speed work lately. But Saturday was considerably cooler with a lot less humidity and a north breeze. Was a weekend where Donna stayed with me, and she had a 14 miler planned...for now I'm sorta running what she runs. Incredible what cooler weather does for running, as after our 14 miles I couldn't tell I had even ran and could have easily ran 20 plus miles. Donna struggled a little at the end, but finished none the less. She has a problem trying to run too fast because she thinks she is slowing me down, but I keep telling her that I will run her pace - not her running mine. I'm just thrilled to be running with her regardless of pace, and nice and easy is good for me base building.


                          Sunday my legs felt tremendous as we ran 6 miles, and after running home I told Donna I needed to run more.....that would give her time to clean up anyways. So I ran to a hill that's about 1/4 mile long and ran up and down that thing over and over and over again......finished with 9.2 miles altogether. I worked hard, but still could have done lots more.


                          I guess slowly slogging through the heat does get a person in good shape, then you find out how much when it cools off some. I ran off the side of road yesterday and sprained my left ankle pretty bad. I about fell down when I did it, but was able to continue running after that almost pain free. Now it's really swollen and sore, so no run this morning. Will try and run 10 miles tonight, and imagine it will be ok....other than it's suppose to be close to 100 degrees today and humid. Suppose to be like that all week actually - yuck.


                          Signed Donna and I up for a trail marathon in 2 weeks - her first ever race. It will probably be hot, so I told her we will just treat it as a long training run. I had a shorter week, but still ended up with 52 miles. I've been consistent with running everyday, with some 2 a days which has helped me get my endurance back and helps to build overall mileage.


                          Life is good in my little hope I get a job soon (interview tomorrow)



                          Running has given me the courage to start, the determination to keep trying, and the childlike spirit to have fun along the way - Run often and run long, but never outrun your Joy of running!

                            None of my business I know, Tim.  And I haven't really been following all her training.  But is it wise for Donna to run a Trail Marathon - her first ever race - if she had some trouble finishing off her 14 mile run on Saturday?



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                              ...teslbs//..........I think Drape-Dragging counts as CrossTraining...........


                              Be Brave

                              ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                                Too funny Tom White! Tselbs...listen! TW is wise. 


                                Sill running and also dealing with lots of "stuff"  Running clears the head and heart and I am grateful.


                                Way to go Francesca! The president of my running club was 4th overall woman there and one of my younger speedy friends was second woman by just 2.5 minutes and is engaged to the first place man (she cut an hour off her best 100 mile time). They'll be married next weekend and then head to Colorado for another 100 miler and honeymoon. You all are amazing! (and perhaps a bit nuts too)


                                Six miles for me this morning---building the mileage back a bit as time allows.