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    I wouldn't normally post today since it's not a running day but wanted to say I got a good laugh over breger's parody of my post yesterday. I'm about to head out for my normal non running day 4 mile walk. A good day and good runs for all. TomS
      I haven't run yet either, but decided to post anyway. Still running, of course, had a pretty good quality run Thursday (4x1.5M @ 7:24/mi) but encountered a monster hill on a new route on the first 1.5 repeat. Oops! I'm working really unusual hours for me, third shift, to help test out a customer's satellite. They need to get to the launch pad on time, so they're working 24 / day to get it done. But since Tom started the thread, I guess I can post now, at the end of my Friday work day. Smile Have a great weekend, everyone!

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        I'm always happy to see Lou doing some work. We all know what a slug he is. Thanks for starting Tom. Full day of sales training today, then drive to Omaha so no time to visit my sweetheart Aamos. Will stay over in Omaha and fly home Sunday morning so I can change suitcases and go back to the airport to fly to Kansas City. JJJessee stepped up to the plate first with Istanbul. Didn't know so many of you were tough! But that was a layup just to test the waters. Here's another: 7 letters: Bantam Australian ratite. By the way, did you know that Istanbul was Constantinople, now it's Istanbul, not Constantinople, so if you've a date in Constantinople, she'll be waiting in Istanbul. Even old New York was once New Amsterdam. Why they changed it I can't say. People just liked it better that way. Spareribs

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          I guess those guys are not runniing causebthey peaked their heads out and saw their shadows. Bit overcast here in NC so not scary. 9.2 mi GA in 1:13:05 (7:56, AHR 157 Target 160). First 2.2 mi with Tory at 8:33 (AHR156) then 7 mi at 7:45 (AHR 158). Really fast for the HR today. Awesome! Have great runs! idea!

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            Good morning TomS, WRFB, Ribs, Perch and everyone who posts today. No run for me yet today either, as I had to come to work this morning to finish my end of Month paper fun on a Sat morning Sad I don't know if I can run outside or not because of the 2 inches of ice we are dealing with. I liked to never made it to my car without slipping and falling down. But it's suppose to get sunny and temps in the 30's...maybe the roads will clear enough for a run this afternoon....I am really stoked about a long run today...and bummed if I can't do it. Plan B would be 2 hours on my cycling trainer...yuck. Have a great day all Tim

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              Good Morning!! Ribs, I did know that Istanbul was once Constantinople but didn't know about New York being New Amsterdam. Does anyone one know where the name Constantinople came from (easy)? Anyway, I'm off on a 9:30 ferry and then drive to Wayland for another HS BBall game, I love HS and college hoops! Got up by 6:52 am and was out the door by 7:00am for a quick and easy 5 miler on some trails and some asphalt. Have a great day everybody! Chris
                Morning folks! Ran my 3.1 mile loop in 25:00 in awesome Feb. conditions. 40 deg. and sunny with a slight breeze. We were lucky enough to miss that ice storm that missed us to the northwest. We just had heavy rain but that beats ice and snow any day. Enjoy that BBgame, Charlie. Reminds me of the days I chased my sons and daughters around the Northeast playing HS and college hoops. Miss the games but not the travel. (course I didn't have to take the ferry every time Wink ) Hope the Pats have one more win in them. Would be an awesome accomplishment and nice ending to Junior Seau's career. He's a class guy and really deserves a ring. GO PATS! Fran
                  Well two feet of snow fell last night. WOW. So first I have to go shovel the driveway then I will go snowshoe running in the trails it should be so beautiful.... Will report back later if I survice the shovelling. Have a great day Tall

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                    I hope everyone feels free to post their monthly miles, no matter how many or how few. It's not a competition! We're all at different places with our training, lives, and injuries, so it's all good. Like Tramps used to say on the monthly threads, "a mile is a terrible thing to waste." THANK YOU!
                    Well said, Wildchild. Personally, I really enjoy reading all of the running (and life) experiences here, whether you ran 20 miles or ½ mile. Spareribs – is it tinamou? Fran – we were lucky enough to miss most of the ice storm as well. Just some patches to watch out for, but mostly dry roads. 7.5 very easy-paced miles for me today (ave 10:10) in a very pleasant 28 degrees. Happy Saturday!

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                      Good morning Boomers. 9.75 miles in 1:30:10 this morning. Still feeling the aftermath of a bug and just couldn't get the last .25 out. Besides, an hour and a half on a treadmill is a painful thing - especially since the television right in front of me was on an infomercial channel. Gray, overcast and snowing again. I see Puxatony Phil (is that spelled right?) saw his shadow so we'll have six more weeks of winter. Yippee!!! Good Saturday runs, everyone.
                        4.0 miles with my new Sansa Express MP3 player loaded with The Kite Runner from The miles flew by. I've never "read" a book on tape before - I'm finding that I actually am getting more out of it, since I tend to be a fast, but sloppy reader.

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                          Good Morning!! Ribs, I did know that Istanbul was once Constantinople but didn't know about New York being New Amsterdam. Does anyone one know where the name Constantinople came from (easy)? Ok Chris I'll bite on that question Constantine The Great ruled Byzartium then after his death they renamed the city after him. The Ottoman Empire later took control and changed name again to Istanbul. Anyway back to running, 6.2 miles in the neighborhood loop with DW Smile it was slippery with 1/2 inch fresh snow on top of yesterday's ice storm. No slips or falls however. Big grin Good running everybody....

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                            A lap around Rutland Water 16 miles 2:02:00, sunny day but just above freezing and a strong wind, off to have a long bath. I usually have the Dwarf on her bike to carry water etc but I was on my own today as she'd had a heavy night clubbing. What do other people carry when they do long runs or do you do circuits?

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                              Happy Groundhog Day! It's going to be sunny and in the 60's later this much for the groundhog's forecast Smile I ran last night, so I'll run later this afternoon if I get home in time. Good runs to all today.

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                                Ribs, I cheated. Is this it? Roman Emperor Constantine tried to establish a nova Roma in Turkey (or Byzantium). Its a sultry 42 degrees in New Amsterdam, otherwise known as the Big Onion. 3.6 miles at 8:42 pace. Good runs everyone!

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