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Happy Squirrel appreciation day Tuesday 1/22/2013 (Read 54 times)

Avenger Doggie

protector of my dad

    I gotta get Dad to go Run run Run!

    Sniffing Butts, Tag

      -3° and windy today.  Gives me more appreciation for Erika weather.  I stayed inside (at the gym), ran a couple miles on the treadmill and did some weight stuff.


      MikeE - (belated) Condolences for you and your family.  "Everyone going back to normal" is tough.  Just remember that no one really is going straight back to normal.  They'll all be in some sort of haze for awhile.



      I found a photo from my last marathon in 2002:


      And so it goes

        I sure wish I have a doggie to push me to go out to run, run, run.


        Back to base building week one again for me since I was not able to run much last week. I have 3 miles planned for tonight at the gym.


        Yesterday I did go out for a solo XT skiing adventure (the advantage of living less than an hour away from play-land). It was sunny and warm up there while in the valley was cold and foggy.


        So, what type of adventure awaits for you all today?

        "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

          ...I appreciate Hot Baths//................19 here




          32min poolrun

          double weight sessions


          BikeRide tomorrow.....


          .................good running guys

          ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

            Mike I am so sorry for your loss, one of the things I was able to do while in Ocala was visit with my middle sister.  I hadn’t seen her in three years and we weren’t really talking.  She is going through treatment for Breast Cancer and we talked shortly after the holidays and patched things up.  It really was so good to see her and seeing your post brings that thought home even more.  Once again my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Here is a photo of my sister and I taken on Saturday.  (MTA: She reminds me so much of my mom who we lost to Breast Cancer almost 15 years ago.)

            M<e & my sister.


            Wild, congrats on a great race and the hardware too!


            Ditto that Jay and Jlynne, coming from a very large family (I am number 10 of 11) and having lost my father when I was 13 months old my mother struggled to say the very least, but she did it and I am so very thankful to have had such a strong mother who thought so much of her family and did all the right things for us.  We made not have had much in the way of material things, but we all knew we were loved very much.


            Congrats on the weight loss Gordon, way to go!


            Steve, I agree too if anyone is out of line it is your boss.


            Well I got back yesterday from our little trip to Ocala, Florida.  We flew down to Jacksonville Friday morning and picked up a rental vehicle for the drive to Ocala.  Had a nice uneventful flight and even got in a little early which is always nice, especially when heading to warmer weather at this time of year!


            A ran a very easy 3+ miles on Saturday just to loosen up for the Half Marathon on Sunday and while running around the grounds of Ocala Palms where DW’s cousin lives my Garmin lost the satellites at about 2.53 miles and never got them back…weird and worried that it might happen during the race, it didn't.


            Here is the short version of my half marathon:


            Official Time – 1:37:48

            Age Group – 1/18

            Overall – 18/262

            Males – 14/124

            Here are a couple of photos DW took along with a link to a short video of my finish:


            Me shortly after the finish:


            After the finish Ocala HM 2013


            The Awards Ceremony:

            Awards Ceremony Ocala HM 2013




            King of PhotoShop

              Well done Maine. Anything under 1:40 for "old guys" is a great time. You ran well.


              Wild, you crack me up!


              SteveP, never let anybody tell you it's agains the rules to be a good guy.


              Quick to brag about my 30-mile weekend but eating humble pie yesterday and today.  yesterday was the two mile walk with Lucy.  Today was 2.1 slow jog and I mean SLOW, like 25 minutes!  Hope tomorrow is okay.  Boston is April 15 and at my recovery rate I need all the time I can get.


              Prime Rib joined us for dinner last night, so it was great to have the whole family here for a nice meal. I made a smoked meatloaf, the boys' favorite and we had fun.  Spareribs

                (scratching Avenger Doggie's head)


                Hi all,

                tip of the hat to mainerunnah; great podium photo, too.  Hugs for (((MikeE and family))).


                2+ gentle miles in cold fog.  Cold here during the winter is humid, so it bites, even at 30 degrees.

                  Prime Rib joined us for dinner last night, so it was great to have the whole family here for a nice meal. I made a smoked meatloaf, the boys' favorite and we had fun.  Spareribs


                  What a coincidence - I was planning on making meatloaf for tonight. How do you make a "smoked" meatloaf though, Ribs?'


                  Congrats Bob and great pictures! I give the "best photo taker awards to you an Carolyn." You'd never know you just ran a half marathon - and pretty dark quick to boot.


                  Dave - loved your cartoon this morning. The Cellcom half is 70% full as of this morning.


                  It was -7° here at 4:30 with a wind chill factor of -38 so I went to the Y for a run on the track again this morning. 4 miles, 30 minutes of weights and core work and a lot less people. I think Mondays are the worst because people are feeling guilty from eating too much over the weekend Big grin


                  Speaking of eating, did anyone see the article by Gretchen Reynolds in the NY Times Magazine last Sunday? The title was "The Appetite Workout" . Interesting stuff:  A quicky summary describes how exercise stimulates the hormone ghrelin which makes you hungry.  "But not all exercise. Running, it would seem, better hones the body's satiety mechanisms than walking... In the Wyoming study, when the women ran, their ghrelin levels spiked, which should have meant they would attack the buffet with gusto. But they didn't. In fact, after running they consumed several hundred fewer calories than they burned."  Just a one-page article, and I'm wondering if any of you would agree with the theory.

                    tomw, glad to hear the leg is feeling better.  Steve, you are a good friend.  I hope you don't get too much hassle from your jerk boss.  jlynne, congrats to your daughter on her engagement.  maine, it's great you got together with your sister.  Also, congrats on a fine half marathon with AG win and photos.


                    Nice long run for rhoon in the very strong winds.


                    Dave already mentioned our weather this morning.  Between that and not knowing how tired I'd be from my semiannual work stint, I opted for the TM.  I got in 8 miles at a 10:53 pace.


                    There's a lot of excitement in our family.  Our son and daughter in law have informed us we will be first time grandparents in August.


                    A good day and good runs for all.



                      Great run Maine-you're a great representative of New England runners.

                      We're heading down to Miami on Thursday where Marj will run the half and I'll run the 5K (just getting back to running after a 2 month layoff due to injuries.

                      Ran 4 in the cold with a tailwind all the way (took the T home). We got a dusting of snow during the night-much less than expected and it was mostly melted by the time I ran-no ice. Run felt good but still slow. Feels good to be running again.

                      BTW, Jlynne-Marj is reading a book by Gretchen Reynolds, "The First Twenty Minutes".

                      MM #5615


                        There's a lot of excitement in our family.  Our son and daughter in law have informed us we will be first time grandparents in August.



                        That is great news!  Congratulations!  Some lucky kid is going to get a fantastic grandpa!

                          Squirrel appreciation day? Yes,I like mine with ketchup.Clown




                          I ran 3.2 on the treadmill yesterday. I just got called off of work for today,so I just slept 2 hours and I'm on my 1st cup of coffee,then I'll put some more TM miles in. It was -7 degrees when I got off work this AM,so I think I'll do TM miles again today. My leg is slowly feeling better. I still don't know 100% for sure the cause of the pain.


                          Have great runs today people.

                          King of PhotoShop

                            jlynne and twocat if you're listening:  Make a 2 lb. or so meatloaf in your own recipe, then on your Weber kettle grill, or Green Egg or any other grill for that matter, here is what I do.


                            I soak about 6-8 good sized chunks of oak or other hardwood in water early in the day.  I make a charcoal fire on one side of the grill.  I put the rounded meatloaf on top of a smaller, circular grill top, like 10 or so inches in diameter.  I put 3-4 soaked wood chunks on the gray charcoal, put the meatloaf on its small grill on top of the grill top on the "cool" side of the Weber and close the lid, top and bottom vents open.  The smoke will come pouring out of the top vent.


                            Every half hour I either add a couple of wood chunks, or stir around the ones that are in there to keep the smoke flowing.  The meatloaf is done in about 80 minutes, and just like real bbq it will have a "smoke ring" when you cut it.  The flavor is unbelievably good.  Give it a try.  Spareribs


                              -14 wind chill today so I hit the tm at lunch for 10k. Legs finally felt good today.


                              Nice race maine!


                              Congrats Tom. Enjoy spoiling that grandchild.


                              Nice pic mari. Looks like a great place to ski or run.


                              Been reading Scott Jurek's Eat and Run. I am a decided carnivore and love a good steak but his vegan recipes will be attempted in our house soon.  The rest of the book is really good as well but it only talks about running. Big grin


                              Hey Tag.......... squirrel!

                              "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                              "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                                Taggy dragged my butt out and we picked up Honey on the way. As I opened the door to let Honey out, she slipped through my hands and we chased her for two hours. I thought letting Tag pick the route was tough.... The darn dog listens like a cat. When I get back from visiting, I'll send pictures.